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Steve, a very fine song. What a vibrant expression of faith. I can understand how some would prefer a gender neutral Holy Spirit. Here are some possibilities: Chorus one: We sing a song of peace, we sing a song to share A peace bestowed by jesus, to show us how to care. And may the Spirit hover over us, Filling our hearts with peace for evermore to bring us always closer to the Lord Chorus one: We sing a song of peace, we sing a song to share A peace bestowed by jesus, to show us how to care....
I really like "Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory." I like the chord progressions. I like how the soundscape "opens up wide" at "Christ in you". Really good. I think I'll sing it!
A gathering of grace. Thanks for sharing!
Brendan, this sounds and "feels" good. You sing and play earnestly, beseeching God's help and giving thankful praise. Thanks for sharing this! Now you have me interested in the Chord Pro app! I briefly demoed it a few years ago.
Amen. We live in the presence of God and earnestly hope that generations to come will honor the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Well written, played and sung. Nice upbeat song. 
Author: BrendanDelumpa
Richard, I will be posting more in the near future. I'm working on a new project - of which Ephesians is part - that is a collection of songs based on scripture. But more pointedly, they're hymns meant to be played at Mass so they'll all be singable. I really don't want to go the pop music route with these. Thanks! Brendan
Brendan, thanks for sharing your song. I like it. It is infused with Christ-energy. I would love to hear more of your songs. God bless.
Author: msmith
Thank you. Margo
Author: asiansa09
Voices so soft and gentle.
Author: msmith
Hello iMwaba, Thank you for your comment. Please check your email messages on this website. I sent you a message about receiving the song. Thank you. Margo
Author: iMwaba
Wonderful song. Kindly provide a download link
Joey: Yes, you may use it. You have direct permission from the music composer, Matilda Jane Kraemer. Let us know how it goes! 
Author: Joey Ibarra
hi there I would like to ask permission to sing Psalm for this Sunday's mass, Psalm 67, we have CCLI copyright in our parish, is that enough? Thanks for your help. Joey  
Thank you for sharing this very prayerful music for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. May it draw many closer to the herat of Christ.
Author: msmith
Thank you, Richard. God is good! He is very generous with His grace, especially on this Divine Mercy Sunday.
Margo, this is a very well written, recorded and produced song. Very meaningful words about the mercy of God. You weave together several vocal and instrumental elements with clarity and balance. Bravo.
Author: msmith
Will do!
It's good to hear from you again after a long hiatus. Keep in touch!
Caleb, these songs are excellent! Meaningful words artfully delivered. Your voice is very good. I could use you on my Hungry For Heaven project!
Author: msmith
Richard, thank you for providing a place for songwriters to share their music and for all of the music you share. Alleluia, Jesus is risen! Margo
Margo, this Easter song of affirmation and hope is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you are well. Please encourage other previous CAM members to post their songs here. "Let the Good News of our Savior spread."  Richard
Author: msmith
This is a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing your talent. Blessings. Margo
Author: asiansa09
Don't worry that we don't get it for acceptance our songs at OCP.  But it is the path for next generation to find the way to enter into credible publishers.  Maybe our family members and relatives can do better than us, and that they will find their way through in music industry.  I think they need to go to colleges/university to get their work for publications.  
I hope that you find helpful in understanding how church music is licensed. I hope you can get your songs accepted and licensed by a major Catholic music publisher. Having all three of our songs rejected by OCP was a disappointment. I wish that OCP had suggested how we might improve our songs. My big frustration here at TCS is not being allowed to show lyrics or scripture texts for copyrighted songs and psalms that are managed by ONE LICENSE. If I were to pay for licensing that...
Author: asiansa09 Thanks Richard for sharing this websites.  It is open up the door of opportunity for me and others for our next generation to dream and pursue the hope to get publishing our work.  Be courage!
Yes, I will adjust words as necessary to make good sense and to make the singing flow. That is what I did with our other collaborations.
Author: asiansa09
It might be helpful for you to lookup the vocabulary of the words in the song for clarification before you write up the song for it.  I just write it from my own understand and I use "big words" that it might need to clarify in the song context.
I will try to create a song with your lyric ideas. Thanks. Paul Inwood wrote a very nice song in 1985 called "Center of My Life." I sing this a few times every year at church. Chris Brunelle sings it very nicely in the YouTube video below. Click on the YouTube Description to see the lyrics. Dan, I think I can create a very nice song for you which incorporates many of the Christocentric points you have noted in your beginning lyrics. 
Author: asiansa09
Hi Richard, Lately, I took the class Cathechesis 101, and I feel so inspire of the concept in Christ that I try to pull out some important concept to write the song lyric.  Let see if you can gather your thought to write up a song for it.  
Here's another shout-out to site members and visitors. I welcome comments here about your experiences and hopes concerning promotion of new Catholic music. Are there some brilliant initiatives you've seen? Have you encountered roadblocks similar to what Benjamin Brekke describes in his lead post above? Does your heart gravitate more toward contemporary Christian music, hard rock, acoustic folk styling, multi-voice hymnody or simple traditional chant? What apps or devices do you...