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Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I was thinking of recording a album with my own voice and beats. Once it's done I would like to share it online (here especially). I guess I just slightly doubt my ability to do good catholic hip hop by myself completely as my past experience with hip hop has only been the mainstream stuff before I was baptized last year and started changing things in my life including what I protitized. Thanks for everything...
Alex, it's been real busy here but I'll try to find some time to voice a few more tracks for you. I hope my recordings provide not so much a "template" for styling as they do an inspiration. I hope you or your friends will give it a go soon with your own hip-hop voicings. I'm excited to hear what you come up with. Be yourself!
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                    I have some more written rough tracks that I was wondering if you wanted to voice once I have gone over them and fixed them up? Hope you have been well. Kind Regards. Alex.
Happy New Year to you, too, Alex. I also hope to see more sharing and engagement here at TCS. I've been real busy with work, family and Christmas season music. But I want to get back to our Hip-Hop project. Expect word from me soon.
Author: Mike Sotiroff (not verified)
Ken; ​The songs on your Adoration CD are beautiful.  I play classical guitar solos as meditation pieces during our Catholic Masses here in Decatur,  Illinois.  I'm always looking for new arrangements to play especially ones that speak to me as yours did.  Do you have the sheet music for your arrangements available for sale? Your paraish is fortunate to have you in their music ministry.   ​Thanks for your help and may 2018 bring you many blessings. ​Thanks, ...
Lumen Hilare sings with voices of angels. A nice, balanced blend that calms the soul. I went to the internet to read more about St. Louis de Montfort and Maria Boguslawska. Hardly anything in English can be found about Maria. I found this at Wikepedia about St. Louis de Montfort: "While the saint is best known for his spiritual writings, he was also a poet and during his missions managed to compose more than 20,000 verses of hymns....
Richard:  Thank you for your kind words of reinforcement. Merry Christmas to you and yours and for a blessed New Year too. Keep on keeping on, take care and be well my friend.  Michael
Jack, thanks for your kind comments, my good friend-in-music. Too bad we can't get this joint hopping the way used to hop. Best to you. 
Michael: Excellent song of praise. You sing with such passion. I feel it. Thank you for your shout-out to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Michael, I like your sign-off: "May the Holy Trinity keep us and our blessed tones." A very appropriate prayer for artists on this website. Thank you for your contributions. May your music blaze an arc of light across the sky in memory of your beloved brother Tony.
just saying now... am liking it fellas...  
Author: Guest (not verified)
Gotta say, the country (soft rock?) version grabs me. That said, both hit the right note. Wonderful lyrics. Sung and spoken spot on by Richard. Really nice guitar work on V2, Richard... Jack
Yes, it is a song sent from on high. Both the organist and the vocalist on this recording are very good. Have you recorded pieces before?  If you don't mind, I'd like to post the credits and lyrics here (which you have in the YouTube video): Love is Patient Composed by: Margaret Hoar Vocals by: Andrea Leluika Lyrics from Corinthians 13 4:8 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no...
Author: fitz
Song was written by our late Mother who died this year which was very divinely inspired! and being a musician recently recorded it for all to enjoy for free! 
Yes, I did see that in your description. I just wasn't sure if you had paraphrased anything. I should have listened carefully with my New Testament open to Corinthians. What is your goal with the piece? Is the sheet music for sale anywhere?
Author: fitz
Lyrics are from Corinthians 13 4:8
Author: Bob Young (not verified)
I agree...  Lovely and interesting words.  Bob Young
I'd like to redo some of the tracks I posted based on the things I learned along the way trying to do "God Hop" or "Hip Chant." Call it what you will, I think there are some particularly good moments. I'd like to replicate that groove consistently to create for you a resonant album of 10-12 poem-songs.  
Alex, let me get back to you soon. I'll give you my ideas and recommendations. Thanks.
Thank you for sharing this song. Voice and organ are nicely composed and performed. It would be nice to see the lyrics. Is sheet music available?
Congratulations, Mark! That s good news, indeed. Your band lives on. 
Author: Living Waters
Update! This song just won an award! Read about that here on our blog: "An Award for Living Waters!"
Hi, Jim. Send me a note via the Contact form and I'll try to connect you. Thanks for the photo!
Author: Jim Lee (not verified)
In the 1960s  we lived in Shrewsbury MO.  Bob was a family friend and frequent guest in our home.   I have been trying to track Bob down.   When he lived in Shrewsbury his roommate was "Rod"...I don't remember his last name.  I was about 15.   I have a grainy photograph of Bob playing a piano for my brothers and sisters.   any help would be appreciated.
Author: Alexander John
Hey Richard, sounds good. Very old school hip hop feel. For somebody fairly new to the delivery of hip hop I'm very impressed. Hope you are well. GOD Bless. 
I posted an audio file for Look Up. 
Keep posting your lyrics the way you have been. I’ll rap them as they are (with slight adjustments, as needed). Plus, I enjoy taking your seeds of inspiration to another genre, as a songwriting lesson for all of our viewers here at this website. I want to teach the craft of songwriting, but I’m best at Liturgical, Inspirational and Folk-Rock genres. So that noise you hear occasionally is me stretching beyond my comfort zone.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, I agree that Love 101 would be the most fitting tittle for our project. I just listened to the recent uploads of our songs and they sound great. I do struggle to write in forms other than hip hop but if you are happy for me to continue posting lyrics in that form I will. I guess its because my whole life i have been into it and there is alot of great catholic hip hop artists I have been discovering this year in particular. Peace.
I just posted a revised version of the Folk-Country version of Love 101. I felt that some phrasing was either too complicated or a bit hard to grasp. I am trying to make the song accessible to many. Let me know what you think. The two versions of Love 101 should be the model for the rest of the songs. I'd like to suggest that the name of the album be Love 101. - Richard
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, we definitely have alot of good material to choose from and I look forward to seeing and hearing the lineup of songs that we choose to use. Thankyou for collaborating with me and bringing so much life to my lyrics and also adding your own style. Its been alot of fun and I really hope that what we have done touches peoples heart and soul. Were you thinking of putting the album up online for people to download and/or doing physical copies. If we decide to put it online you can put it...