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Thanks, John, for sharing your song of hope that flows from Jesus Christ.
Thanks, Dan-Vi, for your reflections on fatherhood. I pray for a restoration and strengthening of the nuclear family as one way to restore love of God and love of neighbor in our troubled world.
Author: asiansa09
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there upon Sorrowful Mother Virgin Mary and Christ. 
A timely song professing the power of selfless love as a curative for abortion. Thank you!
If the song was in a separate folder, then there's a good chance that it was an original song by a regional songwriter. The song may have never been published in a "big" hymnal. I'll keep digging. Here's a thought: Contact the church/school and see if the music director has a file cabinet of old songs. Maybe Lady of Love is in there! It is very helpful to know that it's a simple guitar-driven song for kids. I was looking in very old traditional Catholic hymnals. I...
Author: AmyV
Southern Indiana is where my Catholic School was. Thanks!
Author: AmyV
Hi.  I was in the United States- probably 1986-1990. I am pretty sure it was called Lady of Love. I remember that it was not in our hymnal- we had a folder with additional songs in it. I remember my teacher playing it on guitar, but we did sing it at Mass.   I have looked and looked for it....
But the last verse is not Mary speaking: VERSE Glory be to the Lord, Jesus Christ, who had risen to save us through the cross. Now his Mother Mary is also honored in Heaven with him. Pray for us in heaven, Mother Mary, and remember us. Intercede for us now that you are in heaven, Mother Mary. Pray for us my Mother Mary, intercede for us. 
Author: asiansa09
Yes, it is Mary speaking to us throughout the song.
Amy, unfortunately I was unable to find the "Lady of Love" hymn that you are seeking. After scouring the Internet, I looked through my old Catholic hymnals. Again, it would help to know the time period and general location of your childhood Catholic school. God bless.
Thank you for the additional explanation. If I decide to work on the song, I will have to modify some of the lyrics to have a consistent "voice" or point of view. I think it should be Mary speaking to us throughout the song. Blessings.
Author: asiansa09
My inspiration for this song is based on the rosary that I recite in everyday life. So you can refer to the message of the prayer the rosary if necessary. The Chorus of the song is the words Mother Mary promised to her children. This song is like a conversation song lyric between Mother Mary and her children.
Author: asiansa09
Richard,  The song, God's Gift to All The World, is a very good song that I often share with others.
Dan-Vi: I'll see what I can come up with for music. I sang our previous collaborative song, "God's Gift to All the World", again at the annual Solemn Good Friday Prayer Vigil outside the walls of Planned Parenthood. The event is sponsored by 
Author: asiansa09
Hope someone is inspired to take on the song lyric to make music for it.
Hi, Amy. Welcome to TCS. I am looking for the hymn on the internet but haven't found it so far. I do have some old hymnals I can look through. Can you tell me approximately what years you were singing the hymn in school and in what country you were? Do you remember the name of the hymnal you sang from?
I think that your setting of psalm 30 is more melodious and easier to sing than the Paul Inwood version I have sung many times in the past (found in many GIA hymnals): Psalm 30: I Will Praise You, Lord (Inwood) – The verses in the Inwood setting are especially tortuous to sing. We need to get your version published by GIA and OCP! By the way, three settings of Psalm 30 are listed in this "GIA hymnals comparative listing of songs"...
Author: AmyV
I am looking for a Mary song. We use to sing it a Catholic School during Mass. I'm pretty sure it was called "Lady of Love," but I can't find the lyrics or a recording anywhere.   I remember some of the lyrics:   She's the lady of love, She's the queen of peace, She's the mother of my Lord. She carried Him to Bethlehem, Gave birth in a place unadorned That's all I came up with.  I have been searching for it as I teach preschool at a Catholic School and think it would be perfect...
I have never played a Taylor guitar. Maybe one day I will own one, along with a deep, woody guitarrón! 
Very nice setting of Psalm 117/118. You take the listener to a restful place of blessed assurance. As usual, instruments and voices blend beautifully.
Hi Richard, Thanks for upgrading my music room into a music store. I have not owned a guitarron, but I would probably buy one, myself. Capo'ing down from the written chords in books, are very good idea, and I will keep them in mind. For my purpose, I tried this lower tuning on my Taylor BTO GO, and I love the sound, so I will keep it at this lower tuning, and use this guitar for any song that I might need the assistance. Always a pleasure conversing with you Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
P.S. Give my compliments to the bassist and violinist. Very well done! And to think that you create your mixes by having each player and singer send you their own track, with each part done without any sheet music; then you mix in GarageBand. Worthy of a story by itself, explaining your process.
DGCFAD tuning: I tried that a few years ago with my 12-string. Baritones need relief from those high-flying tenors! The nice thing about most guitar editions of hymnals sold by liturgical publishers is that they have alternate capo chords in parentheses above the original chords. I sometimes capo down a half step or three from those alternate chords, effectively transposing the song. Not something you can do with a keyboardist who is unable to to transpose on the fly. But works great when I am...
Hi Richard, Thanks so much for your great comment! Family, especially during this time of Easter, is a time to treasure.  Thanks for pointing that family-building is of utmost importance in this troubled world today, most specially. And by the way, my Taylor is my designated guitar for music that is a bove my vocal reach, as I tuned it down to D, instead of E - D,G,C,F,A,D. I just exposed one of my secrets, hahahaha! Thanks Richard, as always, it is a pleasure to hear from you!...
A very fine song, René. Your guitar and voice are resonant, as usual. The merits of family-building must be sung throughout the world, especially in the wake of forces that endeavor to destroy family life. One question: How do you decide which guitar to use at any given moment? :-)
Wonderful arrangement and recording. I love your harmonies. Rejoice in the Lord!
Well done. Send my regards to Evelyn Lee, Pilgrim People, Choirs of Singapore, and your Choir of Our Lady of the Rosary in Barbados. Another responsorial psalm that soothes the soul and gladdens the heart.
Glad you are getting the hang of it. My aim is to make it much simpler with a complete website rebuild.
Dan-Vi, thank you for sharing your biography. I commend you for all your achievements thus far. And your faith has guided you throughout your life. You have a wonderful familiy and have had many good associations. Nice to see all the photos in your life story. God bless.
This is the closest song I can find. Let us know if this is the one. Mary, our Mother, Teach Us to Pray cover | Hymn for PRAYING the ROSARY Mary, our Mother, Teach Us to Pray chords The song is commonly used with recitation of the Rosary. The Holy Rosary Prayer | Sorrowful Mysteries | Divine Hymns
This is the approach that Tony Moran, his daughter Tara, and I are taking for faith songs for children. 16 of the 17 songs are rough demos by Tony and Tara. I am in the process of finalizing sheet music for voice, piano and guitar. Faith Songs for Kids For faith formation classes or car ride singalongs! This is one of the songs that I have re-recorded so far to give it the Schletty acoustic vibe: 3. He Made the Sea https://...
Thank you for your comments! The producer who worked with me on this remix was European, so the song comes by the sound honestly! You definitely can take and modify the lyrics in any way you want. I had a children's catechism teacher say it needed slowed down if ever to be used to teach haha. FYI the lyrics are mine but I don't own the melody - it's gotten by as legal parody.  
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This arrangement of Psalm 22 is very touching. The voices and instruments are delicate yet powerful in the emotions that are conveyed. I imagine myself walking with Jesus in his anguish. We must believe that Jesus walks with us now in both our sorrows and our joys. God will never forsake us!
Thanks for sharing, John. I added an iTunes preview to your post. Sounds really good.
You are a very good teacher, very patient and kind!!! Thanks Richard! Rene
Hi Richard, I will figure this thing out. Again, thanbks for your patience and support! Respectfully, Rene
Good to know that the music ministry Tony Moran (RIP) and I started 3-1/2 years ago is needed. That was Tony's objective: to provide music resources free to those who need simple arrangements that are easy to sing and play.
Well, this time you embedded your YouTube twice in the full story and not at all in the teaser (which appears in the home page feed). I am not going to rescue you this time. I order you to figure it out! LOL
Hi Captain H, Thanks for the feedback! You are the first person I have met in this forum, aside from Richard. I am so glad to meet you, and it is my pleasure to share some songs and happiness with members of this forum. Thanks again!!! Rene
Hi Richard, Thanks for the time and expert listen. This is an older recording, and I have since changed my set-up, and I have eliminated my clipping issues at this time. I am not using any DAW at this time. I cannot even properly embed my video on this forum, hahahaha. Truly appreciate your expertise and generosity Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
This remix has great ambience and an awesome groove. I like the new soundbed intervals you introduced. Cool bass rises and falls. Almost like Euro Trance. I'll call it Cathedral Groove. LOL. I like the rhyming but so many words are rushed and scrunched to fit your fast tempo. Prosody could be improved. We talked about that before. I'm tempted to pour your lyrics into a slow, laid-back folk-country groove.
I know there's a huge need for Spanish language music materials.  Thank you to Richard and all that are doing these.  
Enjoyable.  I would love to have this to participate in if I were in a Mass, but also for a relaxing and Spirit-tuned afternoon!
I want to echo what Richard said about the clipping (but I don't know anything about what he said regarding it) but absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sharing! 
Is this new Captcha verification part of the migration?  If so, very nice.  I mean, I don't like doing them (who does?) but it makes me feel the site is secure.   Thanks for the update from late March.  I will refrain from MP3 and simply plaster frame links at everyone :-) Thank you, Richard! 
Nice rendition. Straight into Quick Time Player! Wow, that is basic. Curious if you also use GarageBand, Logic Pro X or Cubase. Watch the clipping! I have mentioned this before. With a sequencer, you can have a hard limiter.
Update 3/30/2022: I have finally migrated this huge Drupal website from SiteGround (which is shutting down support for older PHP versions) to InMotion Hosting. See last paragraph in main story above. This does not rule out the possibiity of doing a total switchover from Drupal CMS to WordPress CMS in the proximal or distal future.
I am gratified that you took the time to listen to the attached sound file. I sang at St. Mary's for about ten years but quit when they banished piano and guitar from the liturgy. Two new pastors who have a different take on liturgical music. They only want organ and plainchant. Oh well, it has given me more time to devote to as well as! They can't take away my air (internet) guitar! LOL
You have such a gentle and prayerful approach to your psalm arrangements. Nice guitar playing and singing. This invites not only vocal participation but indwelling. God is great!
Hi Richard, Very nice recording.  Your vocals is truly pure and exquisite. I love your basement recording set-up. The recording in St Mary's on 2017 is also a grerat recording, I love the sound you guys produce. Thanks for sharing Richard!!! Rene  
Rene, you had the YouTube inserted into source code correctly for a minute, then lost it. I saw the YouTube video iframe at about 4:25 pm. Keep trying. I recommend you tick the box "Do not send notifications for this update". Otherwise your subscribers end up getting an email every time you tweak the post.
Rene, you did do the embed correctly one time so far, but just in one of the windows. You have to get used to toggling between visual view and source code view in the two editing windows – Body and Teaser. I usually start with the Body content. Then I copy source code from Body content to the source view of the Teaser. I fully understand how "source code" can trip you up. Quite similar to the way learning scales on my guitar trips me up something fierce!
Hi Richard, You are a very patient man, and I really appreciate you. For some reason, I am not able to get the embed thing done correctly. I will try again next time. Again, thanks for the wonderful comments, and for being so patient with me. Respectfully, 'Rene
Rene, Thanks for your continuing contributions to "the TCS scene". You rock the faith! Please click on the Source button (top left of formatting toolbar) to enter your YouTube embed code into the Source Code editor. Click on Source button again to return to Visual editor. Pasting the embed code into the visual editor will not display the YouTube player. Sorry that it is so nerdy. We are working with ultra-old technology on this website (Drupal 6). One of these days I will...
Beautiful! You sure do create a wonderful blanket of faith, hope and love. Give my best to your choir!
John, these songs are absolutely beautiful. Your voice is expressive and gentle at the same time. The instrumental arrangements are superb. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing you are to the Lehigh Valley area and beyond.
Thank you, Richard. Your encouragement is wonderful. Choir of Our Lady of the Rosary
Thank you for looking out for me Richard. I will get this embed thing correctly. I am working on a new original, titled "You and Me", and it is about Hope and Love, like you defined my songs. Great match!!! You are always a great inspiration and support. Thank you Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Your psalm presentation is a balm with its gentle flow of words, guitar arpeggio and violin in an ambient space. Well done. One of my favorites from your collection of psalms.
Rene, you have to paste the YouTube embed code into source code. Just toggle the "Source" button in the upper left of the Body editor and Teaser editor. I did the deed for you. After pasting into source code view, you can toggle the Source button to get back to visual view. When you see a frame with the word Iframe inside it, you have success! Be sure to check the guide I emailed to you. Keep on groovin' with songs of love and hope. Best, Richard
Well, I browse around this site because I own it! Gotta tend to the customers!
Hi Richard, I am a beginner finger style guitarist, and just trying to be flawless, even with a simple note to note guitar arrangement. I can teach you, if you are so engaged. Let me know what you are interested in. Time is something that we both are not rich, at this moment. I can record a tutorial for you, as well. Rene
Hi Richard, I am glad that you are liking this arrangement. This is a song that is being played in Medjugorje., I simply love this song, the first moment I heard it, very contemplative and so prayerful. Thanks again!!! Rene
Hi Richard, You are simply awesome. With your busy schedule, you have the time to browse around. Thank you so much for your support! Respectfully, Rene
Hi Richard, Thanks for the feedback. I will check my system. I am also waiting for a delivery of my UAD audio interface with compressor. Really appreciate your support! Respectfully, Rene
Man, you are prolific. The muse is flowing from your lips and fingers.  I am hearing some clipping/distortion in this YouTube track and Winnie the Pooh. Throw a hard limiter on your master track. Check the loudness (aim for -12 to -14 LUFS).
Excellent, René. This guitar arrangement is resonant and flowing. It begs for an overlay of melodic voices but plays well on its own as a peace prayer. Thank you for helping us all to center our thoughts on unity and kindness. 
Your daughter has a beautiful voice that is just the right touch for this song. If I have any critique at all, I would say that she should open her mouth a bit more to help better shape her tone and expression.  It really sounds good at 1:08 where she sings "hive". I will go to your channel and listen to more videos! I am hooked. Nice guitar playing, too. 
You have laid down a splendid rendition of this beloved traditional hymn honoring Mother Mary. Teach me to play guitar like that! Wow.
Greetings Richard. Yes, I am recording guitar and voice in one pass, like a "live performance". I am using the "Edwina" for vocals and Shure SM 58 for guitar, but both mics still pick up guitar and voice.  Thanks for your kind words, especially on pitch!  
Your musical setting of this psalm is calm and assuring. Good blend of instruments and voices. Thanks for sharing your beautiful artistry which stirs heart, mind and soul.  
People will look at that subject line and think there is a picture of a model in the comments here. LOL. I never heard of Ear Trumpet Labs. I will have to go to their website and look about. I use a $200 Audio-Technica AT3035 cardioid mic (w/phantom power) for both voice and guitar. Too lazy to switch to my instrument pencil mic when doing guitar tracks. It appears you are recording voice and guitar in one pass. You have very good pitch, phrasing and guitar synchrony. You are "in the...
Hi Richard, Thanks for the wonderful comments. This mic is a condenser mic, made by Ear Trumpet Labs based in Portland, Oregon. The model is "Edwina".  I love this mic. Again, thanks Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Basil Valdez wrote a good song and you deliver it with heart and soul. Good ups. Great sounding guitar. What vocal mic do you have there? It really captures the full dynamics of your voice.
Thanks so much Richard!
You are welcome, Rene. I pasted in the YouTube embed code on your three videos. Good songs.
Hi Richard, Thanks for the great comment on this "upbeat love song". Can you please help me in getting my youtube video to appear in my story? I really do not know how to do it, yet. No need to send new e-mail notifications to TCS subscriberas at this time. Thanks agfain Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Rene: You have laid down another good one. An upbeat love song. Well played. Would you like the YouTube video to appear in your story? If so, I can drop in the iframe embed code. Or you can do it yourself by following this guide: Switch from the visual editor to the source code editor by clicking on the "Source" button (top left of formatting toolbar). Enter the YouTube embed code into the source code editor. Click on "Source" button again to return to visual editor. Save...
Hi Richard, Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and the wonderful feedback. Heartfelt indeed on my part, and artistic delivery, thanks for that comment! Blessings to you and your family! Rene
Rene: Very heartfelt lyrics and an artistic delivery. May God keep inspiring you!
Hi! Please drop me a comment and /or feedback. I love to hear from you! Thanks for your time and effort. Blessings, Rene
Another fine teaching moment from the Porch. Who is the high voice? Good job on the polyphony! You sure found a lot of words to rhyme with priest.  Thanks for sharing.
Dan, I am so happy that you have a new dwelling and that you have asked God to watch over it. May you, your family and your visitors be blessed.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful setting of Psalm 17/18: I love You, Lord, my strength. We need God's mighty hand to help us through the hazards and uncertainties of life. 
Author: balynch88
Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.  I actually have your tunes up on spotify right now, my toddler has been dancing to the  Praise to the New Eve Guadalupe mix. 
All done with love from my Hermitage. And with the modern tech I can get awesome musicians (like Artem and Karin) from anywhere in the world with a few clicks and never have to leave my solitude.
Now I know for sure you are a multi instrumentalist and vocalist. I am seeing it with my own eyes in the YouTube video. Great job of songwriting and performance. I hope this touches many. Forgiveness is key to spiritual healing and awakening in Christ.
I enjoyed this a lot. I've listened to enough stuff of yours that now I'm familiar with your "sound" and this is definitely quintessential BAL. You complained about the production etc but I found it decent. I assumed it was newer than it is (although I did recall you mentioning this was coming) and was thinking "wow he's getting his craft down". I did first get this from Spotify (was top of my release radar playlist today) and saw this post after so I lacked that context - perhaps perception is...
Author: Andrzej
What a thoughtful and generous comment, Benjamin. Thank you so much. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the album. It is my second public release, a follow-up to my album called #4, which was released in 2021. Thank you again! ap
Author: Andrzej
Thank you so much, Richard. I appreciate you having taken the time to listen and to comment. THank you. ap
I enjoyed reading Nick's story of finding the church. Indeed, it was encouraging. Thank you to Nick for sharing and to Richard for posting this! 
Thank you, Richard, keep us all posted!
I found you on Spotify and will listen to the full works later, but I wanted to comment while I'm here.  I love these because they are modern without being completely atonal (and yet appropriately uses dissonance).  Good stuff, sir! ~Benjamin
Thanks for sharing your compositions, Andrzej. They are emotive, introspective and engaging. Very artful. 
You are rockin' Mother Mary! Good ups. I must admit that I never heard of Slap House. I found this interesting article: Do you know that we have had some contributions of Catholic Metal here at TCS?
Thanks for your offer of uploading assistance. Not quite sure how that would work. I will let you know when and if SiteGround disallows this website which requires ancient PHP 5.6. What if cars and cash machines using old software were suddenly made to stop working? Where there's a will, there's a way, as my mother used to say.
I'm with Brian in that if you give me a couple pages to download to save something I can help.  I'm also no good as far as tech stuff goes.  What I do have experience in doing is YouTube uploading and the like, so if part of your migration is uploading to an off-site service, I can pull things off here, stick art on it if there is any art that went with it, and post it to a YouTube channel.  Just an idea - I'm not clear on whether things would be hosted directly on WordPress or...
Thanks so much for your input. Yes, I could rework this website along the lines of your suggestions. In fact, I built a website for performing songwriters using WordPress. The Artist Profiles section of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters website has all the features you suggest – plus more.  MAS Artist Profiles landing page: My profile: MAS Members music gallery:
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