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That is a big sound for a "Small Mass!" Great job on 8-part writing. Is this your most ambitious piece so far? The MP3 file ends abruptly at 0:29 (bar 7). Would like to hear more. But I downloaded the score, so I can see the full piece.
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello! Thank you for the feedback as always! Yes, human voices singing this hymn will definitely bring out the required 'flow' that is not captured by the virtual instruments in this rendering. 
Author: Dhaivid3
Thank you Richard.Amen. Yes, we pray for them all. Thank you for analysing the Hymn and providing your review here.Thank you too for making available this forum where music - and prayer in the form of music - can be shared.Blessings.
A simple and effective prayer, sung in parts, which recognizes that the yield of our labor is through the grace of God, thus we offer thanks with a symbolic return of gifts to our Creator. I like the idea of a gathering from the four corners of the earth. Very visual. "For those not here" could be those who could not attend the gathering, or those who have passed from life – in advanced age or much too soon (including our precious babies killed in utero). "God, keep us all safe so that we may...
Thanks a lot, Richard! God bless you always.
Mark, I noticed the audio file wasn't showing up in the MP3 Player. I resampled it and reuploaded it. Great song. Impressive that it was blessed by JPII! – TCS admin Richard Schletty
Author: Living Waters
Just the act of 'noticing' is something so special. I can think of so many Gospel incidents where that was the center of Christ's mercy, noticing (e.g. Cana!). 'Providential' is the word I think of when considering that so much of our music was salvaged and is available now. Nobody exactly planned it that way, at least not this sinner. And I consider part of that Kingdom algorithm to be your generosity to all of us here - thank you for your response to grace....
Author: Dhaivid3
Yes, it DOES sound as if it is skipping! I did not notice it THAT way before. Ha ha. Only the patient or the 'really ineterested' therefore will wait for the divisions in the sound that come later.Thanks. I always appreciate your feedback and take on board what you say whenever I can.Blessings.Wede
Author: Dhaivid3
Ha ha. Thank you for the always helpful feedback. If you do, may I have a recording of it?Blessings!Wede
Author: Dhaivid3
Sublime. Fabulous. Well done! This arrangement is different from the one we used in our choir (we used the same arranegment as the one I posted earlier on in this post) however it is such a magical song, it is beautiful whatever the arrangement.
Sounds like the Led Zeppelin riff for "Good Times, Bad Times" at the beginning. You sure got my attention. A most appropriate exhortation at the outset: "Change!" You are rockin' that Second Luminous Mystery – the Wedding at Cana – where Jesus turns plain water to wine at the behest of his mother, Mary. Good band sound. You have been around the block quite a few times. 40 years! Welcome to Top Catholic Songs. 
I like this. Seems fairly accessible to a singer. I should give this a go. 
Some good ideas here. An engaging melody with supportive harmony and light touches of counterpoint. Good job. The first several bars need more dynamics and fluidity/legato. Notes are too even. Part of the problem is the lack of expression in your virtual instrument. I am sure a "real" performance would breath more life into this piece. It would be less "hurdy-gurdy."
Indeed! I sang the Josquin des Pres "Ave Maria" with Waltham Abbey Singers in May of 2009. A beautiful piece. How did we do? I sang bass.<a href="" data-mce-href="">Ave Maria - Josquin des Pres by Richard Schletty</a>
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard!Sorry, only just seeing this comment. Thank you for the kind words and very thoughtful feedback.Not sure I can put a finger on an inspiration for this. I am very keen on working in different languages and have enjoyed my experience in our choir here singing in German (we sing in several languages, but I was very moved by the experiences of learning to pronounce the words and sing in German; the way the songs make you "feel" their meaning as you sing), so I try to write some things...
Wede, this is one of your finer themes or musical ideas. Tell me about your inspiration for this. It sounds like something out of the Appalacian Mountains or Irish lowlands (esp. because of the rendering with fiddles/violins). It seems more secular than liturgical. What are your plans for this "Sign of the Cross" or Doxology?
Interesting how you start out with 12 notes all at the same pitch and duration. I thought the recording was skipping! But then the song develops nicely after that. Thanks for sharing. 
Thank you!  God bless.
Author: Dhaivid3
Enjoyed listening to it. Nice singing!
I forgot to mention that your comment was being held for moderation. I just noticed it and approved it today. I was supposed to receive notice of comments requiring approval but something must not be set right in the admin area. Learning as I go along. I am going to attend three days of Drupal Camp this week, so hopefully I can sharpen my Drupal admin skills. 
Thanks a lot, Richard!  You are such a blessing! I'm looking forward to receive a recording of the song. God bless.
Thanks, Edgar. My pianist and I are going to present this song at St. Mary's Church (St. Paul, MN) sometime in the near future. I'll send you a recording.
Dear Richard,Enclosed is the set of chords that you requested for the above-named song. TO JESUS, THRU MARYWords & Music by:Edgar Villavert CombongCopyright 2009 *Suggestion for Best Guitar Accompaniment: Finger Picking Style Intro:  C-Em-F-G (2X) 1st Verse C                                 F   ...
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard.Thanks for the feedback and thanks as always for everything.I COMPLETELY agree that it is high! The thing is, I kind of wrote it for male trebles, boy sopranos perhaps (I mean for REALLY high soprano singers). You probably noticed that me and my friend sang it at a lower key! When we sang it, I said I was not prepared to sing it at the pitch it is written in (ha ha) :-) even though SHE was not averse to the idea of going ahead at that pitch at all. There is a resource here on...
Nice work on this, Wede. I recommend transposing this down one or two whole steps. Seems quite high for the sopranos. Would love to hear it layered with male voices. Are you going to develop this more?
Dan, I hope my song sketch gives you some ideas. There are still some things that could be improved. I tried several different melodies, tempos and stylings. Perhaps there are too many verses. I hope other people feel free to comment. I am open to critique. Maybe we can find another collaborator!Are you hoping to record the song? Do you have a way to record voices and instruments? What music mixing and sequencing programs do you have? Let me know what your goals are. I like music collaboration...
Author: asiansa09
I love your voice.
Here is my rough audio demo:<a href="" data-mce-href="">Through Your Rosary by Dan Vi Nguyen, Richard Schletty&...
Author: asiansa09
Well, you don't put it back to the song lyric, it probably makes no sense in English.  Just go with the flow of the song that you feel best for the song.I really the version of the song that you edit, especially "Dear Mother, Virgin Mary."
I will put the phrase "Heaven O'i" back into the song. I understand how important it is to you as a cultural expression. I will post a song demo with a lead sheet.You wrote: "I think of the music tone that how we call each other."What do you mean by music tone? I read that in Vietnamese, syllables can have six different tones. Should o'i be said with a rising tone?
Author: asiansa09
First of all, I really appreciate your effort to work on my song lyric.Secondly, you are right about the word "oi" meaning "hi" in my language, Vietnamese.  I came from motherland Vietnam, and I think of the music tone that how we call each other.  I thankful for correct my song lyric, and that you are welcome to do demo for the song lyric.Can you also post the lead sheet for the song.
Dan, do you have a rough idea of a time signature and a melody for your song? It is hard to review the lyrics without setting the words to a tempo and beat.As songwriters, we try to tell a good story with words that are easy to understand. The words must flow and follow a natural speaking style, with stressed and unstressed syllables – this is called prosody.As I read your lyrics, I cannot easily fit them into a meter. Also, some words should be changed so they have better meaning in English. I...
Author: asiansa09
Feel free to give comment and suggestion for improvement on song lyrics.
I am looking forward to your recording of these lyrics you wrote which are uncomplicated and to the point: we ask our Holy Mother to intercede for us as we ask God and Jesus to make us holy!I like what you did with your other song, "Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
Sorry I missed your post from 3 weeks ago. I see you found a collaborator and uploaded your recording of this song! I commented. I like it. Your lyrics and vocal styling speak clearly and directly to us about the Trinity. Thanks for sharing.
This is a direct and well articulated song. A great message. I like it. A good one for Trinity Sunday!
A rich, inviting blend of voice and instrumentation lifting to heaven. Thank you for sharing!
The lyrics to this song are adapted from the Easter Vigil Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (5th century).
I found some info about the singer Alphons Joseph.http://www.alphonsjoseph.com links to Fr. Joby Kachappilly VC: this the composer of the song?
I was very pleased to discover this song upload this evening. It really connects with me. The singing is clear and heartfelt. I would like to know more about Alphons Joseph and how this song was recorded. Thank you for sharing.TCS editor, Richard Schletty
Author: msmith
Thank you, Richard! It is my hope that children will enjoy singing these songs to the Lord and that He will be praised and glorified through them.Thank you for your encouragement.
Margo, I am so glad to hear about your CD “Jesus, I Love You.” May it bring joy, devotion and musicality to Christian youth activities.
Thank you, Dũng Ho, for sharing this song sung by Joseph Nguyen Hong An. He has a wonderful voice. Do you have an English translation of the lyrics that you could post here? – Richard
A sincere and articulate testimony of your love for Christ. Well sung, well played, with great production. Thank you for sharing. 
Kelly wrote to me and said I had probably found the wrong song (as posted above). Here is what Kelly wrote:I was trying to post a comment but was unable. I have worked at several catholic schools over the years and one of the songs we used at advent time in the 90's was 'waiting by the window'. I don't believe this is the same song you referenced. The words of the chorus are as follows:Waiting by the window (echo: waiting by the window)Hope he's going to come soon (echo)Hope that he...
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard.Allow me to just say a quick 'WELL DONE' to you and I hope you succeed in your projects, current and any planned for the future.Regards,Wede
Indeed, filling the mind with hope is the theme of the song. Thanks, Wede. We appreciate your positive comments.
Author: Dhaivid3
I like it. Christmassy; would suit the night of Christmas. Nice and warm music, filling the mind with hope - even if the word is not used once in the song. Well done to you all.
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard.Just saw your message! Thank you for the kind feedback - I started this one a while ago!Will be happy if you do sing it. Hope you can find a choir. Your voice will really suit the bass part!!!For my part, I'm still trying to find choir(s)! :-) !!Blessings,Wede
Good weaving of voices in a full range. You are getting a good handle on counterpoint. I want to sing this. I'll take the bass part!
Welcome, Joanne, to So glad to know about your debut album. Thank you for sharing your story. You have a beautiful voice and your songs are uplifting. God bless. 
I have this song available as music scores in PDF format, free for the asking. Contact me through the user contact form. I would love to hear your feedback, and would love to have you sing this in church or at Christmas gatherings. Or sing it to your child!I am most appreciative to Andre van Haren for his help with orchestral arranging. Contact hm for all your composition, arranging and engraving needs.
Maria, thank you for sending your beautiful voice recording of Magnificat (As the Rain Rushes Down) as your mother taught it to you. This is definitely a different melody. I think I like it better than the Robert Blue melody. It makes me wonder where the words for the refrain originated. And it makes me wonder which came first – the 1966 Robert Blue version or the version you sang for me. Here is Maria's recording:
I would love to hear this sung. Nice work. Festive and devotional.
This is a nice arrangement. An intimate chamber music sound. The polyphony makes it interesting and keeps the piece moving.
Maria: Is my YouTube video OK? Am I singing it correctly? This is what I posted above: Are you able to record your singing and send me an MP3? You can contact me by clicking on my user name and sending me a message.Here is the original sheet music from which I sang: also recently ordered and received the original recording of Magnificat by Robert Blue – on his original...
Author: Marnisa
My mom used to sing this when I was a baby. She was a former nun for the FMA (Friends of Mary of the Assumption). I could sing it for youin the right tune in acapella and send it to you. My mom died in 2010. This song reminds me of her. I was trying to search online for that song.I didn't know it was The Magnificat. All I remember is As the rain rushes down. I do know how to sing it and if you can make a proper recordingof the tune I would very much appreciate it.Maria
I appreciate that you stopped by to listen.
Author: Dhaivid3
Nice Psalm tune. Well done Richard. Have a grand Sunday!
I also hope your Nigerian choir sings them! God be with you. Keep posting. MAybe others will catch on that this site can be a fount of inspiration.
I wish I could help you. I did a search last year and searched again today. I can't find any instrumental sheet music. I did transcribe the chords that you see above from a couple YouTube videos. Hopefully, someone else can help you locate a score with strings. Otherwise, I could ask my colleague André to prepare an original arrangement for you. Do you have a budget for this? André can create a score using Sibelius. Thanks. 
Author: madg
 Dear friends, I am a string player [violin & viola]. I would like to find the sheet music for Mary Queen of the Universe.Thanks for all your help.
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard! Hope you are doing great?! Yes, by angels! Ha ha! I hope you have been keeping well and the singing is going strong. Have a good day!Wede
Edewede, I like this composition. It has the feel of a polyphonal song from the Medieval or Baroque periods. Of course, it will greatly improve when performed by voices and live instruments. Even better if performed by angels! Thank you for sharing.
Author: msmith
Thank you, Dhaivid3!
Author: Dhaivid3
Such a beautiful song. Well done and thank you for posting it.
Fr. Joseph, I really like this song. So well writen and performed. Indeed, we are travelers caught between the organic sensations of earth and the sweet bliss of heaven.
Have you played at NET Ministries events? I'd like to work with you to get a youth concert series going around the Twin Cities. You have my email contact info. I know St. Matthew's, St. Michael's and Our Lady of Guadalupe will be looking at New Evangelization initiatives. They recently purchased a CCLI license. Have you submitted your songs to CCLI SongSelect? I wonder if the Knights of Columbus, (West St. Paul and/or St. Paul Councils) would be interested in sponsoring gigs where you and I...
A beautiful song. A heavenly dialog.
I like the feel of this song. An upbeat search for goodness – a man looking to do better in his realtionship with his wife. Good words. Positive music with a message. The ukelele and horn are really cool. Tell us about how you recorded this. Do you perform it live?
Here is a related article. This is from a recent issue of our Archdiocesan newspaper – The Catholic Spirit (the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota). It addresses the "New Evangelization" from a broad perspective.Catholics leaving pews; new initiatives aim to be antidotes you see, the article does not make any mention of worship or praise music. The failure to deeply Catholicize our youth is not...
Author: Dhaivid3
GOD Bless, Richard. It's all GOD's work.Not sure - I hope that someday my old choir in Nigeria will sing some of my music; even if they sing ONE, that will be a prayer answered.Many regards,Wede
Wede, I like your musical ideas. This one has a polyphonal Renaissance feel. It is bright and earnest – yearning to capture the attention of God. I hope you can get a real choir to try it out.
Author: Dhaivid3
Oops. Missed this message from you somehow. Yes, thank you very much for introducing us. He did give it an upgrade! :)Let me know how you get on.God Bless.Wede
Here is some info about Sir Richard Terry and the 1912 Westminister Hymnal, approved for use in Roman Catholic liturgies in Great Britain:Sir Richard Runciman Terry (1865-1938)"Terry was able to establish at Westminster Cathedral a tradition of musical treatment for the whole of the Roman liturgy in England based on the principles laid down in the Motu proprio, so that the Use of Westminster offered an example...
My choir director is quite impressed with this piece. Here is what she wrote:"Thanks, Richard.  I was not familiar with this motet, and we may use it. We do have a not insignificant repertory of polyphonic motets, and a few we have for Pentecost, but not of Victoria, and not with the chorale alternatum.  Ostrowski is an interesting fellow, worth listening to. We may in fact try this Victoria motet/hymn arrangement Sunday, depending on the choir's energy at rehearsal.  I'm sending...
I'm glad I connected you with André van Haren who improved your engraving by adding hyphens to words and adding a simple organ accompaniment. Bravo! Hopefully, I can arrange to get a real voice recording of your Kyrie I. 
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello.I listened to this several times yesterday. I might be over-reacting here but I don't believe I have ever heard anything as beautiful as this. It had a strange effect on me, I cannot quite explain it. Thank you for posting it. Such a Blessing.Many regards,Wede
Thank you, Wede. Let's see what we can do to create beautiful sacred music together. 
Author: Dhaivid3
Dear Mr. Richard.Thank you for the kind feedback. I am glad you are open to the suggestion of collaborating. I am not sure what I can contribute to your music projects however please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas that we can work on together!I have attached the PDFs to all my songs on the website. There are four of them now. Yes, I try as much as I can to make sure I generate a PDF for all my music. I use Finale Notepad, a free software. With Finale Notepad, you...
Dear Wede,Thank you for sharing your Kyrie Eleison and Halleluia songs. Good polyphony. I especially like that you attached a PDF of the sheet music for this Kyrie. Can you do that for the other songs?What program do you use to create your MIDI recording? What program do you use to create your sheet music?We might be able to help you get better recordings of your songs. Do you have a church choir that can sing this for you? Otherwise, I will try to find SATB voices to demo the song. I am...
Dear Wede,Thank you for sharing your Kyrie Eleison and Halleluia songs. Good polyphony. I especially like that you attached a PDF of the sheet music for one of the songs. Can you do that for the other songs?What program do you use to create your MIDI recording? What program do you use to create your sheet music?We might be able to help you get better recordings of your songs. Do you have a church choir that can sing this for you? Otherwise, I will try to find SATB voices to demo the song. ...
Dear Wede,Thank you for sharing your Kyrie Eleison and Halleluia songs. Good polyphony. I especially like that you attached a PDF of the sheet music for one of the songs. Can you do that for the other songs?What program do you use to create your MIDI recording? What program do you use to create your sheet music?We might be able to help you get better recordings of your songs. Do you have a church choir that can sing this for you? Otherwise, I will try to find SATB voices to demo the song. ...
Dear Wede,Thank you for sharing your Kyrie Eleison and Halleluia songs. Good polyphony. I especially like that you attached a PDF of the sheet music for one of the songs. Can you do that for the other songs?What program do you use to create your MIDI recording? What program do you use to create your sheet music?We might be able to help you get better recordings of your songs. Do you have a church choir that can sing this for you? Otherwise, I will try to find SATB voices to demo the song. ...
Not just amen – alleluia! Thanks, Bukenya, for your words of inspiration.
Paul F. Page has graciously added a simple counter melody for verses 2 and 3. This can be easily sung by a youth choir. Download the two-part version here: Wondrous Clay sheet music (piano, two voice parts, guitar)
Maggie, so glad you like Wondrous Clay!
Author: Maggie
Richard, thank you so much for the suggestions! I printed off your original compostion and will try and introduce it to the youth choir at our next practice!Thanks,Maggie
Maggie, I would also like to suggest my own composition, Wondrous Clay:
Please consider supporting George Lower's "I Think of You" Florida Folk Music Project.George wrote at Kickstarter:Concurrently, I'm working to raise additional funds by selling my surplus vehicle and seeking additional private donors. As you can see, your outstanding pledges will go a long way toward helping complete the second phase of recording the project. Please, if you have not done so, send your pledges in today. You can send checks to:LowDown Music, 8642 White Egret Way, Lake Worth, FL...
Author: metchie
This is a nice way to bring back the love of people to hesus christ.Nice video.
I also recommend you visit the web site of composer Paul F. Page. He has a number of scores of sacred/liturgical choral works that can be freely downloaded. Paul I sent you!
Author: msmith
Thank you, Richard. Also, thank you for fixing my post. That was kind of you.
Margo, your song "Alleluia, Alleluia! " is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 
Author: Cantor Cecil
 The Call is awesome. I'll go check out your other trax.
Author: Ricardo Lardo
This is very nice singing. And a good selection of songs. Some of my favs.
Here are the Stephen DeCesare YouTube videos (from the links posted above). Very nicely done!As editor, I would like to include here Stephen's bio (from, as a composer, is an autodidact. He has over 1200 compositions in his catalog which include religious songs, a Requiem Mass, orchestral pieces, and musicals. He has enjoyed national and international success with many of his compositions such as the "Our Lady of Fatima" and "A Christmas Carol"...
Posted by George Lower at his Kickstarter campaign:Hi everyone,Well, it is coming down to crunch time! We have 9 days to go! The pledges keep coming in at a steady pace but we really need to up the ante and get more pledges on board here in these last few days. Let's keep pushing forward! Any amount gets us closer to the goal of full funding! I'm so appreciative for the 41 people who have stepped forward and pledged support so far! Your support means the world to me; and, I will do my best to...
Annette, thanks for all you do in your ministry of motivation, reflection and celebration. Your voice is wonderful.
I found a used copy of Hymnal For Young Christians on Amazon and recorded the refrain and all 5 verses. The verses are challenging. A YouTube video is posted above. I also located online and ordered an original vinyl copy of the album "Run, Come, See" by Robert Blue which has "Magnificat" on it. My interpretation of the hymnal sheet music may be different than the recorded version. We will see! Comments welcome.
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