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1 Jeff

Love the music

2-22-19 2-22-19

Being a Catholic I am always willing to listen Catholic songs.

3 johnythebest

Life long Catholic highly involved in the church, just wants to play hymns for his young children.

2-19-19 2-19-19
4 desscatbagan

Our group is the new choir in our church - St Anthony of Padua in Gardena, CA and being the Music Ministry coordinator, I would like to learn and listen and be familiarize with most catholic songs that we can sing in the mass. Thank you so much.

2-19-19 2-19-19
5 Ferranrc

I would like to learn more about the kind of music that we should be playing in our local Catholic Church in Seaview WA. Unfortunately we don't have musicians, only choir and I know how to use the computer; therefore, I play midi files during mass.

2-18-19 2-18-19
6 conroyh9

I would like to know and understand more catholic songs.

2-18-19 2-18-19
7 jerrysinger

singer for church music

2-17-19 2-17-19
8 Bonaventure

I am a musician playing guitar for Holy Name of Jesus Chapel and St Dominic Parish in Cold Lake, AB

2-13-19 2-13-19
9 dsalinas16

Looking for Catholic music that I've enjoyed in Mass.

2-13-19 2-13-19
10 Malcolm Rodrigues

Christian music

2-13-19 2-13-19
11 atongme

I am a religious Sister, I need to look for the lyrics of some songs to teach the formandees.

2-13-19 2-13-19
12 Ancistrus

Look up songs I've heard at Mass.

2-12-19 2-12-19
13 MeredithEB

I am a church musician, and would like to see what settings are available for various texts and seasons. I spent 24.5 years as Director of Music at Most Holy Trinity Chapel at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, and often get questions from alumni and other parishioners seeking musical guidance.

2-12-19 2-12-19
14 ktv13

I’m taking a Bible Study course on the Psalms and wanted to know some of the lyrics to songs based on them.

2-9-19 2-9-19
15 Judith

I am practicing for choir tomorrow. I sing in the choir of St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Scottsdale Arizona. I am an alto. I was looking for Psalm 138, In the presence of the angels, O Lord, may we praise your name, may we praise your name by David Haas. I wanted to practice it. When I googled it this was one of the websites given. I do not play piano so is search for the songs we are going to sing. I like to be prepared for Mass.

2-9-19 2-9-19
16 jimmy morales

choir leader (San Antonio de Padua, El Paso, TX)

2-9-19 2-9-19
17 Mary-Anne

Access to catholic music song notation for musicians and chords

2-9-19 2-12-19
18 Karentylicki

I am involved as a cantor but learn by hearing songs

2-9-19 2-9-19
19 joanskerritt

I'm a cantor at my church

2-8-19 2-8-19
20 razor

music minister at our parish

2-8-19 2-10-19
21 Divine Gift

I love singing catholic songs and i want to learn and also get some songs from this site

2-8-19 2-8-19
22 Michele

Music teacher in Catholic schools

2-7-19 2-7-19
23 susangordon49

I am Music and Liturgy co-ordinator for my parish and sing in the choir. I search on line for ideas for hymns to help our liturgy group when we are looking at the liturgy for our Masses.

2-5-19 2-5-19
24 netedt

Learn about contemporary hymns

2-5-19 2-5-19
25 pstuartmaynard

I sing in st. patrick church in east hampton, ct.

2-4-19 2-4-19
26 joebiondi

Love singing these songs

2-4-19 2-4-19
27 scosio

I just joined our choir band as the bassist at St. Jude Catholic Church in Mansfield, TX and found your site when searching for this weekend's songs.

2-4-19 2-21-19
28 Janetewnoon

I’m a church musician and think this could be a wonderful resource!

2-4-19 2-4-19
29 Melissa Mohr

I have recently taken up the position of music coordinator in my parish, and am looking to expand my repitore for this reason. I am also a musician and singer with the same parish and this would be of great help for me.

2-3-19 2-3-19
30 Mark

I would like to listen to sacred music in my house.

2-3-19 2-3-19
31 testaccount

Copyright compliance.

2-3-19 2-4-19
32 JuneBaboian

I'm a church music director.

2-3-19 2-3-19
33 Doug Butler

Looking up lyrics to unfamiliar songs

2-3-19 2-14-19
34 tony

learning classical guitar to hopefully use at Mass

2-3-19 2-3-19
35 Anil Varghese

To spread joy of heavenly hymns sung to the world.

2-3-19 2-3-19
36 Suzp

To look up songs

2-2-19 2-2-19
37 Liam

To help those at Mass learn and join in with liturgically correct music.

2-2-19 2-2-19
38 Elena

To help friends and community to choose readings and songs for special masses

2-1-19 2-1-19
39 Maestro

I'm a full time Catholic musician interested learning the music of my Faith.

1-27-19 1-27-19
40 Sonywilson


1-26-19 1-26-19
41 Liza Ow

I play the keyboard and use the gift of music to praise and worship the Lord.

1-25-19 1-26-19
42 anneshorn

I play recorder in our very small church. Our Music director is a keyboardist/ guitarist who doesn't read music, so he learns pieces by listening to them.  No choir, but we do have one cantor on occasion.  I am looking to share song ideas and perhaps get help finding some free sheet music for guitar and alto recorder. We pretty much stick to the St. Michael's Hymnal -- we can't afford new seasonal printings. The hymnal gets a little bit dull year after year. We are looking for some interesting new things to play, specifically before Mass and after Communion, for guitar plus one other instrument. (I can transpose to any key so it doesn't matter which solo instrument it is.)

1-24-19 1-24-19
43 Sonatina55

I am practising the organ at Church so I can play at Mass.

1-22-19 1-22-19
44 lurline

As a trained church organist in Sacred Music, I was given the opportunity to hear Mons. Marco's music and am in awe. The compositions are refreshing yet harkens to earlier ages. Remarkable and can only come from God. Thank you

1-19-19 1-19-19
45 Caroline

I pray using catholic music and would like to share my own too

1-18-19 1-18-19
46 RodriguezR

Learn new music for choir.

1-13-19 1-13-19
47 Betty B

I lector at church and sang at liturgy for many years. Miss some of the music we sang.

1-12-19 1-12-19
48 JoLee

I am a Catholic who used to sing in a folk group at mass. Miss the songs. Hope to find them in Catholic Book of Worship. It lifts my soul even to sing along/alone.

1-9-19 2-10-19
49 618MARG


12-26-18 12-26-18
50 Michael Nagle

I like catholic music

12-20-18 12-20-18
51 beckmar

To experience the soothing effect of Catholic music.

12-18-18 12-18-18
52 Michael Koebnick

I am a Christian and I love Christian music.

12-17-18 12-17-18
53 danmccoolmusic

I'm a Catholic artist trying to promote his music

12-14-18 12-14-18
54 nwokedien

I love to listen and sing along with catholic songs

12-7-18 12-7-18
55 jamesrado

Choir member at St. Christopher's church. Galt, CA
I need to practice up coming songs.

12-2-18 12-2-18
56 henchard

so as to get access to unlimited catholic songs

12-2-18 12-2-18
57 Bruce Beavers

songs for Mass

11-28-18 11-28-18
58 Alice Smith

To know proper song to sing at mass

11-27-18 11-27-18
59 banjopick

gospel music lover

11-26-18 12-2-18
60 rayauld

One of our Priests in our Parish here in the United States was born in Uganda. We really love deeply Spiritual way he gives witness to his Faith in Jesus. Last Thursday, Thanks Giving Day, as a final part of his Homily, he sang - What the Lord Has Done For Me. It was very Spirit filled and he explained he frequently sang it with his classmates when he was in School. It really touched everyones heart including mine. I am a retired Speech Language Pathologist doing pro bono work using eye activated Speech Generating Devices with individuals with severe and profoud cerebral palsy and others such as those with traumatic brain injury. As a side interest I have alwas written song lyrics. I have now been taking acoustic guitar lessons so can bring those songs to life with other people. A friend at Church is now showing me how I can learn how to play piano on my own. .... I hope this summary meets your requirements. In Christ, Ray

11-25-18 11-25-18
61 ervelasco

I think music help me feel nearer God

11-24-18 11-24-18
62 bettieannel

12 years of Catholic schools. Love the music I grew up with. And remember. Love my LORD ! Thank you.

11-22-18 11-22-18
63 Aurora

Looking for lyrics and chords of hymns we sang in the 70s in the Philippines.

11-21-18 11-21-18
64 Pencollector

To become more familiar with catholic music and expand my devotional time with music

11-17-18 11-17-18
65 Steve Byrne

To share, grow and learn in my music ministry.

11-10-18 2-3-19
66 skiwalker

listen to Catholic music

11-5-18 11-5-18
67 rhoads

I sing in 7 various Christian/Catholic choirs
Many of the songs I have sung, especially from John Angotti who has been a guest at our Church many times over the years. He's not only a great performer, but a good man, true to his faith as well.

11-5-18 11-5-18

To share songs of faith written by Anthony Moran. Please visit

10-28-18 11-20-18
69 val2100

Was born and still remain catholic,and love our hymns

10-27-18 10-27-18
70 williamcurtistate


10-27-18 10-27-18
71 Elsie Alipalo

Music coordinator at the Our Lady of the Rosary, Wyoming NSW 2258

10-27-18 11-5-18
72 dalaguitkezia

i want to know more songs to Mother Mary

10-24-18 10-24-18
73 fieryknight

I'm a cantor at our local parish. Would like to continue to strengthen my skills.

10-21-18 10-21-18
74 Crusoeman

Partner in music at our local Parish

10-19-18 10-19-18
75 anniehv

new to music online, enjoy the songs used during your liturgy, I'm Eastern Catholic

10-19-18 10-19-18
76 Rocky Tassie

I am always looking for new Responsorial Psalms as I am a cantor for my church.

10-17-18 2-19-19
77 Dunstan Robert Moke

I am a Catholic member and I need Catholic hymns to be part of this universal Church.

10-13-18 2-19-19
78 giuseppe_op

Hi! I would to share our kind of music to more people and be blessed by it. I would also like to be enriched and blessed as well by the music of others.

10-13-18 10-13-18
79 StJosephChurch

We are a beautiful church in suburban/urban area rich in its Catholic musical heritage! We have a more contemporary & gospel approach, but are slowly restoring our old and treasured pipe organ, so hopefully someday soon we will return to more classical and Catholic traditional repertoire as well. This is a great site!

10-10-18 10-10-18
80 Robertus Redi

Saya seorang pelatih paduan suara remaja Katolik di paroki saya. Fokus saya adalah lagu-lagu gregorian dan polifoni. Saya ingin mencari banyak teman yang ahli di bidang pelatihan paduan suara remaja Katolik, juga ingin memperkaya diri dengan banyak kekayaan musik Gereja. English translation (by editor): I am a Catholic youth choir coach in my parish. My focus is on Gregorian and polyphonal songs. I want to find many friends who are experts in the training of Catholic youth choirs, and also want to enrich themselves with a lot of Church music.

10-4-18 10-4-18
81 williamclink

CCD Teacher

10-3-18 2-19-19
82 cathybart

listen at work music

10-2-18 10-2-18
83 Fabio Henrique

I'm from Brazil. I love the catholic church and I love music. I would like to know songs from outside my country and know more about catholic artists

9-26-18 9-26-18
84 Munjuri George

I am here by asking to be registered so that I can explore more in music and also develop my talent which I feel and think that it has been given to me by God.

9-24-18 2-19-19
85 andricainh

I am the liturgical coordinator for an all girls Catholic school and am looking for additional planning resources.

9-18-18 9-18-18


9-15-18 9-15-18
87 Perrycur

Learn ideas and songs to use in our church

9-11-18 9-11-18
88 crewriter

want to access songs for adoration and explore

9-3-18 9-4-18
89 amschaper

Love Hymns

9-2-18 9-2-18
90 Heather MacLeod

I am an Education Assistant/Music provider at Assumption Catholic School and also the music director of the 10 am Sunday morning Mass choir. I feel we are missing out on amazing P&W in our school, our school Mass and our everyday life of service. Thanks!

9-1-18 9-1-18
91 DebDavis

I am looking for good Catholic hymns for children. I am liturgical choir leader.

8-26-18 8-26-18
92 aclov77

I am a catholic and love the music. I am also a CCD teacher and would like to play these songs to my students.

Thank you,

8-16-18 8-16-18
93 john heitzinger

to share music and positive ideas with others in the middle of a secular culture

8-16-18 8-16-18
94 Babs

Enjoy good music. Reminds me who I am here to serve.

8-12-18 8-13-18
95 Bmbanjwa06

I am a Catholic and would like to compile my own library

8-11-18 2-19-19
96 Marystrong

I love listening to Catholic songs or hymnals

8-10-18 2-19-19
97 banjoyist

I am a Catholic musician and songwriter, happy to find a forum of others with similar interests.

8-7-18 12-30-18
98 glaroux52

Love catholic music

8-7-18 8-7-18
99 jbeyrooti

I would like to share my original song "The Path That Leads to You" with others.

8-3-18 8-11-18
100 sabosj

I am catholic and wanted to listen to a station on the internet that played catholic music

8-1-18 8-1-18
101 hammondcal

Youth Leader / Catechist. We use music a lot in our program & need a good resource for Catholic artists, or at least ones that hold no obstacle to Catholicism.

7-26-18 7-26-18
102 Kathy

To support leading a Small Christian Community.

7-21-18 7-21-18
103 Si and Me

Like to listen to Catholic Music.

7-8-18 2-19-19
104 Larry1346

choirister, cantor and to learn Catholic songs

7-5-18 7-5-18
105 Michaelibk

My love for music is insatiable

7-4-18 2-19-19
106 joeyzelman


6-29-18 6-30-18
107 chewarner

I’m a cantor at my church and I choose most of the music for the contemporary choir. I can you your site to assist with song choices.

6-18-18 6-18-18
108 Willie

To learn catholic songs

6-15-18 6-16-18
109 lcrobinson512

I would like to learn more about what kind of music is being written from a Catholic perspecitive. Also, I have written a few songs and would like to find a supportive outlet for creating and sharing music that honors our God and our faith.

6-2-18 6-3-18
110 mcampo1954

Music director/organist at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Slidell, La. Responsible for selecting music for Sunday liturgies, special feasts, etc...

6-1-18 6-1-18
111 archangelmike07

I'm a choir member and I want to learn songs.

5-28-18 5-28-18
112 Geri

I am a Catholic church musical director looking for others unpublished songwriters who enjoy composing songs for Liturgy, and playing music in praise of our Lord.

5-27-18 5-27-18
113 Marilyn Roush

I’m music minister at a retirement home looking for a copy of psalm 138, in the presence of angels. I listened to your video, but cannot find a source for the piano version.

5-20-18 5-20-18
114 Nadine Roland

Came upon this while looking for Catholic praise songs during prayer time this morning. I would like to listen as a means of enriching my praise to God.

5-12-18 2-19-19
115 Khockett7

I’m learning how to play the cello and would ultimately like to play at mass.

5-10-18 5-10-18
116 Jesu Marie Vill...

My family and I are devotees of Mary. I would like to know if you have an mp3 of the song Queen of Flowers so that I can use it during our Flores de Mayo summer catechism. Thank you and God bless!

5-6-18 5-6-18
117 mbrady

Just came upon your website tonight. Always in search of the best Catholic Songs as they have been instrumental in my spiritual journey and relationship with Christ. What a beautiful ministry!

5-5-18 5-5-18
118 collect_fab_vinyl

Just made a Cursillo Weekend and I want to enrich my study / formation with great Catholic music

5-1-18 5-1-18
119 leopiau

I'm catholic and want to listen holy songs during my worktime.

4-27-18 4-27-18
120 Ainjelow

I am a Filipino working in Thailand and currently is a member of a choir for the English Mass at the Assumption Cathedral in Bangkok. This site helps me a lot especially when I do the solo part of the Responsorial Psalms and can't find any help online in practicing the song as our organist is not available at all times to practice.

4-25-18 4-27-18
121 martinsamchris

wants to be member of choir and sing songs with continuous practice

4-21-18 4-21-18
122 manny2018

I play church songs on the guitar.

4-14-18 4-15-18
123 Judeson Alex

I am a chorister in the mother church

4-14-18 4-14-18
124 emmjay

to be on the E- mail list

4-10-18 4-10-18
125 jfisch54

want to play it on piano

3-30-18 2-19-19

like site for catholic hymns

3-30-18 3-30-18
127 Janet

Thank you for accepting me as a new member. I feel that my faith is shaky; so much happening to test it. Music reaches depths words cannot plummet. Singing is said to be akin to praying twice. I have so much to atone for to praise God for and want to go forward once more. <3

3-28-18 3-28-18

The Baptism Song story. About 12 years ago I was pregnant with twins. My husband looked for a baptism song and could not find one that would have the spirit and emotion that we felt new parents were looking for. He wrote The Baptism song in only 10 minutes. It was approved for use by the Baltimore Bishops office. They loved it. My father performed the ceremony at our "Baptism Pier" at our home. When it is sung at ceremonies around the world, people wail, happy cry and rush the singer at the altar. Now, our 11 year old daughter and her daddy turned it into The Baptism Song Book, children's book for parents around the world to use as a lullaby for their children ~ and for the Baptism ceremony. (It is being translated into numerous languages.) We sing it to our children every night. We would love you to review it on your website. Please let me know what you think and I can send you a copy if you wish. Just provide us with your mailing address on the submission page on our website. - Thanks Jennifer & Dennis

3-27-18 4-2-18
129 Mick Archer

My love for hymns came late in life, but has grown into a passion. I've been a professional musican for over 40 years, and in the last 10 I've become involved in music liturgy. I hope being a member of this site will help become a better music minister!

3-21-18 3-21-18
130 Jenelle

To be inspired throughout the day

3-20-18 3-20-18
131 MQP

I'm a youth choir leader

3-18-18 2-19-19
132 rita4life

I love catholic good music. 

3-17-18 2-19-19
133 Catholic Liturg...

We would like to announce our new website showcasing the music of Anthony Moran and other lesser known liturgical music composers.  Please visit us at

3-6-18 3-6-18
134 Andy Martin

To purchase seasonal Christian music

3-6-18 3-6-18

help with hymns for church choir

3-5-18 9-12-18
136 Eileen Janer

H'ello, I would like to become a member and have access to your website.  I'm incharge of  the catholic sunday mass  for veteran residence and their visitors and families, patients, and staff at a hospital in Toronto, Canada.    I also have to research and select hymns to be sung that is appropriate for theme of the mass.  I'm not musically gifted, I was hoping your website will be able to guide me and help me find the ideal hymn that we could sing.

3-3-18 3-3-18
137 ralph.fecke

To be inspired by Catholic music

2-26-18 3-2-18
138 Gail.

Starting a youth choir at church, also direct an adult choir there.

2-21-18 2-22-18
139 superhotpepperz

Peace and Blessings be upon you. I enjoy researching music for our choir to sing.

2-20-18 2-20-18
140 linmerk

Hi...I would like to become a registered user because i am second in charge of our music ministry at our catholic parish here in Canada and I like to look up hymns that we could sing.

2-18-18 2-19-18
141 amoaiorbarns

inorder to inprove my spiritual life

2-14-18 2-14-18
142 Felecitie Delacruz

For me to be more close to god and for me to know more about him.

1-30-18 1-30-18
143 Estelle

Love to listen to Catholic music.

1-29-18 1-29-18
144 Colby

I want make my communication with peoples about god

1-22-18 1-22-18
145 stevdrak

I am part of Catholic music ministry and I am interested in sharing and discovering new music.

1-2-18 10-18-18
146 billr12

I am a catechist in our parish's RCIA program. I like to use a hymn with each topic I present to accentuate the point being made.

12-31-17 1-1-18
147 kellyfrancesm

Peace be with you

12-27-17 12-27-17

To promote a Sacred Music Project, Lumen Hilare begun in 2016. Its first effort presents music for female voices written and arranged for the teachers of La Conquistadora Academy in Albuquerque, NM.  After working on the music for eight months, they took their efforts to the Los Angeles recording studio of Vox.  There they were joined by five additional singers to record with engineer Michael Harris. It includes chant, a capella and accompanied works, All compositions and arrangements are copyrighted and available for sale to performance groups.

12-26-17 12-29-17
149 jose arriola

My first reason is that I need the chords of Sequence of Pentecost sung by Richard Schletty

12-25-17 12-25-17
150 johnsydneymcnair


I wish to share my Christian music with listeners and to collaborate with other musicians.

Thank you.


John Sydney McNair.

12-19-17 12-19-17
151 Churley1981

I want to share acoustic catholic music!

12-12-17 12-13-17
152 Michael.C

I conduct and accompany two choirs at the Shrine of Bernadette in Albuquerque, NM. I noticed this site when I was looking for Advent and Christmas music, as well as Mass settings, for the choirs and congregations. You have a great selection of traditional and contemporary music to choose from, which is something we need.

12-11-17 9-15-18
153 fitz

Would like to submit free music

11-30-17 12-6-17
154 SallyB

I am liturgical minister at my church and I'm also singer-songwriter. Thought this form I be a good outlet for some of my songs.

11-13-17 2-19-19
155 Cello

Dear Catholic Songs,

I just retired and now taking up the cello which I played in middle school. Since I am starting out as a new player I am looking for catholic hymns and popular songs for the cello in bass clef.

Appreciate your help,

Joylyn Evans

11-1-17 11-1-17
156 Joe Nilemoa

I am a Catholic and would like to learn more Catholic songs so that I can meaningfully participate and promote Catholic Faith in my community.

10-10-17 10-10-17
157 grandma0511

Devotion to Mary

10-9-17 10-9-17
158 angieallen1959

I am a cantor, musician(bass) and need instrumental music.

9-25-17 9-25-17
159 ellis1m

Want to download Catholic songs

9-21-17 9-21-17
160 Speakslike

I want to get better insight into the Catholic world of music. To get the input of others like me on songwriting for the Lord. I consider myself a Catholic songwriter and would like to share my compositions with those in need of salvation. I hope to join you all. Thank you.

9-12-17 2-6-18
161 rudymogavero

I hope to be able to contribute to our parish choir.  This site looks like a good  place to share, learn, and discuss  liturgical music.

​“Bis orat qui bene cantat” (“Who sings well prays twice”)

9-2-17 9-2-17

active catholic, cathechist, member of cursillo team, member of faith formation committee

8-15-17 8-15-17
163 Maureen

     I love Catholic music and have been listening to various Christian radio since the '80's.  From early John Michael Talbot, Steve Archer and Glad to Matt Redman, Rich Mullins and Libera.  I'm excited to hear your thoughtful and varied selections.


8-14-17 8-14-17
164 Tubotu

I am a choir master and a composer in my parish.
I wish to join this group and share my works as well as learn from everyone who's willing to teach, so as to improve my understanding of music especially as it concerns the Catholic Liturgy.

8-2-17 8-2-17
165 joyfulsound

I am a church music director and thought this site might be useful to me when choosing music.  The more input the better the decision-making.  We are developing a list of 100 hymns that we know so well we  can sing from memory so the suggestions here certainly are great prompts for us.

7-24-17 7-24-17
166 jenhonek

I am a music minister and I also compose music.  I am interested in hearing new songs and contributing some of my own.

7-22-17 2-19-19
167 williamkamotho

I love catholic music

7-20-17 7-20-17
168 maddenmargie

We are working on a day retreat for our parish Seniors group and am looking for some upbeat songs to use.

7-17-17 7-17-17
169 tonytarapl42

I have been writing songs for many years. I write in english and spanish. I am very familiar with the Catholic church. I have several complete masses. e.g. wedding, youth, christmas, easter, etc. I would like to find a group that sing and play acoustic instruments for a collaboration.

7-14-17 7-14-17
170 Mary Taniya

I love listening music and now more keen on collecting devotional english songs

7-13-17 2-19-19
171 Kentuckyglenn

I just love new Catholic music

6-28-17 2-19-19
172 pws

I am in 2 choirs and I pull together all of the music.  Most of the other choir members need help getting music together so I scan in hard copies, and enlarge the music so that they can see it.  Instead of scanning the books if I can find it online it will be a big help.

6-24-17 6-24-17
173 hzaglul

I am Catholic and sing in my church choir. Love this form of prayer!

6-24-17 6-25-17
174 Maria7Steps

We are a Catholic family band called Simply4Him who believes that music was created to glorify God and to sanctify His people.  We serve in our parish and we are a part of a Catholic Charismatic Community called Couples for Christ. Our children are members of its ministries.  We cannot think of another place to be in order to learn and share not just God's music but everything about our faith. This is home for us!  
We would like to share with you the first album God worked on through our family. It's called 7 Steps (for the seven sacraments in contemporary style of music).  Available in digital stores.  God bless!  
Instagram:  SIMPLY4_HIM
Twitter:  SIMPLY4_HIM

6-22-17 10-31-17
175 Bob H

I am a singer in my choir and sometimes am asked to select songs for Mass. I could use help at times.

6-20-17 2-19-19
176 Charles Grayson

I'm a Singer. I want to share my good and bad experience. I can also guide people about promoting their Songs and music.

6-20-17 6-20-17
177 frankiesthiem74

Love to sing to the Lord every chance I have in a day

6-7-17 6-7-17
178 Tito85

I would like to listen to Catholic music.

6-4-17 2-19-19
179 nolan730

i am a catholic musician from the philippines. i am a part of the servant communities, a catholic charismatic group in the philippines led by Rev. Fr. Leonardo Polinar. and im exploring the world of catholic music for inspiration for my plans to write some music for my community.

5-30-17 2-19-19
180 dblacklocke

downloadable Catholic Hymns

5-27-17 5-27-17
181 john emmanuel

i am a catholic singer songwriter from belfast, i am hoping to join with other catholic artists to build up the catholic music ministry.

5-15-17 5-15-17
182 Alexander John

I recently wrote several Catholic songs and was hoping for some feedback from the lyrics. If they speak to you in some way that would be more than enough reason to write more.

GOD Bless.


5-14-17 1-17-19
183 Rahgdek

I´m a devoted Christian and I would like to share our songs from our ministry in Brazil.

Thank you

5-13-17 2-19-19
184 pioiva

I am most involved with church music and I love the old hymns.

5-12-17 5-12-17
185 tomcarolfred

I just found this website and thought it would be helpful to me as part of our Parish Liturgy team.

5-11-17 5-14-17
186 Cecily McNeill

I am a music minister in our parish and our diocese has just purchased a reprint licence with LicenSing Online/OneLicense (627033). We are always looking for ideas for hymns to enliven our liturgies and we also need to be able to download melody lines and lyrics which we understand are free with the reprint licence.

5-9-17 5-9-17
187 Musicmylove

To be able to access Lyrics and Music for Hymns. Also, liturgical Information with regard to Catholic Music Ministry.

5-7-17 5-7-17
188 FatherJim

I hope to listen to new & contemporary Catholic music. I have been listening to the Family Life Christian stations, but they are not Catholic, and even though I like much of the music, I 'm not a fan of some of their programs. Some Catholic radio stations that I have tried to listen to in the past just talk too much, and I have never heard music on these radio stations written before 1900. I do love John Michael Talbot, Michael Card (NEVER hear them on Family Life) and Chris Tomlin.  Jump to today. Today, I was driving my car, discovered ICatholic radio on a channel I hadn't discovered yet, and heard Kevin Heider's "The Great Flood." I was hooked, the lyrics are incredibly spiritual and "heart-grabbing!" Is that a word? I guess it is now. Thank you for offering Catholic contemporary music that is finally fulfilling my spiritual needs.

5-4-17 5-4-17
189 bergey

To create music CD for prayer group

4-30-17 2-19-19
190 wjblau

Like Christian music.

4-28-17 5-2-17
191 mgarzagarza

I am an active member of Christ the King Church in Corpus Christi, Texas,  I am involved in the Music ministry at church and provide music for Bible and music ministry at our local Juvenile Detention Center and I am always looking for music resources, inpiration and ideas wherever I can find them.

4-28-17 4-29-17
192 adresok

Share songs.

4-14-17 2-19-19
193 jocelyn

icommunication is important

4-8-17 2-19-19
194 aelredstoirin

I'm a Catholic and I would like to listen to Catholic songs

4-4-17 4-4-17
195 Rogers

Am interested in catholic music and i want to learn so that i can start composing my own songs

4-2-17 2-19-19
196 Jan

I am a catholic musician, pianist looking for new music

3-26-17 3-26-17
197 aresende

I'm a Catholic musician/composer from Brazil and I'd like to promote my instrumental music inspired by the Seven Sacraments.
My site is

3-20-17 6-26-18
198 CamiaV

Volunteer organist for Catholic parish

3-19-17 3-19-17
199 clangfeld

I am a worship leader at my parish, and also do write some music.

3-18-17 2-19-19
200 Eseosa

I need to access good catholic songs that will help me through this period of lent and there after.

3-15-17 3-15-17
201 Betelgarcia

I am a guitarist, composer and singer 
And I love to hear catholic music. Diversity style some different 
I love new things so I can apply it to my choir.

3-7-17 3-7-17
202 arp1117

I am just about to start a youth choir in my church and i am looking for new church music to try and get youth more involved in our church. The catholic hymms I have at this time are very old.
Would like to see how to go about this and see if anyone has any ideas on how I can encourage our youth to join.

3-4-17 3-4-17
203 dottie hashman

Just an Idea..... to be a part .....

3-2-17 3-4-17
204 Holy Chorus
To share new catholic music with everyone.
3-2-17 7-5-18
205 barbara

Why not

2-26-17 3-13-17
206 Valencia Dias

I love catholic hymns.

2-15-17 2-15-17
207 bfasman

Looking for new music for our choir.

2-15-17 2-15-17
208 phesterman

I am a church musician with a small choir.

2-15-17 2-15-17
209 Ken Whisler

Classical guitarist, luthier, and volunteer music minister 

2-8-17 2-12-17
210 Gmakathyjo.

Wanting to listen to hymns.

2-5-17 2-5-17
211 lisasiess


2-5-17 2-5-17

MSTM MUSIC   ≤ ♥ ≥   Most Sacred Trinity † Mission Music ♫
We are Christian artists of the Catholic faith evangelizing with original music projects so that the 3 in 1 Creator God is Glorified...and our mission of blessed tones...

1-27-17 1-22-19
213 martinherrin

Assisting with funerals at St Marys Greensborough, Melbourne

1-27-17 1-27-17
214 April413

I miss the old traditional hymns i've grown up with!!

1-23-17 2-19-19
215 cloutoo

Music Minister in my parish.

1-19-17 2-1-17
216 queen of angels

i want to teach marian songs for our junior legion of mary

1-12-17 1-12-17
217 jumacab

At my parish, the children who are making their first Holy Communion, the parents also have to attend a CCD class, I use music to tie the theme of the class. This helps the student grab a deeper understanding of the theme, and I feel wakes up a deeper hunger for the Lord. Also, singing is praying double.
Thank you, and May God continue to bless you guys. Love Catholic music.

1-12-17 1-18-38
218 Music4Faith

Desire to introduce the music of Italian Catholic composer Marco Frisina in the United States so that it can be widely recognized and sung in both religious and secular settings. Music For Faith, Inc. is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit established to solely promote the music of Marco Frisina. I hope to network with other Catholic musicians to share the joy and inspiration of his music. Visit and our companion website for more information.

1-10-17 1-18-17
219 Jgreem

want to obtain the album Ephesians songs.

1-10-17 1-11-17
220 Simone.Mehl

I would like to gather correct lyrics to beautiful hymns and gospel songs that I am unable to obtain on the internet.

1-10-17 1-11-17
221 Radio Hymnal

Looking for hymnal songs that are easy to sing and inspiring.

1-9-17 1-18-38
222 weingarten777

good Catholic music

1-9-17 5-10-17
223 loveshez

Am a Catholic so I need some songs for our choir practice

1-8-17 1-18-38
224 StMattsCantor

I'd like to collaborate on liturgical and inspirational songs.

1-6-17 1-18-38
225 MTR

I am a #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 10:42 to give "a cup of cold water" to the least of the brethren for the brethren's sake. I composed an Album named: "A Cup of Cold Water" that I am giving away for free using Social Media like; Twitter, MySpace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook to give away free Downloads of my Album to anyone who wants to here it. I wanted the Diocese of Lincoln, shepherded by Bishop James D. Conley to put a Bitlink to my personal site: MTR's Place in the Diocesan Website to make it available to all Catholics in the Lincoln Diocese. They would not help me but pointed the way to your site as a means of furthering my mission to give my Music away for Free to Catholics in particular and all Humanity in general. That is why I would like to become a registered user at I would like to share my music with you by giving you the Link to Download my Album for Free, and give you access to the Info and Lyrics to the 11 Tracks of "A Cup of Cold Water" for your perusal and judgement. Thanking you in advance for your kind reading of my request, I remain, Sincerely in Christ, Dr. M.T. "Mike" Resch a.k.a. "MTR" 1/9/17

1-6-17 8-31-17
226 madhavaimmanuvel

Very much interested to hear catholic songs

1-3-17 1-13-17
227 Peter Buckland

I can't find good Catholic Music

1-3-17 1-13-17
228 RonLambert

I've been a Catholic music minister since 2007 and have recently moved from a large fully engaged parish to a remote area. I face the challenge of growing as a leader of the music ministry as well as a congregation that is very shy about singing! I'd love to connect with others and grow how I serve my new little parish.

12-30-16 1-18-38
229 cforever88slls3103

Love to know what are Praise and Worships songs for Catholic to know

12-27-16 12-27-16
230 john.alan.connerley

I am a professional singer/songwriter, a retired U.S. Senior Foreign Service Officer, and a Catholic.

12-27-16 1-13-17
231 bezaMeklit

i am catholic

12-25-16 1-13-17
232 elizabethcolangelo

Quite simply, I love Our Lord with all my heart, mind and soul and so enjoy songs which magnify this.

12-24-16 1-18-38
233 chua jonathan

i wanna know more about catholic songs.

12-22-16 1-18-38
234 Sister Janelle

enjoy traditional hymns

12-15-16 1-16-17
235 rrbr

I would like to listen to Catholic music at different times of the seasonal year.

12-14-16 1-18-38
236 Efrain

We are gonna celebrate the mass in our school.
I really appreciate the songs that you share in your web site.

Thanks a lot.

12-12-16 12-12-16
237 Kath B. Dizon

I need God's healing miracle

12-10-16 1-18-38
238 Deacon Al

Love listening while working

12-9-16 1-18-38

I love listening to music, especially inspirational ones. It keeps me in the mood while working and lessens stress. Since I am at the front line customer service, my clients are inspired as well.

12-7-16 12-7-16
240 btevis

I have old hymns that come to me "out of nowhere" and I can't finish the lyrics and they usually had a profound effect on me.

12-7-16 12-7-16
241 Gloria Mandebvu

coming close to word of God or close to God by listening and knowing how to sing the songs, and also being a catholic member I want to be always familiar with our church songs

12-6-16 1-16-17
242 Aloaloua

I don't know I guess I like music

12-3-16 1-16-17
243 Susanpwright

Catholic & love Catholic hymns

12-2-16 1-16-17
244 Tendai

I love singing for the Lord,it brings me closer to God.

11-29-16 1-18-38
245 Austine

Am a member of the Choir in a small Catholic Chaplaincy and Pray best when am singing.......I want to sing better pray better and help the Chaplaincy Choir to grow.

11-29-16 1-16-17
246 psalm22222002

I serve in church and I have to sing parts of the mass. I need specific songs for specific seasons. Thank u

11-27-16 1-16-17
247 Mcabrera11

Leader of a church choir.

11-26-16 1-16-17
248 kitty1

I love the songs

11-26-16 1-18-38
249 SALanuzo

I am a member of the music ministry in my parish and I am looking for suggested songs specially contemporary songs to be used in my parish.

11-22-16 11-22-16
250 LuAnn Vergolini

So that I may listen to Gods Word on a regular basis

11-22-16 1-18-38
251 holy family 8

to find really Catholic music for liturgical seasons

11-22-16 1-18-38
252 Captjaneway54

I am a priest and am interested in revitalizing our parish worship experience. Also, I want to become more involved in the selection of music for our worship services.

11-22-16 1-16-17
253 Kahsenna

Always looking for songs to be sung at our Mission Church as the choir coordinator I search on line a lot to make sure I make the proper selections.

11-20-16 1-16-17
254 janeasinner

I love Catholic Hymns and am searching for hymns used during the recitation of The Divine Mercy Chaplet. I love being Catholic.

11-17-16 1-16-17
255 udezedamian


11-17-16 1-16-17
256 MaryAnnette

i want to learn new catholic songs

11-17-16 1-18-38
257 Janet M. Plouffe

Love to pray through song.

11-15-16 1-16-17
258 CathyRep

I love roman catholic songs and find them relaxing and helps me feel closer to God

11-14-16 1-16-17
259 tomturcotte52

To receive lists of song that I can download & purchase

11-13-16 1-16-17
260 Maurizio

I am Catholic music composer and would love to join this community

11-12-16 1-18-38
261 NCinney

I am a sixth grade teacher and vice principal at a Catholic school in Ventura, California. This year, I want to add prayer services to our schedule, and I want all of them to have good Catholic music. My hope is that I will find what I need to enrich our school's prayer life.

11-9-16 1-16-17
262 Debsroses

I am a member of a small church choir. We are always striving to make the music a meaningful part of the liturgy for each Sunday and for every season. Our goal is to provide beautiful and meaningful music to help lead the congregation in prayerful song. Having a source like this will be most helpful in our desire to achieve this mission.

11-8-16 1-16-17
263 shirley

I just love catholic music.

11-7-16 1-16-17
264 tkipfer

I've joined the choir at my church and want to learn the songs.

11-6-16 1-18-38
265 daniela


11-2-16 1-16-17
266 MrB77airdrie

To download and listen to Catholic music I am a practical Catholic

10-31-16 10-31-16
267 Sistaglo

Excellent resource for music

10-30-16 1-16-17
268 Oscar1767

I have been a Catholic all my life; at times with very low faith but at present rejoicing with the Holy Spirit. I have always enjoyed going to Holy Mass for the Hymns; I am working the courage to join the choir at my church (The Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart, San Angelo, TX). I worry that my voice is not very good, but there's always need for men's voices in the choir. I don't know how to read music, but I know our choir director will teach this... but I think it will be helpful for me to follow along with someone during my practices at home--this forum provides me such help.
Wish me luck!

10-28-16 1-16-17
269 Keith manter

love songs that praise our Lord and our Blessed Mother

10-25-16 5-13-18
270 bilumary

To be able to listen to music that will lift my spirit and be closer to God.

10-25-16 1-18-38
271 Emmanuel Bwalya

I love listening to Catholic music and am a staunch Catholic christian

10-23-16 1-16-17
272 Heather70

I enjoy listening to music and listen to Christian radio but sometimes I just want my Catholic hymns from mass to carryover into my week at home. they bring me such joy!

10-20-16 1-16-17
273 Denibel

Would like to learn to play catholic songs on the guitar and piano to give glory to God.

10-19-16 1-16-17
274 BainaSunil

Would love to listen to catholic music

10-14-16 1-16-17
275 St Brigids Belfast

I am a choir leader

10-11-16 1-16-17
276 mwinzer

My 16 year old daughter is a soaring Catholic soprano vocalist who is releasing her debut album "Rejoice" October 22nd. Captivating arrangements, ethereal vocals and the soulful sounds of old world instruments such as the duduk make this remarkable Christmas album a must have for a holiday playlist. To reflect her Catholic values, she has pledged a portion of the album proceeds to Muskegon Catholic Central's music department where she is in her junior year. It is a beautiful album produced by award winning producer Michael Crittenden at Mackinaw Harvest Music Studio. The marketing & PR is a grass roots efforts so we are hoping for help to promote the album and celebrate the Blessed Birth of Jesus Christ.

10-9-16 10-12-16
277 Frankiematt3

I select hymns at mass

10-9-16 1-16-17
278 ethibo6000

I lead a handbell choir and have difficulty finding arrangements to accompany songs in our hymnal.

10-8-16 1-16-17
279 connie

Love music

10-5-16 1-16-17
280 jerikaylesneski

To order music for St. Rose Church, Longview, WA

9-30-16 1-16-17
281 tlaxhh

Writter songs catholic and song harmony

9-30-16 1-16-17
282 rollies23092015

I Love catholic song,thanks for adding me.

9-29-16 1-16-17
283 teresakidd

I am Catholic and we have a great music program at my Church and I would like to find the songs they sing, to listen to them again.
Very inspiring

9-27-16 1-16-17
284 gloasiong

I love to listen to the songs

9-16-16 1-16-17
285 ipirie

I love listening to our catholic songs.

9-13-16 1-16-17
286 Frances

I love to listen ro praise music and to meditate.

9-12-16 1-16-17
287 childfromOurLad...

want to hear marian songs and use it in our church

9-10-16 1-16-17
288 obinna4mary

i need to listen to classical marian song.

9-9-16 1-16-17
289 chinedu

Want to get their lyrics and use for prayer

9-9-16 1-16-17
290 dedethobillo

I want hear marian songs while working

9-6-16 1-16-17
291 Keisha Kayleigh...

because i belive in jesus and mary also god

9-4-16 1-16-17
292 Pynshngain

To know better about catholic church
and to strengthen my faith

8-31-16 1-16-17
293 Stephen Lewis

like praise and worship songs

8-31-16 1-16-17
294 Tsogo

I would like my soul healed during the day by listening to my catholic songs in the office

8-30-16 1-16-17
295 nabil1

Love Catholic songs

8-26-16 8-26-16
296 Anderson

I've been a Catholic musician since 1999. Nowadays I'm playing electric guitar in a band name "Irmãos de corração"

8-18-16 1-18-38
297 sikujua

like to listen to Catholic music.

8-18-16 1-16-17
298 Baraka

Like to listen to Catholic music

8-18-16 1-16-17
299 doreen busingye

to Keep attached to the Songs of our mother Mary.

8-16-16 1-16-17
300 belambrosio

I am a Catholic.

8-14-16 1-16-17
301 Crucita Serrano

I am part of team 7 of CRHP, and was selected table leader, as well as the liturgist. Since I will be in charge of the music during the retreat weekend in October, I want to be able to find out beautiful, meaningful music to play at certain times during the retreat. Our witnesses will choose their own songs that will be played after witnessing. I have a good idea, but would like to check what else is there I have not yet seen, and I could add.
Mrs. Crucita Serran-Diaz

8-12-16 1-16-17
302 Scott Goudeau

Catholic parish music director, Nashville, want to share my new CD

8-10-16 1-16-17
303 bostonmarno

i so interest for this site

8-10-16 1-16-17
304 Rudy Mesina

I am a coordinator of the Music Ministry for the Couples for Christ community here in the Middle East. Our community serves as a choir for the Catholic Masses held every month. We want to learn more English catholic songs that we can share with the congregation. Thank you.

8-10-16 1-16-17
305 Ilde H. Loable

I would like to become a registered user at because I am a volunteer church worker in our parish and we use catholic songs and music during seminars and gatherings. Personally, I love to listen to devotional and inspirational song.

8-2-16 1-16-17
306 John Bilung

Want praise and worship songs for personnel use.

8-2-16 1-16-17
307 ku_mom

spiritual renewal

8-2-16 1-16-17
308 Leon

Am catholic and i used to sing before when i was at school but from there now am real need to become a teacher but i don't how how to use notes but hope one day i will ,
Also i real like to play Keyboard and i hope also i will one day,so now am very very proud to be good listener on catholic songs.i believe through here i will get someone to teach me on those sector,

Leonard from Arusha Tanzania(East Africa)

7-26-16 1-16-17
309 Divine Mercy

Coz, this is the medium I have found with great songs for Praise and Worship. Want to be filled with Spiritual Music and to share with others the goodness of it.

7-25-16 1-16-17
310 Ashley602338

These songs will help me become a better Catholic

7-24-16 1-16-17
311 Living Waters

We have been a Catholic band for 40 years now, and we are still active. Our latest EP, "Alive Again", won the Akademia Award for best Christian Contemporary EP last year. Our song, "Peter the Rock" was presented to Pope John Paul II by Ambassador Flynn, and blessed by him.

7-17-16 1-18-38
312 Michelle Sambrano

I am a vocalist and musician at my local parish church and interested in new music for use in the liturgy and worship sessions

7-14-16 1-16-17
313 Paulcollins

Sharing Information

7-14-16 1-16-17
314 rafaelfilipez

i am a proud catholic who love catholic songs and hymns

7-14-16 1-16-17
315 HelenLieb

Love music

7-10-16 1-16-17
316 ngalame

am a catholic who love listening to the word

7-8-16 1-16-17
317 Friesens

I am music leader at church

7-6-16 1-16-17
318 deacon16

I started Deacon formation class this month for a 4 year program and enjoy listening to good Catholic Music

7-6-16 1-18-38
319 j910sierr

I would like to learn the latest songs being sung during our youth masses. I have sung in a small choir before and am
thinking about joining a choir again at some point. I'm not sure about that yet.

6-27-16 1-16-17
320 alexanderhermosura86

I'm gonna be a priest..

6-24-16 1-16-17
321 Eddie

Firstly am a catholic so am entitled to be here. Secondly i want to know more about Mother Mary.

6-24-16 1-16-17
322 Leolemery2.

As a new director of music at a church, I would like to find quality contemporary worship songs to appeal to visitors and the young people of the parish.

6-16-16 1-16-17
323 joaniebranch

Listen to Catholic music during day.

6-13-16 6-13-16
324 Rick Erck

Desire more of Jesus.

6-11-16 6-11-16
325 john bon

I am a Catholic Teacher teaching in one of the biggest catholic secondary schools in png

6-10-16 1-16-17
326 arnold

getting news about catholic issues

6-10-16 1-16-17
327 baringcom16

I compose religious songs and I want to publish my songs to Christians/Catholics.

6-8-16 8-20-16
328 Sierrs01

I am a devoted Catholic

6-5-16 6-6-16
329 franccesc

Would like to learn them

6-4-16 1-16-17
330 Nasenya

To Access Catholic songs.

6-4-16 1-18-38
331 Benjamin Smith

I have worked in radio (AM, FM, XM) for over 30 years and felt that a merging with my two best loves, Christ and Radio would be a perfect duo for fledgling artists. My knack of listening and balancing music can mean a wonderful experience for all people interested in the love of Christ and His music!

5-31-16 1-16-17
332 Lari613

I manage a Choir in Doha . we are constantly looking at new hymns to take especially Marian Hymns.
Any help with the same is much appreciated.

Many Thanks

5-31-16 1-16-17
333 rbrioort

I love music and I also listen to "christian" music and have always heard spanish catholic music. I would also love to know more about catholic english music.

5-24-16 1-16-17
334 kconwell12451

I love God

5-23-16 1-16-17
335 Jennifer

I am a musician in our Catholic Parish and it is good to be a forum where hymns are discussed, shared etc

5-13-16 1-16-17
336 Curt Britten

Looking for Christian music that doesn't conflict with Catholic beliefs.

5-12-16 1-16-17
337 Lincy


5-10-16 1-16-17
338 Cindy Quillan

to have our small faith sharing group to sing songs of praise

5-9-16 1-16-17
339 Regina99

Looking for words and name of a May Procession hymn used each year in my elementary school years during this Mother's Day Procession to Our Lady. Here are some of the words: Roses we bring to thee, Queen of the Rosary....Red blooms with pain untold, blend with royal robes of gold....

Found this site accidentally while looking for the above hymn. I did not know it existed.

5-7-16 1-16-17
340 omhonkeghan progress

I want to learn more songs, also to be part of the family and to also improve my singing capability.

5-6-16 1-16-17
341 Johnson J W

I help out with the choir at my Church, St. Francis Xavier's. So would love to know more new songs to reach out to the people who come for mass.

5-4-16 9-16-18

Helping lead the 8am choir at Our Lady of the Mission Parish in Craigie, WA, 6027

4-25-16 1-16-17
343 jenhuilyn


4-19-16 1-16-17
344 abruzzij15

Catholic Spread

4-19-16 1-16-17
345 benedictnketsiah7

to listen to music

4-13-16 1-16-17
346 lucilafamancia

I want to learn more about catholic liturgical songs. I am a choir member in our parish and want to sing appropriate songs for mass.

4-10-16 1-16-17
347 erat999

Catholic Choir member

4-10-16 1-18-38
348 ericting

Like Praise Song

4-7-16 1-16-17
349 bhetzel

I am the music director at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. It would be nice if I can find new music for my choir at special times of the year. Right now I am looking for music that would enhance this year of Mercy.

4-6-16 1-16-17
350 bcaleca2

I am leading a group of women through the 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat and would like to be able to play music honoring our Blessed Mother

4-4-16 1-16-17
351 lsrcecilia

to learn songs for community use

4-3-16 1-16-17
352 ATRChivore

Love the hymns

4-3-16 1-16-17
353 dasimmons

I am a member of a Divine Mercy prayer group and I would like to learn new songs for when we sing at church.

4-2-16 1-16-17
354 anndsouza

Listen to the hymns n to download

3-30-16 1-16-17
355 jorabacio

I am a devoted catholic. I wanted to hear updated religous songs. It is uplifting to hear music while doing my everyday chores at work and at home.

3-30-16 1-16-17
356 AnneDiSanto

I have 6 cd's of Contemporary Catholic music published and am an active music director at a Catholic church...always looking for new material for use at mass, especially youth music.

3-28-16 1-16-17

I am a catholic and would like to have catholic songs

3-25-16 1-16-17
358 wambui

I am catholic who loves catholic music

3-24-16 1-16-17
359 nash flavia

i like praising and worshipping God so i want to know more and be involved in praise and worship

3-22-16 3-22-16
360 Lburridge

Want to listen to Catholic music

3-20-16 1-16-17
361 Wanda LeClair

Choir director always in search of new music

3-16-16 3-16-16
362 John.Taylor

I am a chorister (still learning new hymns) in St. Gerard Majella Catholic Church in Westminster Western Australia. I sing at daily masses and also on the first Sunday of the month. The 3rd April is the Second Sunday of Easter and also the feast of the Divine Mercy. I wish to learn some new hymns which are relevant to the liturgy and your site appears to have quite a lot of hymns. Thank you in advance. God bless you. John

3-12-16 1-16-17
363 Stinguitarsing

To learn and play gospel hymns. Playing in a Catholic Church.

3-6-16 1-16-17
364 pianogogo

The small church I serve has no funds to purchase music and the large choral library already there contains music that is too hard for the current choir members.

3-2-16 1-18-38
365 Leona_Meyer

I am a choir director and always looking for new music.

3-1-16 1-16-17
366 Kenyi Alex

I am Catholic faithful in an Internally displaced Camp in South Sudan. I want have access to songs so that I teach St. Daniel Comboni's Choir in the Camp.

3-1-16 1-16-17
367 Tab Ind
2-28-16 1-18-38
368 Bill LaMunyan

Sing at church

2-27-16 1-16-17
369 UshahembaJ

I Want to have access to download catholic songs

2-27-16 1-16-17
370 ingoldsong

I am a DRE and need great music resources

2-26-16 1-16-17
371 Amith Misquith

I am an catholic and i love to hear hymns.

2-26-16 1-16-17
372 Lariviere

Cantor at church

2-25-16 1-18-38
373 Kate

Looking for music to tied into passages from the bible.

2-23-16 1-16-17
374 Claudine

To listen to catholic hymns

2-22-16 1-16-17
375 Sparkler2000

Leading children's choir

2-21-16 2-21-16
376 watsondsj

I am hoping to find music and songs that will help me pray and rejoice.

2-18-16 1-16-17
377 NCam

in folk choir

2-17-16 1-16-17
378 bielawski1

Organist in church

2-16-16 1-16-17
379 The Project

I want to share our music with the Church.

2-15-16 1-16-17
380 Divineheartbeatz

I am catholic priest produced many spiritual albums. I want people to make use of it for the glory of God.

2-13-16 2-13-16
381 celine

I want to listen to hymns

2-11-16 1-16-17
382 Wilfred Harper

To learn traditional hymns

2-11-16 1-16-17
383 klasnell

Music Director

2-10-16 1-16-17
384 Mosimileoluwa

I want to know others feel having Christ in there lives.

2-10-16 1-16-17
385 mary vasanti13

to be touched by the lord

2-4-16 2-4-16
386 catholicfirefighter

Love Catholic music

2-3-16 1-16-17
387 Domingo Combate
2-3-16 1-18-38
388 joeflocco

Love To Play / Sing To Our Lord

2-1-16 1-16-17
389 Howard McCullers
1-28-16 1-18-38
390 Maria7

I want to find out different hymns

1-26-16 1-16-17
391 Jose Georlin
1-26-16 1-18-38
392 James Dominic
1-21-16 1-21-16
393 Shirley Pena

Need hymns honoring our blessed mother Mary to play on m keyboard

1-20-16 1-16-17
394 Auxilium Prop
1-19-16 1-19-16
395 Bosco Dusabe
1-13-16 1-13-16
396 Marco Paredes
1-3-16 1-18-38
397 Mama-Fanning

I'm a Catholic School music teacher and want to find new orthodox songs for Mass and classroom use.

1-3-16 1-16-17
398 kathymay

I am music director at a small parish in the Northwest, and am always listening for songs to add to our communal worship.

1-3-16 1-16-17
399 Jacinta_Beenie

I am a Traditionalist Catholic who sings in my Church choir; thanks to that I now have a larger love and appreciation for Catholic Music. This site is a blessing indeed!

1-2-16 1-16-17
400 Chama Nsanje

Because i want to have access to christian catholic songs and liturgy above all practice my faith in catholicism.

12-29-15 1-18-38
401 Tommypaul Peter
12-28-15 12-28-15
402 mcharles600

i am a catholic church organist in Dominica

12-27-15 1-16-17
403 Donna GreenBush
12-26-15 1-18-38
404 ponjeyan

To know about moyjer mary more and more...and ti know the lyrics of her song

12-19-15 1-16-17
405 MKS

Singer Songwriter

12-17-15 1-16-17
406 joebeste

I would like to listen to a variety of catholic songs.

12-16-15 1-16-17
407 bhaskarbh

Enjoy musics on Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

12-13-15 12-13-15
408 Jb Nguyễn Duy Khánh
12-4-15 12-4-15
409 EllenM

Hear Catholic music

12-3-15 1-16-17
410 Dũng Ho
12-3-15 1-18-38
411 O'Shea Mouton
12-2-15 1-18-38
412 Klaske

Need music while I run!

11-29-15 1-18-38
413 Diane Anderson

To be able to worship God when it may not be possible to speak to and person.

11-28-15 1-16-17
414 Godwinje Torrem...
11-28-15 11-28-15
415 michellea8

To find the meaning behind Catholic writers' songs

11-22-15 1-16-17
416 joshua_baatjes

i am a proud catholic and i just feel that we as the catholic youth should not only be singing along to the music on the radio but we should be praising the Lord Jesus Christ through our music as well

11-22-15 1-18-38
417 Ernie Martelo
11-21-15 1-18-38
418 loloacp

I just love music..

11-21-15 1-16-17
419 margruca

Enjoy/inspired by listening to Christian music.

11-20-15 1-16-17
420 Moses

To learn some songs of our Catholic |Society.

11-16-15 11-16-15
421 Arcelita Arante...
11-15-15 1-18-38
422 Yaqub Gill
11-14-15 11-14-15
423 kbrinley

I would like to respond to the waiting by the window post

11-12-15 1-16-17
424 kbodden

Music Director/choir director at St. Theresa Parish in Theresa, WI for 33 years. Looking for new ways to inspire parishioners to sing & join the choir.

11-11-15 1-16-17
425 Powest6


11-9-15 1-16-17
426 evangeline

I want to sing songs in my morning prayers

11-8-15 1-16-17
427 benedictaluvsall

Am a choir mistress in ma parish And am joining to become more enlightened in catholic songs.

11-8-15 1-16-17
428 Okon Edim

I am Catholic and like to listen catholic songs.

11-6-15 1-16-17
429 lani_ratabacaca

I am a member of the liturgy committee in my Parish.

11-3-15 1-16-17
430 Martha Nassali
10-28-15 1-18-38
431 Lulu Serrano-Kirit
10-27-15 10-27-15
432 jklein

I direct a choir at St. Michael's Parish in Sioux Falls, SD, and am always looking for new music.

10-27-15 1-16-17
433 Tina Chassé

I help lead the congregation at St Patrick's of the Island in the diocese of Valleyfield in Quebec. Because we play the children's mass, we need to keep current with what is out there yet blend in traditional music to broaden our musical reach. I find the Advent and the Lenten seasons more of a challenge to find appropriate music without boring the children. This is where we need a bit of help.

10-25-15 1-16-17
434 josepha

Need info regarding obtaining keyboard accompaniment for John Michael Talbot hymns, etc. Thanks.

10-25-15 1-16-17
435 Kiggundu Xhosa ...
10-24-15 10-24-15
436 r.hannaford

I am a parish priest

10-24-15 1-16-17
437 NGF

I am the music Director at St. Paul's Church in NL Canada and would love to listen to the suggestions here

10-23-15 1-16-17
438 Karla Houston

I was looking for new inspirational Catholic songs we can maybe sing in church

10-21-15 1-16-17
439 Presentroy

Relationship with catholic of every place

10-21-15 1-16-17
440 Ramesh Yandava
10-19-15 1-18-38
441 TRIX

i want to connect with others

10-19-15 1-16-17
442 trip

i want to connect with the others so i remain in Christ through their experiences

10-19-15 1-16-17
443 martinel87

I am a Deacon in my church

10-16-15 10-18-15
444 Dleddy

I would like to find songs to play in my 7th grade religious ed class

10-14-15 1-16-17
445 HerO_ord

Learn more Catholic Music.

10-12-15 1-16-17
446 aepunches

3 and 4 grade catechist

10-12-15 1-16-17
447 Vetecho43-2005

I have some Traditional Catholic songs.

10-11-15 1-16-17
448 Bernister Chiluyi
10-10-15 1-18-38
449 hobosmelody

Share my music and find new music

10-10-15 1-16-17
450 Angela Tondrih

I want to become are registered user because all my life I was looking for the catholic musics and because I love Mother Mary so much. that's why want to join in so I can have some of these musics.

10-10-15 1-18-38
451 Lilly Margreat
10-9-15 1-18-38
452 dsimoneaux

I am in the music ministry at my church.

10-8-15 1-16-17
453 Hop Ho

Learn catholic English songs

10-5-15 1-16-17
454 Wilson Chagas

I´m from Brasil, Diocese de Osasco/SP. And i looking for Catholic Song and another language

10-5-15 1-16-17
455 Boudro1

Knights of Columbus

10-2-15 1-16-17
456 romancatholicremixes

I want to share my passion for the New Evangelization by sharing my Catholic EDM songs and remixes to touch new Catholics and those who are looking for contemporary Catholic Music.

I am Roman Catholic. MA in Theology, Saint Leo University. MDiv student, Saint Joseph's College of Maine and MPH student, Benedictine University. Parish: Holy Name Catholic Church, Ketchikan, Alaska

9-30-15 1-16-17
457 ckhannem

expanding our service music to include handbells

9-29-15 9-29-15
458 mepetry

I will be leading worship songs for our upcoming Alpha Progran (in the Catholic Tradition). Starting date is Jan. 17, 2016. I need to acquaint myself with Contemporary Catholic Christian music.

9-27-15 1-16-17
459 Burican Bogdan ...
9-27-15 1-18-38
460 Mmetchie Michae...
9-24-15 9-24-15
461 drjbuchanan

Worship and adoration of my God

9-20-15 1-16-17
462 jowallacemusic

I am a singer-songwriter and leader of the music ministry in our parish. I wish to share my music and also learn new music and network with like minded people.

9-19-15 1-18-38
463 Rachel

I would love to listen more Christian songs from Catholic sites.

9-18-15 1-16-17
464 Sami Mhanna

to enjoy catholic songs

9-17-15 1-16-17
465 aek120

Catechist and President of CCW- for teaching and leadership in catholic church

9-16-15 1-16-17
466 Amy Peters VanSkyock
9-13-15 9-13-15
467 slabraton

I have been asked to create a self-sustaining music program for my parish (Mono County) of Stockton Dioceses. So I am looking for online resources.

9-12-15 1-16-17
468 Michali

I'm serving as Sacristan-Liturgist on our Christ Renews His Parish team this year, and I believe this would be a great resource for finding the music for our group.

9-9-15 1-16-17
469 deila-sammydon

To be able to know the current status of the catholic church hymns and to help me in composing my own gospel songs

9-8-15 1-16-17
470 Marnisa

I want to correct a tune of a song.

9-8-15 1-18-38
471 PaulinePook

Enjoy listening beautiful hymns.

9-6-15 1-16-17
472 Edward Hoyt
8-31-15 1-18-38
473 Sheddypat

To learn more of our ladys hymn

8-28-15 1-16-17
474 laura ann jackson

I believe music is sometimes the best way to worship the Lord.

8-23-15 1-18-38
475 Victor D'Souza

I am part of a choir and would like to learn and teach others new songs or sing the old one's correctly.

8-23-15 1-18-38
476 lei_58

I want to enjoy listening to catholic music on the go. Listening to catholic spiritual songs calms my spirit.

8-22-15 1-18-38
477 Emma Lapinig Lu
8-22-15 1-18-38
478 LMWobbema

Going to be a Confirmation Catechist this year and I would like to incorporate music before class as I play piano.

8-21-15 1-18-38
479 Lindsay Rynda
8-19-15 1-16-17
480 Catholic Music ...

I am admin for the site

8-18-15 8-16-17
481 Grâce

to praise my Lord

8-18-15 1-18-38
482 Pat and Lisa

Like catholic music

8-17-15 8-18-15
483 Ezeh Johnpaul
8-15-15 1-18-38
484 allanllim

I've been a catholic from birth. I went to catholic school from 1st grade until college. I want to remember and recall the old catholic hymns that I learned from grade school. And I also want to keep myself updated on the more recent hymns that they are now singing during Mass.

8-11-15 1-18-38
485 Karla07470

I would like to download songs to use to open and close scripture reflection meetings.

8-11-15 1-18-38
486 asailorswife

I love Catholic/Christian music, I am the Cantor at my parish and the Music Lead for our current A.C.T.S. Women's Retreat which is coming up in September. I hope to find new music in the genre I love the most.

8-6-15 8-6-15
487 CAJP2015

just cause

8-5-15 8-5-15
488 madg

To comment on Polish hymn

8-1-15 1-18-38
489 muroami1018

I'm an active Catholic Church Choir Member

7-30-15 7-30-15
490 Chinnappan Gasper

I wish to hear christian songs.

7-28-15 1-18-38
491 Christopher

I'm a catholic, and I want to listen to catholic lyrics/songs

7-25-15 7-25-15
492 swestern

To hear and share Catholic songs of praise and worship.

7-22-15 7-23-15
493 daisygs

love the music

7-21-15 1-18-38
494 mbega

I love religious songs.i am catholic.

7-19-15 1-18-38
495 cgreen

I would like to know who the Catholic recording artists are and what type of songs that they produce

7-15-15 1-18-38
496 jorge mananquil

to learn

7-15-15 1-18-38
497 Doveit Antony

To hear songs

7-13-15 7-13-15
498 Ehm Jon

I am a catholic

7-11-15 1-18-38
499 Festus Kenga
7-10-15 7-10-15
500 Jenny

to share and listen to music

7-8-15 1-18-38
501 Wa Chuka
7-8-15 1-18-38
502 Kathy Halvey Gibson

I love being Catholic and I love music!

7-6-15 1-18-38
503 Carl Crowley Sr.
7-4-15 1-18-38
504 Ana Daniela Her...
7-3-15 7-3-15
505 Eleanor-Elly Ca...
7-2-15 1-18-38
506 Samantha Popina

Because I'm a catholic and want t know my catholic songs

6-30-15 6-30-15
507 psadek

I produce and host two devotional shows every weekday on Relevant Radio which highlight Catholic music.

6-30-15 2-12-16
508 Rabo James

Am a Catholic and I wish to improve my knowledge.

6-23-15 1-18-38
509 evansdm1

I love music and am a musician who wants to grown musically and spiritually by developing the gift God gave me

6-22-15 6-22-15
510 LoveSunday

I've been asked by son to help him spread his music to all the youth who are in dire need for God's love. We would like to make a difference in our Catholic faith by reaching out to those who are lost and the ones that are reaching out for His great love & mercy.

6-21-15 6-22-15
511 Ayo Sareowo
6-19-15 6-19-15
512 cisco

I am catholic and love to listen to music

6-19-15 6-19-15
513 aprilrponce

to meet new friends

6-16-15 6-16-15
514 Cwstrot

Like Catholic hymns.

6-14-15 6-14-15
515 captjohne

access to catholic music and resources

6-12-15 1-18-38
516 Kenneth Michael

I'm a catholic and love all the music with devotion to our lady

6-10-15 1-18-38
517 Pam Mock

I am a devout Catholic and truly am inspired by beautiful Catholic music. Thank you.

6-9-15 1-18-38
518 arwn2004

I'm Catholic

6-8-15 1-18-38
519 Chewe Kalasa
6-7-15 1-18-38
520 Greena Benny

I want to be more religious. I want to know more about our Jesus and Mother Mary. I want to be a real Christian.

6-6-15 1-18-38
521 Jayvee Tagalog
6-6-15 6-6-15
522 BenjaminBrekkeMusic

I am a Catholic musician out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. I would like to promote my music and network with other Catholic musicians to help me in my ministry as well as seek opportunities for collaboration.

6-5-15 1-18-38
523 IAM

To learn and share catholic. Hymns

6-3-15 1-18-38
524 Melinda

I want to listen to Catholic music regularly.

6-3-15 6-3-15
525 efe

I want to play marian songs

6-2-15 6-2-15
526 SherylZ

Listening to more religious songs daily.

6-1-15 1-18-38
527 tmkdva

Want Catholic praise music on my phone.

5-30-15 1-18-38
528 Gendreaujm

Would like to find a good variety of songs

5-26-15 5-26-15
529 Princess

I am a commentator at church

5-24-15 1-18-38
530 jetaime


5-24-15 5-24-15
531 asiansa09

I want to write song lyrics and poems with others.

5-23-15 1-18-38
532 Bob Rankin

I love to sing at Church !

5-22-15 1-18-38
533 lmontano

I Teach Religion to my first graders who love to listen to religious music

5-21-15 1-18-38
534 Nasri Ben
5-21-15 1-18-38
535 cukimtee

I am a member of the Resurrection of the Lord Community Choir. I hope that you could help me in choosing songs to sing in our sunday Eucharistic Celebration

5-18-15 1-18-38
536 cjonesid

Want to hear songs of the Holy Spirit

5-17-15 5-17-15
537 Gemma

To listen exclusively catholic songs

5-16-15 5-17-15
538 Wasswa Deus
5-15-15 5-15-15
539 Dhaivid3

I really, really hope to meet like-minded people with whom I can share my recent 'baby steps' compositions. Their feedback, I am sure would be useful to me.


5-14-15 1-5-19
540 Lisiate Fifita

Catholic follower like to sing Catholic Songs

5-14-15 1-18-38
541 bjmnan3

I frequently help prepare Liturgies for Masses and other community services

5-14-15 5-15-15
542 Nylennej Serdal...
5-13-15 5-13-15
543 Bukenya Godalex
5-9-15 6-9-15
544 igloria

Renewed devotion to Mary.

5-9-15 1-18-38
545 callums

I am in the choir in our parish and a cantor. And, I love music. I am always on the hunt for good music.

5-8-15 1-18-38
546 Onyebuchi John Apugo
5-7-15 1-18-38
547 WonderWomyn1

Practicing Catholic who wishes to continue venerating the Blessed Mother.

5-6-15 5-8-15
548 jennifer bakibinga

I am catholic who loves catholic music and actually is an alto singer in my church for over 30 years! My wish to join this group is to listen ,learn as well as to be able to share with others God's gift to me.

5-6-15 12-7-15

I just want to learn more catholic songs.

5-5-15 1-18-38
550 gachristian

Looking for good music

5-5-15 1-18-38
551 Jeffrey Amerally
5-5-15 1-18-38


5-4-15 1-18-38
553 Sharon.Heile

Want to renew my catholic faith and have songs to fall asleep by

5-4-15 1-18-38
554 Michael Glen Bell

To share original songs and listen to other Catholic artists.

5-1-15 3-9-16
555 Mrnblp

I'm catholic

4-29-15 1-18-38
556 Margaret Dhanasekar
4-29-15 1-18-38
557 Becky

DRE [director of religious education]

4-27-15 1-18-38
558 Maggie

I am a Organist at my Catholic Church, and I wish to be introduced to some new music. I would use it especially in the Youth Choir. would help me to make both the choir and congregation more holy and involved in music.

4-26-15 5-16-15
559 Boerbok

Need music for a performance tommorow morning! Need to learn parts!

4-25-15 1-18-38
560 Alicia Bruno

Looking to inspire future musicians to enjoy Catholic/Christian music and share it in the future at Mass. I am a Youth Minister at our Parish and we are having a tough time keeping youth active in our faith after they receive confirmation...besides, our church music needs a MAJOR update!!

4-21-15 4-21-15
561 Aljo Mendoza
4-18-15 4-18-15
562 sisifatimi

I am catholic

4-18-15 1-18-38
563 metchie

i like it

4-15-15 1-18-38
564 rcaquiningoc

Songs gives me peace.

4-13-15 4-13-15
565 Eleanor Alland

Choir director for Sunday liturgy

4-11-15 4-11-15
566 Dianadiaz

Song leader

4-10-15 4-10-15
567 Retiree03

Looking for songs for May crowning

4-10-15 4-10-15
568 Maria Tenezaca

Because I want to learn inglish Songs

4-7-15 4-10-15
569 Rosemary

So i will be able to download catholic inspiring songs

4-6-15 1-18-38
570 cvandyk4077

I am professional sign language interpreter and interpret Mass, special events, etc for our deaf community. I interpret songs for these events and would love to be able to search for songs.

4-4-15 1-18-38
571 colorfulnan

I love Catholic music. It lifts my spirit.

4-4-15 4-4-15
572 regia

Looking for catholic music

4-3-15 1-18-38
573 Cantor Cecil

I want to be a better cantor

3-31-15 2-9-19
574 David Veremo

I am a Catholic and I want to learn and share Catholic hymns and songs with my fellow Catholics .

3-31-15 1-18-38
575 Stephen DeCesare

I'm a professional Catholic composer and I like to know what is going on throughout the world (new trends, new styles, what works and what doesn't). We're all in this together to help people pray through music: bringing people closer to God through His Word through the music He inspires.

3-30-15 3-31-15
576 dennyoneill

to listen to catholic music

3-29-15 1-18-38
577 shiks

Want to get more information about the songs

3-29-15 1-16-17
578 Stuart Hutchinson

Director of Music - St Mary de Haura, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England

3-28-15 1-18-38
579 lluuga

I would like to use these songs for my 1st grade religious education class. I need to play songs while they are working on projects and we need music playing to set the mood. also for our prayer periods we would like to have music playing.

3-27-15 1-18-38
580 Leonard

To improve my Christian beliefs and also to connect with other Catholics all over the world

3-26-15 1-18-38
581 george_lower

I was part of this group some time ago...writing songs and promoting other Catholic songwriters. I would love to help promote the art of songwriting and discover some of the hidden talent that is out there!

3-25-15 1-18-38
582 Kevinhinson

Love music

3-25-15 1-18-38
583 david rhtuerford

have music already planned for 2015; just curious.

3-24-15 3-25-15
584 Joseph James
3-22-15 1-18-38
585 John Alfred Alc...
3-21-15 1-18-38
586 Joyce Akpati
3-17-15 3-17-15
587 Mehan Valamalua
3-16-15 1-18-38
588 Marnz

To listen to Catholic songs

3-14-15 1-16-17
589 joart


3-12-15 3-12-15
590 bruk teka

I am catholic. I wanna hear catholic songs

3-11-15 1-18-38
591 Gabriel Roy
3-8-15 3-8-15
592 Edna ED
3-7-15 3-7-15
593 Johanna

Looking for music.

3-7-15 1-16-17
594 Bridget

I am a music Director at a Catholic Church and am searching for some more meaningful music for our Palm Sunday Services

3-6-15 1-16-17
595 walkmom3

Inspirational music

3-3-15 1-18-38
596 joegill13

I am a Catholic priest who is a musician. Having recently released my third CD of Catholic folk-rock music, I am looking for exposure for my music for the glory of God!

2-27-15 7-21-15
597 amfair1

Music Teacher in Catholic school

2-25-15 2-25-15
598 ddowning

Dir of Music

2-25-15 2-25-15
599 JOSE

Interested to learn the songs

2-24-15 1-18-38
600 @ndré Cruz

I love christian music.

2-24-15 3-1-15
601 Mgor Victor
2-24-15 2-26-15
602 kiggundu stephen

am a catholic and i love catholic songs since i was born in a holy sacrament of baptism.

2-24-15 1-18-38
603 monicasipin

music minisitry

2-23-15 2-24-15
604 johnny d'souza

I like Catholic hymns

2-23-15 1-18-38
605 mcsunder

I want to hear the song Magnificat by Robert Blue.

2-22-15 1-18-38
606 nathanielcatholic

i will to download catholic songs

2-21-15 2-21-15
607 francesca pippin


2-21-15 2-21-15
608 vmclean

parish music team

2-17-15 1-18-38
609 joseph mwesigye

l love to praise

2-12-15 2-12-15
610 Alicia Acebedo
2-11-15 2-11-15
611 nyati

To discover, share promote

2-11-15 2-11-15
612 rwagner

hunting for lyrics

2-10-15 2-11-15
613 plegayada

to learn songs to use inchurch choir3

2-6-15 2-6-15
614 royce

CCD music teacher

2-6-15 1-18-38
615 Fabien

I'm organizing a Men's Retreat and in need of songs to play through the day.

2-4-15 2-6-15
616 chiel20

i want to app load song into my phone

2-4-15 1-18-38
617 castinglots

I would like to share new music by Catholic Artist Scott Aitken.

2-4-15 1-18-38
618 AnneHeywood

choir assistant

2-2-15 1-18-38
619 rosmary

i am proud to be a catholic

1-31-15 1-18-38
620 Prakasaraj

listen music & hear song

1-24-15 1-24-15
621 facet.festus

am a catholic person who is in charge of brining new songs and good songs to help people in my place to grow in their faith and worship of our God in a catholic way.

1-20-15 1-21-15
622 SisterBetsy

I have been blessed by this site and want to have a continued blessing from this ministry

1-17-15 3-27-15
623 xavery kapinga

I need to listen this song

1-14-15 1-18-38
624 Lori


1-12-15 1-18-38
625 Angela De La Rosa

Looking for a song I used to sing in church when I was young.

1-6-15 1-18-38
626 jackhayes

I want to join in your community to actively participate in your forum.

1-5-15 1-18-38
627 Judy Padilla
1-4-15 1-18-38
628 Christine Jane Obuta
1-3-15 1-18-38
629 jodes

coz i love anthems

12-31-14 1-18-38
630 Sharon Call
12-28-14 1-18-38
631 Joseph Anthony ...
12-21-14 12-21-14
632 patsimmons

wanted more variation in music

12-17-14 1-18-38
633 ktrattles

To listen to Catholic music.

12-10-14 12-10-14
634 ajagirl25

I am a new mommy and i will be holding the baptism of my first child soon.

12-9-14 1-18-38
635 marklouie1234

because i want to download marian songs

12-8-14 1-18-38
636 bsherwin

Organist at St Thomas More RC Church, Bournemouth

12-8-14 1-18-38
637 felicity

listen to catholic music on line

12-8-14 12-18-14
638 Cici9

I am a child of God. Listening to the Divine words through songs makes me fill closer to My God.

12-6-14 1-18-38
639 larsoner

to find words and music to church songs

12-4-14 12-5-14
640 kevinaux

Catholic Music!

12-2-14 12-2-14
641 fredie

To enjoy most of the catholic songs

11-29-14 12-4-14
642 iceykenny

I love catholic songs though I'm Anglican.

11-28-14 11-28-14
643 MichaelZabrocki

I am interested in supporting all efforts to promote Catholic music. I am 1. a Director of Music Ministries in a New York Diocese (over 30 years), 2. the Director of Public Relations / MarComm for a global Catholic ministry and 3. a Catholic recording artist. Please visit

11-27-14 1-18-38
644 anthoni anandam...

We are a Catholic family seeking a meaningful life.

11-26-14 1-18-38
645 babyalcanzo

I am the choir director in our parish and I really would like to get some ideas. thanks.

11-26-14 1-18-38
646 Nestor Galgo
11-26-14 1-18-38
647 Stanley J Mumba
11-24-14 11-24-14
648 Sandra295


11-24-14 11-24-14
649 pdrown

Catholic school teacher.

11-23-14 11-23-14
650 Lennie Baga Pat...
11-20-14 11-20-14
651 Geraldine Tar
11-20-14 11-20-14
652 msmith

I am a Catholic songwriter/singer and would like to share a Thanksgiving song from 1 of my cds that I wrote, and let people know they can download it for free from my website. The song "Thank You, Lord" can be downloaded from the Music page on my website.

11-15-14 1-18-38
653 fetalrecords

I am interested in submitting two Catholic compositions of ours.

11-14-14 1-18-38
654 ricknav

i"m a member of liturgical choir in Brunei, and searching for catholic songs to introduce in our parish.

11-11-14 1-18-38
655 Luis Quispe Becerra
11-5-14 11-5-14
656 posmsro

Principal at Catholic achool

11-5-14 1-18-38
657 Mary Gladys
11-2-14 11-2-14
658 demaris

I play the organ in our chapel.

11-1-14 1-18-38
659 blancagv11

To hear the music that I like

10-24-14 10-24-14
660 Paul Idang
10-22-14 1-18-38
661 yolemusic

To promote our new band Yole and find other Catholic music and musicians.

10-17-14 1-18-38
662 rhoblin

I'm the director of religious education at my parish. I am always looking for good beautiful music for my students to listen to and to learn.

10-17-14 10-17-14
663 Rosa Emil
10-16-14 10-17-14
664 ADEJOHwilliams

Love hymns and am proud catholic

10-15-14 11-21-14
665 sweetube2014

I am active in a prayer ministry and would like to download music for our prayer meetings

10-9-14 10-9-14
666 John Elmer R. Lacson
10-7-14 10-7-14
667 Celeste Muehlen...
10-6-14 10-6-14
668 bambryan

CCD teacher

10-5-14 10-5-14
669 Lydia Martinez
10-2-14 1-18-38
670 JagLover06

I write music and have a CD that I would like to promote.

10-2-14 10-2-14
671 Anita Walach
9-30-14 1-18-38
672 Suzanne Beaudoin

I am a Licensed Pastoral Therapist. I am a Catholic consecrated Salesian since 2000.
I offer pure essential oils of the bible ( organic or high medical grade) with soothing music and a
Light compassionate touch applying the oils in an atmosphere of prayer. It is very simular to what St Hildegard VonBingen did in Germany within the Monastery walls seeking to aid all the pilgrims who came to her. I am on a very limited budget and I would truly like to add more of my Catholic heritage
To my ministry.
I am in search of permission as well as private help for devoted Catholics in choosing Marian songs that flow with the Rosary, the Sacraments and the Holy Mass.
I would like to know how I can have permission (if applicable to my ministry) to play songs that become selected.
My purpose is to use the five senses for an even deeper flow of gentle recovery n with compassion for each person that comes to me.
I have Carholic CDs in general but none of the above nature. I am
Hopeful in hearing from the group soon.
Suzanne Beaudoin D.PSc

9-28-14 9-28-14
673 sandra chinonso

Cause am a catholic

9-25-14 11-21-14
674 Becky Dean
9-24-14 9-24-14
675 freddie louw


9-23-14 11-21-14
676 merenessgm

listen to learn the new music

9-21-14 10-10-14
677 Nanacone62

I need to plan worship music for a Bible Study group I'm involved with.

9-14-14 1-18-38
678 raulcarz

I Wanted To listen To Catholic Hymns!

9-12-14 1-18-38
679 Lbgrant62


8-31-14 1-18-38
680 Jp123

I am a Catholic Composer and I want to share my Music

8-27-14 11-21-14
681 DLune

This is a unique site and interests me as I am a music director in a catholic church.

8-24-14 1-16-17
682 Mary Queen of Peace

To help plan music for a contemporary mass at a Catholic Church.

8-21-14 11-21-14
683 maria sheela.v

for download devotional songs

8-20-14 1-16-17
684 Mako

i am also a choir member and active in worship band

8-18-14 1-16-17
685 brooke

To find really good songs for kids and friends

8-18-14 1-18-38
686 Kirschmt

Looking for the music for a version of the Magnificat popular in the early 1970's

8-17-14 11-21-14
687 arianmae_03

I love to listen to Christian music, and I also want to listen at home to Catholic mass hymns

8-11-14 1-18-38
688 dctancik

finding favorite songs

8-10-14 1-18-38
689 lorineo

Love Catholic music. Like to find meditation music for monthly women's meeting.

8-8-14 1-18-38
690 idamdummy

am a Catholic member and I love catholic songs

8-8-14 1-18-38
691 jmsthornhill


8-7-14 1-18-38
692 glenjohntaylor

Am a catholic and want to always sing the lords hymns

8-7-14 1-18-38
693 MikeFischer8686

Need music for my CRHP retreat.

8-6-14 1-18-38
694 MichaelMikulski

Listen to Catholic music. I am familiar with some of the composures, and know some of them personally, such as Anna Betancourt.

7-31-14 1-18-38
695 iveli

I want to start a praying group at my college.

7-31-14 1-18-38
696 deacon jacques

playing music in catholic prayer group

7-29-14 1-18-38
697 cooldude1987

intrested in the Oramos Cantando/We Pray in Song" hymnal

7-26-14 11-21-14
698 Barnabas Jachi

I am a Catholic and a lover of its songs and the teachings from these songs. It is a foundation of better upbringing of children

7-26-14 1-18-38
699 peterous

to listen to the word of GOD and be inspired

7-24-14 1-18-38
700 Terence

I like singing my church so much
I always praise the Lord through singing

7-22-14 1-18-38
701 chaazums

I love catholic hymns!

7-21-14 1-18-38
702 Maria

My family and 4 year old daughter

7-18-14 1-18-38
703 lolotte

I am part of the choir that sing to our weekly mass and I would like to have access to catholic music

7-18-14 1-18-38
704 bbaeskens

I teach music at a Catholic school, and am responsible for planning music for school masses.

7-18-14 1-18-38
705 middlesue

love of music

7-17-14 1-18-38
706 alvira814

I love singing catholic songs nd am proud 2 b a catholic member

7-16-14 1-18-38
707 Catholicrazy777

Catechist, mother, cantor and I love to sing.

7-13-14 1-18-38

I am involved in children liturgy

7-11-14 1-18-38
709 Candy

choosing music for confirmation mass at parish.

7-11-14 1-18-38
710 bozreyez

I want to know more about Catholic songs. Im in love with them especially those who make me draw near the presence of God

7-10-14 1-18-38
711 pio

Am a catholic hu likes listening to catholic songs

7-10-14 1-18-38
712 Marj

to be more updated about catholic songs, learned and to share with my fellowmen

7-10-14 1-18-38
713 Norippalad

I am very interested in Marian songs because they help me reflect and understand mama Mary's role in my lofe and the life of others. I hope you will share with me your songs.

Thank you very much,
Nori Palad

7-3-14 1-18-38
714 tarbox7

I have a pro Life Song I would like to offer.

7-1-14 1-18-38
715 Malteach528

I teach Religious Ed at my parish including CCD and RCIA as well as the former parish that I taught Catholic Religion

6-26-14 1-18-38
716 Wendy_X

I'm a catholic and I love my religion. Also I'd like to know the prayers and songs in English.

6-25-14 1-18-38
717 Mberedusenge

I like catholics songs

6-23-14 1-18-38
718 bbholmes1


6-18-14 1-18-38
719 lhess12301

Need to learn more about faith based music

6-18-14 1-18-38
720 southern_dude21

To find out who the current contemporary Catholic music artists are, and to find out which of them have become part of the larger mainstream of contemporary Christian music.

6-15-14 1-16-17
721 timmerriman

I am developing a fascination and appreciation of Catholic liturgical hymns

6-15-14 1-18-38
722 nzumar

I do music for our very small congregation and I need ideas from time to time.

6-14-14 1-16-17
723 vision

Found website which looked intersting...........

6-11-14 1-16-17
724 cc123

To share God's word through my Music

6-9-14 8-28-18
725 Phil

Hopefully, the Holy Spirit will provide me the grace and means to praise God in vocal music to increase love for Him in our prison ministry. Through three seasons of parish choir, the director has taken us from timid pew singers to a true parish music ministry gradually releasing our potential. This has encouraged me to take private voice lessons in order to train my vocal potential and increase confidence to sing for our inmates at Worcester County Jail and House of Corrections. They appreciate music, which coupled with religious value moves them to metanoia. I don't know yet what becoming a registered user will do for these purposes yet; however, if it helps this sites mission, it seems only right to register.

6-5-14 1-18-38
726 titingc

I am a music-loving catholic woman who loves to sing songs of praise.

6-4-14 1-16-17
727 catholicjon

I am a church musician and cantor who has recently released an album of contemplative Catholic hymns.

5-29-14 11-21-14
728 Zubbylox

.......I love being a catholic, and its makes me love becoming a member of anything that concerns catholic.....

5-28-14 11-21-14

Want to be blessed with catholic songs as i am a locomotive driver and most of the time i am always traveling so the songs will keep me company.

5-26-14 11-21-14
730 ram caňaveras

to uplift myself & keep my spiritual being attuned to holy songs of our catholic church being one...

5-25-14 11-21-14
731 upsomc

I'm a church musician. I'm a section leader and cantor at my church and I also back up our director by accompanying Mass and singing at the piano.

5-19-14 11-21-14
732 Leny

As reference songs on church choir

5-19-14 11-21-14
733 KMWingeart

I teach 4th grade religious education and I started leading the music for Vacation Bible School last year. I am interested and expanding the music for Vacation Bible School and came across this site.

5-18-14 1-18-38
734 mjrieder

I am a Catholic musician who collaborates with the editor of this forum.

5-17-14 1-18-38
735 Margiefsmith1952

Church musician

5-17-14 11-21-14
736 Shepherd Steve

I am the music coordinator at our parish and would like to have more resources for songs, training and support.

5-17-14 1-18-38
737 Judshik

I want to know every song that is upcoming

5-16-14 1-18-38
738 mhoffmann

download music

5-14-14 1-16-17
739 lloyd monger

Interested in Catholic music and other topics

5-14-14 11-21-14
740 Princelano

I Want To Know Every Catholic Melodious Hymn...

5-13-14 1-16-17
741 Juliet ogieriakhi

Am a catholic and i want to know more about my religion am proud of my religion

5-13-14 1-16-17
742 tomjsouders

I play music at church and need music references.mrwn4

5-12-14 11-21-14
743 Desmond

I love catholic songs and i attend catholic church

5-11-14 1-16-17
744 samwel matanda

I am a catholic

5-9-14 1-16-17
745 Yvonne Coulombe

looking for music to listen to and learn to play

5-7-14 5-7-14

I like to be able to sing catholic songs especially those to Blessed virgin Mary

5-7-14 11-21-14
747 onidrol

I am a trainer/conductor of the San Isidro Parish Choir of Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. I need choral arrangements for liturgical services.

5-7-14 1-18-38
748 momoruzz

Wanna get to share the hymns I know and also to leran from others what they have. This so as to build my singing

5-3-14 5-3-14
749 olumaintain

to download catholics songs

5-3-14 1-16-17
750 johnm

Dear Catholic Artists,

The Archdiocese of Omaha has acknowledged our desire to hold a Catholic Arts Conference in September 2015 in Omaha, NE for the occasion of the U.S. debut exhibit of The Faces of Christ shown by Steen Heidemann (also see attached Vatican letter from Mons. Juan Miguel Ferrer Grenesche).

We hope to bring together artists and those who use Catholic arts in their various forms, inside and outside of church. The theme of our conference is “Bringing Sacred Art to the Everyday World”. We think the timing is good for this event because of the New Evangelization, Pope Francis and because we have the opportunity to display and discuss many fine works in one conference. Please read the attached theme for our Catholic Arts Conference.

We are looking for connections and commitments by artists and promoters of Catholic Arts in these five areas: two-dimensional fine art, sculptors, architects, musicians, and film. We welcome the interest of artists, vendors, supporters of Catholic Arts, individuals, and organizations who use Catholic Art. We want to make the debut of Steen’s exhibit a sparkling event showcasing the beauty, goodness, and truth of Sacred Art in our everyday world.

Contact John Meng-Frecker at 306 South 53rd St., Omaha, NE 68132
or by email or by phone at 402.510.3426.

4-27-14 4-27-14
751 sjlamkin

I am a musician in my parish. I love music, and want to be able to listen, learn, & play Catholic music in particular.

4-26-14 1-18-38
752 renu

would like to teach my daughter.

4-21-14 1-16-17
753 Sara Topper

I am the music director for a parish in West Chester PA and I am always looking for great resources.

4-21-14 1-18-38
754 Sylvia Shiley

I am catholic and would like to find lyrics for songs about the Virgin Mary.

4-21-14 11-21-14
755 Julie Nawie

To know better the Catholic songs an also to get the latest songs which inspire me as I'm one of the Catholic members.

4-20-14 11-21-14

I am Roman Catholic and I am a member of Parish Choir.

4-18-14 1-16-17
757 Jackson Mnisi

Listen to Catholic Music to learn and play guitar in church

4-18-14 11-21-14
758 Babamuyiwa

I want to be able to download hymns that I can sing when I am not in church

4-18-14 11-21-14
759 angelina

To be able to include these hymns in our daily prayers and special occasions like the holy week

4-17-14 11-21-14
760 Okoth-Okelloh

A catholic needing renewal and spiritual guidance and fortitude

4-17-14 1-18-38
761 Abel Okoth-Okelloh

A catholic needing renewal and spiritual guidance and fortitude

4-17-14 1-16-17

i like it

4-17-14 1-16-17
763 annie

I love to listen catholic songs. it makes me inspire and happy. i want to access it easily.

4-15-14 11-21-14
764 cooperz

Love catholic songs and hope I can get a great selection from you. Music fills my heart!

4-15-14 4-15-14
765 debra5740

Would like to know what songs are to be sung on Sunday masses. So I can practice.

4-14-14 4-14-14
766 Larry Boland

Songs of Mother Mary

4-12-14 1-18-38
767 Andre van Haren

Music is my life and motivation to get out of bed. I do simple piano-voice-guitar engravings as well as full orchestral arrangements. I do this for my own compostions as well as for others, including Richard Schletty (editor of this site). Please visit

4-10-14 7-18-17
768 Ana Mistry
4-8-14 1-18-38
769 vincent
4-8-14 1-18-38
770 Grandmakg
4-7-14 1-18-38
771 lelandbaumgartner
4-4-14 4-4-14
772 raykirkwood
4-3-14 1-18-38
4-3-14 4-3-14
774 AlanL
4-1-14 1-18-38
775 arunjosthna
3-26-14 1-16-17
776 janetmarks
3-20-14 11-21-14
777 Elizabethsing
3-13-14 3-17-14
778 Chimaramma Joseph
3-13-14 3-17-14
779 CJ Zernec
3-12-14 11-21-14
780 SpiritN3D
3-12-14 11-18-15
781 Hollys
3-11-14 3-17-14
782 babyhernandez
3-10-14 1-18-38
783 rlloret
3-8-14 1-18-38
784 patrick
3-8-14 5-9-14
785 arockia dass
3-7-14 3-7-14
786 HamofGod

A founding member of this web site.

2-23-14 1-18-38
787 Ricardo Lardo

I want to become a better singer in church.

2-23-14 1-18-38
788 jeromedonohoewuhfo
2-23-14 1-18-38
789 Richard Schletty

I want to write songs that give glory and honor to God. I also want to be a good cantor and guitarist in church. I want to help people discover good Catholic music and help others realize their own musical talents.

1-18-14 2-22-19
790 Nick Alexander

I want to take my faith to the next level. I want to use as many helps as I can to make my faith come alive. Music is an extremely powerful medium, and there is a long history of music in the Church. There are so many riches in our faith, and we are living in a time where we can grow, both in our priceless heritage and in going forward, reaching out.

11-7-07 1-18-38
791 TCS Webmin
11-7-07 12-26-17
792 TCS Administrator

To help build an effective web site for Catholic music discovery, sharing and learning.

11-7-07 1-18-38