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Come play your original songs on stage

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Domingo 26 Ordinario B - Salmo 18 - Los mandamientos del Señor alegran el corazón

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Salmo responsorial para 26 de septiembre de 2021. Domingo 26 Ordinario - Ciclo B - Salmo 18 - Los mandamientos del Señor alegran el corazón. Todos los versículos de los salmos están disponibles. / Responsorial psalm in Spanish for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B. Free download of sheet music at the following link. All the psalm verses are available.

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Would make a great Palm Sunday song

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Jesus' entrance into Jerulsalem on a donkey.

Population Growth and Catholicism

People are often surprised to learn that the world population will peak and begin to decline by the year 2100 (U.N. projection).  Our Catholic teachings on sexuality and life are quite robust. Here's a student film (short, silent and for a 'Film 101' class so it's not fancy) we have commandeered to be part of our propaganda machine, most importantly by laying our music over top of it.  Original film, before we stole it, was called "The Gene Pool".  Now we call it after the song underneath it, "The Catholic Church Is Good".  

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"His Love Endures Forever" - blend of fusion jazz and vintage pop

Fusion? Jazz? Vintage? Whatever it is, the single "His Love Endures Forever" is now available...

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The Joy of Grace (Schletty, Gómez Sanz, Ayuso Domingo)

Revised 5th Movement from the project Hungry For Heaven. More at Would you like to see this become a musical? If so, please comment.

The Joy of Grace
5th Movement, Hungry for Heaven
revised 3/28/2016

Hungry For HeavenHurling down a highway slipstream
You're missing signs, you don't look both ways
Just passing time in your dream machine
On a journey, out of phase

In the cradle of a grand creation
under the moon and the stars above
You begin to read the cracks and the ripples
You begin to know the reason for love

You are a member of His body
You are reflected in His face...

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5:20 minutes (7.52 MB).

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CME Radio: listen to contemporary Catholic music

Contemporary Catholic music streamed 24/7 at Catholic Music Express (CME). Click here to listen:

Thanks to Rob Ayoub and Jim Logue for making this internet radio station possible. 

From Rob Ayoub: "We have an email address which is set aside for artists to send us music. While we certainly want to promote artists who have music for sale on CDBaby or iTunes, it's not a requirement. We encourage artists to submit music that they want to share with the world – that being said we do listen for polished recordings.

Domingo 25 Ordinario B - Salmo 53 - El Señor es quien me ayuda

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Salmo responsorial para 19 de septiembre de 2021. Domingo 25 Ordinario - Ciclo B - Salmo 53 - El Señor es quien me ayuda. Descarga gratuita de partituras en el siguiente enlace. Todos los versículos de los salmos están disponibles. / Responsorial psalm in Spanish for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B. Free download of sheet music at the following link. All the psalm verses are available.

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Music © 2021, Anthony Moran,

BMG Music agrees the Chinese Communist Party isn't worth a few cents on YouTube

If you hadn't seen our lurking about these last few months, we are a band that is doing a parody art project by taking Chinese Communist Party propaganda songs and transforming them into Catholic anthems.  Under Chinese law, none of the tracks we've redeemed are copyrighted but, believe it or not, some have rights reserved in the USA.  We haven't had any issues save for one so far.  And unfortunately it hit us on our first release thus slowing our rollout.  The good news, however, is that after more than one attempt, more than one video on the same song, and more than one communication with BMG music (the copyright holder to a song called "No Communist Party, No New China"), we now have agreement that our rendition with accompanying lyric video is fair use parody and BMG has removed their copyright claim.  

This small victory is just a taste of the ultimate victory the Church will be given over all forms of evil.  While the Chinese Communist Party has prevented or terminated 400 million pregnancies since 1980, the Catholic Church's completely pro-human policies have encouraged a flourishing world.  While the Chinese Communist Party has elevated monsters to power that have destroyed people's rights, the Catholic Church elevates Christ from whom all true freedom comes.  While the Chinese Communist Party's ultimate goal is continuity of their own power, the Catholic Church relies on and grows from the one whom all power comes from.  

Please pray for the Chinese people and their leadership.  (And please be generous with your ears by listening to our songs when you're needing a boost.)

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When It Hurts The Most

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I wrote this song in the Spring of 2020, shortly after everything opened back up after the initial shut down. Being cut off from Mass was terrifying for me. I recognized a temptation, however small it was, to go after something other than God--something I could easily wrap my hands, my head, and maybe even my heart around--to take my mind off the fact that I couldn't have the Eucharist. I knew that I couldn't do that, though, because nothing else could satisfy the way He does. I chose Love when that was scary, hard, and even emotionally painful with everything else going on at the same time.

Later, this song ended up taking on another meaning when at the end of 2020 I ultimately had to make the choice between enjoying the company of a friend I'd grown up with, and really authentically living a Christian life. This friend had wholly embraced a moral way of thinking about various things that is contrary to Church teaching, and could not agree to disagree. In this case, too, I had to choose Love, when it hurt.


Hello friends!!!
I wrote this song when I was afraid I had an illusion. We've all been there haven't we?
God reassures us and is bigger than everything

you find the lyrics in the description box of the video

listen on Spotify an Apple music

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Our Father by Burn and Cami Benjamin

Here is a new rendition of the Lord's Prayer , composed and performed by Burn and Cami Benjamin.

YouTube link:

Hail Mary, Mary

Here is a link to one of the songs from the album I released earlier this year. 
A new album will be released before the end of the year as well. I will post again at that time. 

Her is another link for the album on spotify

Thank you for your time and God Bless You All!

Animation video - "My King and Redeemer"

Just for fun, Stranger Studios Canada put together an animation video for my song "My King and Redeemer"...

 On Spotify:
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