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Enchristment by Nguyen-Schletty

Please see this blog article to see how this collaboration with Asiansa09 evolved:

Initially, I had imagined this song would be slow and meditative. But the Spirit made me go uptempo! Tell me what you think. Record the song and send it to me! A lead sheet with guitar chords is attached to the end of this story. Thanks, Dan (Asiansa09), for the inspiration.

5/12/17: I uploaded a revised audio demo in which I did voice pitch correction and also corrected mistakes I had made in singing the melody in verses 2 and 3.

7/20/2017: I uploaded a piano + voice score (notated sheet music) which can be downloaded free as a PDF file. See download links at end of story. Huge thanks to my music colleague André van Haren for preparing this arrangement!

9/28/2017: See the Sibelius score player below. A brand new feature of Sibelius 8.7. Thanks to André van Haren for sending me the embed code for his Sibelius engraving. Please comment below if you have questions about Sibelius or scoring/engraving in general. This song has been submitted to OCP Music for consideration. 


On my knees, I humbly pray.
I love to feel your radiance.
My heart is one with you, O Lord,
in this moment of Enchristment.

My God, my Christ, you are in my heart.
I praise you, I worship you.
Your presence in this holy place
makes me want to be with you

My God, my Christ, you are in my mind.
I pray, with Mary, for chastity.
I pray for us to receive your... 
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God's Gift to All the World (Nguyen, Schletty, van Haren)

MP3 Music Playlist: 

Here is the result of a collaboration done in two days between me, Dan vi Nguyen (user asiansa09) and André van HarenDan's original post is here – you can see how the song progressed.

4/29/2017: A piano-guitar-voice score (PDF file) has been added to the end of this story. It is free for you to download. I am grateful to my colleague, composer André van Haren, for doing an engraving (music score) of his piano arrangement using Sibelius.

5/1/2017: I changed "I see blood" to "I saw blood." It sounded too much like "icy blood." I also decided to sing "I saw blood and water flowing" as a connected phrase. There was previously too much space in the middle of the phrase. This works out well to offset the vocal harmonies which now now provide counterpoint (polyphony). I also worked hard to thin out the mix in Apple Logic Pro. I had built up a wall of sound when I first added... 
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For the Love of Humanity: a Divine Mercy chant based on messages from Christ to St. Faustina

I was inspired by lyrics posted by TCS member asiansa09, in her blog post here at TCS: "For the Love of Humanity." Dan was hoping that someone could set her lyrics to music. I took on the challenge. 

Initially, I composed an upbeat Folk-Gospel styled song which greatly modified Dan's lyrics. It is called God's Gift to All the World and is posted here.

Next, I created a chant-styled song that is much more faithful to Dan's original lyrics and is totally different than the Folk-Gospel version. Listen to it below. I sing along with my dulcimer.

Let me know what you like and do not like. I appreciate the feedback. Let me know if you would like notated sheet music for this. 

For the Love of Humanity

I have seen water and blood 
flowing out from the heart of Christ.
Blessing my brothers and sisters 
for all generations.

A message from Christ to Sister Faustina
for the love of humanity:

Christ wants to illuminate the way for us
and draw every soul to his heart.
His image is a fountain of...  Read Full Story >>>

Prayer to Jesus (St John Vianney's prayer set to music)

Some years ago someone asked if I could set St John Vianney's Prayer to Jesus to music.  I had never seen this prayer before but once I did it resonated immediately.  What an absolutely beautiful love song to Jesus!  Color Music Minstry recorded and released the song online via our Contemplative Worship Podcast, SoundCloud and YouTube recently and it will soon be available for streaming on all major platforms.

St John Vianney’s Prayer to Jesus
"I love You, O my God, My only desire
is to love You until the last breath of my life.
I love You, O my infinitely lovable God,
and I would rather die loving You,
than live without loving You.

I love You, Lord
and the only grace
I ask is to love You eternally.
My God, if my tongue can't say
in every moment that I love You,
I want my heart to repeat it
to You as often as I draw breath."

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Your Love Will Keep Me Strong

Christ is risen!!!
This is my new song, I co-wrote it with my friends Ann Ammar and Marianne Eichhorn.
I played all the instruments and sung and produced everything. The video shows original footages of the Sea of Galilee and surroundings

The original title of the song was "Seasons of life" and then we opted for the other one...It's about the seasons of life and how through the different moments the Lord is with us and leads everything to its fullfillment.

If you wish to download the HD version for free or listen to the Spotify version you find the links at my blog:

I wish you Happy Easter with the words of the Byzantine Rite. This is something that belongs also to us, since we are brothers and there are also Catholic Oriental Churches that pray with this rite:

"It is the day of Resurrection; let us be radiant for the festival, and let us embrace one another. Let us say, O brethren, even to those that hate us: Let us forgive all things on the Resurrection; and thus let us cry: Christ is risen from the dead, by death He has trampled down death, and on those in the tombs He has bestowed life."

Domingo 2 de Pascua B - Salmo 117 - La misericordia del Señor es eterna (o de la Divina Misericordia)

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Salmo responsorial para Domingo 2 de Pascua B – Salmo 117 – La misericordia del Señor es eterna (o de la Divina Misericordia). Descarga gratuita de partituras en el siguiente enlace. Todos los versos del salmo están disponibles. / Responsorial psalm for 2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) Cycle B. Free download of sheet music at the following link. All the psalm verses are available.

Para recibir notificaciones de nuevos salmos cada semana, suscríbase a nuestro canal de YouTube. / To get notifications of new psalms each week, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Gracias por escuchar. Estamos tratando de mejorar nuestras muestras de música. Por favor, dinos lo que piensas. / Thank you for listening. We are trying to improve our music samples. Please tell us what you think.

Music © 2019, Anthony Moran,

5 Track EP + 2 Singles

I just released a 5 Track Ep and two new Singles on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Please find above the link to the songs on YouTube. I collaborated with my dad on these (he did the instrumentals). We chose these 7 out of 15 that I recorded vocals for. I originally planned an album but we settled for an EP and a couple of singles. Happy Easter everyone and I hope you enjoy them. God Bless. Alex.

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I will not be afraid ( Psalm 23)

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I wrote this song while staying at friends retreat house and chapel. Although done on a dodgy IPAD recording.
Have been composing music around the Psalms of late.

"You Walk on Water" - New Album released by Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean

Official Music Video for the title track of "You Walk on Water" Read Full Story >>>

First Single

I am working on a debut Catholic Album with my dad producing it. I just wanted to share the first single (which is the 5th Track from the album - so far). Hope you enjoy it and am excited about releasing the project within the next couple of months, once finished. Read Full Story >>>

2:50 minutes (5.21 MB).

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Let It Reign

The video for this has now gained over 6000 plays! It is about the Kingly and Priestly power of Christ in the Eucharist. It is from our newest album, "Overflow". Let It Reign Video!

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3:44 minutes (7.23 MB).

Catholic Contemporary Music (non-liturgical) - Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean

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Vintage Vibe Christian Music (great music, great message) Read Full Story >>>

Thank you for accepting me into this community. I hope you will enjoy my new EP.

The EP (which I call #4) is a suite of six original songs which I have just released. They are mostly instrumental, the sixth song includes text adapted from Book of Psalms: "Resound, proclaim; Sing a new song. Glorify!" I hope listeners will be encouraged and uplifted by this music. Thank you so much for listening! Thank you also for this opportunity! Read Full Story >>>

Top Catholic Songs on PA Newsletters

I am glad that I get to mention on PA Newsletters as a songwriter at Top Catholic Songs.


Here is a new song I've written entitled Now. I hope you enjoy it! Read Full Story >>>

4:48 minutes (4.41 MB).

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