Make You Feel My Love

Make You Feel My Love.  Written by Bob Dylan in 1997.

This song is dedicated to all my family and friends.

And also to all peoples that do not have anybody to express their love and devotion to.

Peace and Love

We need peace and love.
Individually, we need 'em.

In this world, you have to go to war to gain peace, and fight to be able to love.
Very very strange world, we are in.
But, at any rate, we truly need peace and love in our troubled world!!!

This song, I composed, is dedicated to my Grandson, Misiri Kalayaan!!!
All my love to you, and my peace I give you!!!

I Am The Mother Of God, Praying For All

This song is a collaborative effort, initiated by Dan Vi Nguyen (asiansa09).  Richard Schletty and myself agreed to collaborate on this. 

The lyrics were started by Dan Vi, revised by Rene Asologuitar, and then finalized by Richard at this current version. The words are based on the promises of Mother Mary to the shepherd children of Fatima.

Music and melody by Rene Asologuitar.

This song is dedicated to all the peoples of the world, especially to all non-believers, to the lost, to the outcasts, to the seekers, and to all peoples who need prayers and love!

I Am the Mother of God, Praying for All

I received the good news from / the Angel Gabriel:
An Immaculate Conception / through the Spirit.
A child born for mankind's / salvation.
A child bringing peace to the earth.
A child bringing joy to each heart.

I am // the Mother of God, praying for all.
Interceding for all through Jesus, my Son,
Bringing praise and petitions to the Father of All.
You can trust in His love, my children.

Salvation is promised to all who believe.
Confess with your lips that / Jesus is Lord!
Believe that God raised Him up / from the dead.
Announce and carry forth / the good news
That Jesus walks with us, as the Spirit rejoices.

Glory to the Lord, Jesus, Alleluia.
As the Mother of God, I'll guide you / in his ways.
I will never leave you,/ I will always care.
Come, let me lead you / to Him.
All glory, laud and honor to / Father, Son and Spirit.

The Light

The Light is a song composed by Derek Brown.

Derek requested for me to sing his song, and this is my offering to all peoples in the dark.  And His light is for all, and specifically for the marginalized, the lost, the outcast, and the sinners!!!

Thank you Derek for letting me be a part of your song journey.

Bridges and Walls

Bridges and Walls, Original Words and Music by Rene A

We need to make a serious choice, today!!!
Not tomorrow!

Do we build walls; or bridges that can allow communication, understanding and love to start creeping and can someday stand united.

Make love, not war!!!
Peace and hope be in our troubled world!!!

Blessed Hope by John Bennett

MP3 Music Playlist: 
A song from my new CD called Time's Up by John Bennett

Seat of Scoffers

Seat of Scoffers, Music and Lyrics Collab by Terry Tornblom and Rene Asologuitar

For peace in our troubled world!
Hope you enjoy, feedback is much appreciated.

Plan for Father's Day

I am planning for a family gathering at my house to celebrate Father’s Day on 06/19/2022 for our family members and relatives in the spirit of Saint Joseph, the worker.
I want to emphasize the importance of the father in the family upon the Holy Family.
Remember, among our family members, there are widows and single moms or single dads raising our children.  So be hopeful to plant the seed of fatherhood in the house upon the Holy Family.
The role of fatherhood in the family must be very important as the daddy defend the family upon Christ and the Holy Family.  In the house, mommy is driving the wave as she cares and leads everyone on the way.  But the role of the father must be recognized and appreciated by the Holy Family.
Daddy is the father of his own children as well as the foster-father of his own family members and relatives as he leads his life upon the Holy Family.  So take a moment to honor fatherhood in the house.
So help me to prepare to celebrate Father's Day this year 2022.

Happy Mother's Day

MP3 Music Playlist: 
Happy Mother's Day
I attached a pro life song I am working on for an upcoming album as it is appropriate for this weekend and everything going on in the world with the courts right now. 
This version is exclusive to Top Catholic Songs as it features a speech from Mother Teresa.
God Bless All Mothers

Song Lyric: In Heaven, Mother Mary, pray for us

In heaven, I'll pray for you upon my son, Jesus Christ.
In heaven, I'll intercede for you upon my son, Jesus Christ.
Trust in me, my child.

My honor to receive good news from Angel that my Mother Mary conceived a child.
A child who will be for mankind's salvation.
A child will bring peace to the earth.
A child will bring joy to the world.

Good news for those who hope in heaven in Christ through Holy Water & Holy Spirit.
Christ's mission with his disciples on earthly life presents his promise of hope for mankind's salvation.
He promised to be with men, women, and children in his tabernacle in the eucharist.
He suffered on the cross to prove his obedience to his father in heaven that save us through the cross.

Glory be to the Lord, Jesus Christ, who had risen to save us through the cross.
Now his Mother Mary is also honored in Heaven with him.
Pray for us in heaven, Mother Mary, and remember us.
Intercede for us now that you are in heaven, Mother Mary.
Pray for us my Mother Mary, intercede for us. 

See version 1 of the hymn:

The Good Lord Loves You, 1979

The Good Lord Loves You was composed by American songwriter Richard Fagan. This song was recorded by Neil Diamond and released on the September Morn album in 1979.

The Good Lord Loves You by Neil Diamond, 1979


Come With Me

A new original composition, words and music by Rene A.
We need as much love, and hope, and peace in our troubled world today!!!!!
Hope you like this song!

Highly Recommended CD for Easter

I was in the gift shop of the San Diego Mission and hear music playing.  it was Collin Raye HIS LOVE REMAINS  CD and I immediately bought it and have been listening since.  His voice is so beautiful and pure as well as the song selections.  Recorded with a great grand piano player and violins.  I highly recommend it.

You Can Do Magic, 1982, America

"You Can Do Magic" is a song by singer-songwriter Russ Ballard that was recorded as a 1982 single by folk rock band America from their album View from the Ground.

America are a rock band that was formed in London in 1970 by Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley. The trio met as sons of US Air Force personnel stationed in London.

Thanks for your family's service to our nation!!!

Grew up and has been singing America songs from the 70's.

Pray for Peace in our troubled world.  We can do magic!!!

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