Hello, everyone. Here are a few songs from my new album, I hope you will enjoy them!

Friends: I am happy to report that I have just released my second album or original music (on January 15, 2022). It’s called #5 and consists of three instrumental pieces that I composed, spanning nine movements. I share two movements below for your listening pleasure; please feel free to check out the entire album on my YouTube channel. As with my first album issued in 2021, the intent of these songs is to uplift, to encourage, to express wonder, gratitude and love, and to glorify. Thank you for listening! Andrzej

Happy New Year? How about Happy New Eve! Catholic Marian EDM "Praise to the New Eve (Guadalupe Mix)"

Electronic Dance Mix (Slap House) of "Praise to the New Eve".  This is part of our parody art project that reimagines Communist propaganda songs as Catholic anthems.  Thanks in advace for checkin this out!


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A Songwriter's Analysis of "Joy To The World!" by John Bennett

Joy to the World, the Savior reigns! The Bible tells us that when Jesus returns after the Tribulation He will rule over all the nations of the whole World.

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Joy To The World! originally title The Messiah's Coming and Kingdom was written by Isaac Watts in 1719. His words were inspired by Psalm 98 in the Bible and is actually a song collaboration of over 100 years. The music was adapted by Lowell Mason...  Read Full Story >>>


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Whoever can come up with a better line at the end of song and I accept it will be credited with half of the song rights.  Currently it is:  In a Son Kind of way.

New Christmas Song

A blues/rock song from the perspective of a man getting back to the true meaning of Christmas. 
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Look To the Chair of Peter

We are blessed to have Spirit-directed and Christ-ordained leadership. This is the topic of this song, "Look To the Chair of Peter". This is a...

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The Catholic Church Is Right about Everything

I grew up a dedicated Christian as an evangelical Protestant.  I never took the Catholic Church seriously until I took a...
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Come play your original songs on stage

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Would make a great Palm Sunday song

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Jesus' entrance into Jerulsalem on a donkey.


Hello friends!!!
I wrote this song when I was afraid I had an illusion. We've all been there haven't we?
God reassures us and is bigger than everything

you find the lyrics in the description box of the video

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Hail Mary, Mary

Here is a link to one of the songs from the album I released earlier this year. 
A new album will be released before the end of the year as well. I will post again at that time. 

Her is another link for the album on spotify

Thank you for your time and God Bless You All!

Top Catholic Songs Is Great for Catholic Artists (Exposure, Connections, Promotion)

The Top Catholic Songs community has been very encouraging to me.  There's not really a place for Catholic-specific artists like my band anywhere but here.  Our single,

Praise to the New Eve
b/w Against My Church the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

is officially out today. Though those who follow this site may have already heard and/or downloaded it.  

And I must mention our new-to-TCS member Lee O'Day programs a Catholic radio station near Manhattan, Kansas.  We (my band) asked (maybe begged?) him for an add, and he is running Praise to the Eve on his Saturday show of contemporary Catholic music tomorrow.  I also heard at least one other TCS artist when I tuned in last week.  His show is called "Saturday Knight Sword Play" and you can tune in through their web site: The Sword of St. George - the show runs 9 pm to midnight USA Central Daylight Time (Chicago Time Zone) Saturdays.  Great stuff! 

Our current musical project is to take Communist propaganda songs and transform them into Catholic anthems.  The below link connects you to our music on your choice of several platforms, including the free MP3 downloads page back here on TCS:

Motivational Catholic Songs from Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch

A Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity

When the Bishop of Bridgetown was appointed Archbishop of Port of Spain there was a desire to give him a gift of prayer.  That desire inspired this prayer and song...Most Holy Trinity.  That was back in has taken us this long to be able to record and release the prayer publicly.  We hope that it will be part of your prayer on Trinity Sunday. 

Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity
Father, into Your hands, I commend my spirit, I surrender my heart,
I relinquish my will
And Father, I abandon myself, I come, to be sculpted,
let Your will be done in me
Father, I entrust you with my doubts, I cast all my cares,
You are my refuge and strength

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Praise, glory and honour, our hope, our salvation, blessed Trinity

Jesus, Your body fills my hungry soul, Your blood quenches my inner thirst
You’ve lived to die for all my sins
Jesus, have mercy on my transgressions, accept my tears of repentance
Renew my strength to bear my cross
And Jesus, Lamb of God, You are my Shepherd, with You no evil do I fear
Blest be the power of Your name

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Praise and glory and honour, our hope, our salvation, blessed Trinity

Holy Spirit, I invite your presence here, I welcome all your gifts
I pledge to use them all in service
Holy Spirit, bring me wisdom and enlight’nment, anoint my lips to speak Your word
Open my eyes to seek Your truth
And Holy Spirit, dwell in me, Kindle Your flame in my heart, fill me with love and compassion
Breathe new life in me


Prayer and music composed and recorded by Color Music Ministry 

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