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The Baptism Song story. About 12 years ago I was pregnant with twins. My husband looked for a baptism song and could not find one that would have the spirit and emotion that we felt new parents were looking for. He wrote The Baptism song in only 10 minutes. It was approved for use by the Baltimore Bishops office. They loved it. My father performed the ceremony at our "Baptism Pier" at our home. When it is sung at ceremonies around the world, people wail, happy cry and rush the singer at the altar. Now, our 11 year old daughter and her daddy turned it into The Baptism Song Book, children's book for parents around the world to use as a lullaby for their children ~ and for the Baptism ceremony. (It is being translated into numerous languages.) We sing it to our children every night. We would love you to review it on your website. Please let me know what you think and I can send you a copy if you wish. Just provide us with your mailing address on the submission page on our website. - Thanks Jennifer & Dennis


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