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I am here to share my original Catholic Music along with appropriate cover songs.
Michael Lewis is a Contemporary Catholic artist who was primarily active between 1986 and 2006. He toured and performed at over 400 parishes in the US, Europe and Mexico.He also performed for many major Catholic events including World Youth Day '93, Marian, Pro Life, Divine Mercy and other conferences. Michael has also worked with many Catholic artists in varying capacities from live performances, studio recordings, production and live tour support including John Michael Talbot, Annie Karto, Tony Melendez and many others. During his most active years he recorded many original songs along with covers of a number of popular Catholic and Christian songs.  Michael has remained busy as a studio producer and continues to tour  several times a month mostly under the name; "One Street Over." You can also find his music under Michael Lewis Music and Inventioning.  In recent years his daughter Bridgette has emerged as a prominent vocalist and his son Jordan has now begun performing with them as a keyboardist.  As a studio producer/engineer/session player, Michael has credits on over 60 albums.  His music is currently airing in over 30 countries and he has worked with a number of legendary secular artists.
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