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Thank you for your kind and awesome reply! So good to know the details of your music ministry. I hope and pray your words will be an inspiration to others. What a blessing to have 6 children. We have 7 children – and 6 grandkids! We sacrifice much for them but receive much in return. Our concern for their welfare as well as our rejoicing in their "moments of achievement and goodness" are often the inspiration for our original songs. And as you rightly noted, God is the prime source of...
Author: Maria7Steps
Hello, Richard!  God works in mysterious ways indeed.  My husband and I have been serving in the Music Ministry of Couples for Christ since our children were babies.  I believe their exposure to charismatic, contemporary Catholic & Christian, and traditional music plays an important factor for us being a family band now (more of ministers really).   FOREVER (for the sacrament of marriage) was composed by our two elder daughters on one of our anniversaries.  SONG OF...
Maria, I explored your website and your songs at iTunes. I posted this story for you, based on the member profile you submitted and some images I found on your website. I look forward to your participation here. We'd love to know more about your journey in music. How do you write and record your music? Where does your family band play? What have been your challenges, solutions and rewards with Catholic music? - Richard
Providence Health & Services sounds like a very good organization. I visited their website. I can see how your lyrics were inspired by their mission statement: "As people of Providence, we reveal God's love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service." Thank you for reminding us of the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: "For I was hungry and you gave me food, and I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. I was...
Author: asiansa09
My inspiration to write this song lyric is through the services of Providence of God.
Some Catholic songwriters have achieved publishing deals with GIA, OCP and WLP. I would hope that there is always room for newcomers. A very good songwriter and musician. Paul F. Page, has been largely ignored by the leading Catholic music publishers. See Paul's bio here: Paul's "solution" has been to give away his music for free. I am inclined to do the same. I will endeavor to create here a professional service that will help...
Yor EP lineup looks good. Please publish as free offerings. Thanks for letting me share your good introspection with others. And best of luck with your hip-hop studio!
Author: asiansa09
I have never submitted songs for publication, however, do you think that the only way for people to accept songs for publication is when the song are become popular.  Do you have any experience submitting songs for publication before?  How does it work?
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     I arranged the songs in this order that we did: 1. Raw Faith 2. Blessings 3. Time Watch  4. What's Left Is Beauty 5. Blessing - Remix (your favourite one). I think that is a good enough EP and I listened to them in that order and I think it works out a nice little project. Would you mind if I shared them with the church (for free distribution) and credit your name as the voice? Also if you would like to...
Good to know a bit about your music experience. Really good to know about your studio and album plans. May that all happen in a way that gives glory to God. – Richard
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     When I was younger I used to play the drum a bit but I wasn't very good. Then I rapped for a few years for fun but didnt realy record anything that I was completly happy with. However I am planning to write and rap/record a full Catholic hip hop studio album.
Alex, have you recorded your voice narrating, rapping or singing? Do you play an instrument?
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Sounds like an interesting idea doing a folk pop song with some of my lines. Looking forward to hearing it. 
Not sure about the number of tracks. Maybe 5. I am thinking about taking your best phrases and doing a Folk-Pop song with traditional structure and styling.  You are the one telling your story. Be careful of too much repetition of certain phrases. Each song should tell a specific story about your journey. I could offer suggestions for tightening up lyrics and such, but then it wouldn't be so much you. I am normally quite formulaic, following songwriting prescriptions such as even line...
I'm carving a bit of new territory here and that's all good. Thanks for the latitude to experiment. I like Blessings (with the music bed) best so far. Sure, an EP.
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Very nice work Richard. You are really bringing my lyrics to life! How many tracks do you think we should do in total for this project?
I added my audio file to your original post, Alex. Hope it's OK.
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     I really enjoyed both versions of "Blessings". So far I think we are doing really well. You mix it up a bit which is great and each recording is unique. I almost have another song written too. Once again great stuff! Were you think an EP or Album we could put together? Kind Regards, Alex.  
Alex, I have attached my recording to your original post. Let me know how you like it. - Richard
Sorry, I have not yet submitted our two songs. André van Haren did finish the piano music score for "Enchristment" last week. We needed this engraved score in order to submit the song. We already have what we need for "God's Gift to All the World." I'll get back to you soon, Dan. I will post the piano-guitar score for Enchristment later today. I need to add the guitar chords above the voice staff.
Author: asiansa09
Is there any news about our submitting songs to Oregon Catholic Press.  Are they accept or denied our songs?
Thanks for sharing this. I like it. 
Author: Alex John (not verified)
The acoustic remix is also very nice. 
On my laptop, the percusssion in Remix was sounding a little too loud and sharp, making the voice hard to understand. I remixed it in Logic Pro X to tamp down the high rat-a-tat sounds. I have added Remix version 2 to the player. I also decided to post the narrated version I did the other day with gentle 12-string guitar strumming. Both Alex and I would like to know what other listeners think.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I created a seperate blog post for "What's Left Is Beauty" and also added the remix to it and credited you as the performer. - Alex
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     I will do that today. Also feel free to share our tracks where ever you would like to. Perhaps on your website? - Alex. 
Alex, please post "What's Left Is Beauty" as a separate blog post (as opposed to being buried in comments here). Then people can listen with the MP3 player. Then I'd like to direct a friend to your new blog post. Thanks.
Enchristment is now on the lineup at CME Radio (Catholic Music Express).
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     Sounds good. It's quite a bit of fun and I think we are getting some pretty good results. - Alex.
Alex, I do plan to run those other two lyrics you wrote. Gimme a couple days. Fun stuff. Hopefully will resonate with some.