My Soul Is Longing for Your Peace – in keys of D and F (Lucien Deiss)

My Soul Is Longing for Your Peace by Lucien Deiss. Text and music © 1965 WLP. I prefer the lower key of D (the top recording). The original key of F follows (the bottom recording). Which version do you like? I think a lot of church songs are written in keys that are too high for average voices. In this case, my WLP We Celebrate guitar edition has alternate capo 3 chords, so I played those chords without the capo and that transposed it down one-and-a-half steps (F to D). The problem is that the pianist does not always have the skills to play in the lower key unless they prepare ahead of time. Some keyboardists are able to "play by ear" or calculate transposed chords on the fly. Of course, it wouldn't be a problem with a transposing keyboard or organ.

About these two video recordings: I increased the fidelity of both video and audio (compared to my earlier video recordings) while endeavoring to improve my singing (i.e. singing on pitch). These two videos were shot at 4K resolution (which some may think is overkill). To capture audio, I used an Audio-Technica AT3035 phantom powered condensor microphone with an IK Multimedia iRig Pre plugged into my iPhone 6s Plus: 

Audio-Technica AT3035 condensor microphone:

iRig PRE microphone interface for iPhone/iPod:

I post processed the sound in DSP-Quattro, adding a touch of reverb and normalizing the audio to -0dB. I used QuickTime Player Pro 7 to extract, enhance and replace the original audio with the enhanced version.  

I want to maintain this level of quality on all future recordings.

Read this article at about YouTube currently not having the 4K video playback option when using Safari. 


Refrain: My soul is longing for your peace, near to you, my God.

1. Lord, you know that my heart is not proud,
And my eyes are not lifted from the earth. 

2. Lofty thoughts have never filled my mind;
Far beyond my sight all ambitious deeds.  

3. In your peace I have maintained my soul;
I have kept my heart in your quiet peace.

4. As a child rests on his mother’s knee,
So I place my soul in Your loving care.

5. Israel, put all your hope in God,
place your trust in God, now and evermore.


Like singing hymns

 Im' a catholic and very interested in singing church hymns.  I'm chosen in my community to sing this psalm 131 on meditation in my community celebrating the Uganda Martyrs of 2017.  Ilike praising and singjng God's hymns.