Psalm 33: Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Marty Haugen)

I'm practicing here for 4:30 Mass on Saturday at St. Mary's Church in downtown St. Paul. Larry will be at the keyboard. Our responsorial after the first reading will be Psalm 33: Let Your Mercy Be on Us. It is found in GIA's RitualSong hymnal and GIA's Gather hymnal. Music by Marty Haugen. © 1987, 1994, GIA Publications, Inc.; Refrain I trans. © 1969, ICEL


Refrain: Let your mercy be on us, O God, as we place our trust in you.

1. Your words, O God, are truth indeed, and all your works are ever faithful; You love justice and right, your compassion fills all creation.

2. See how the eye of God is watching, ever guarding all who wait in hope, to deliver them from death and sustain them in time of famine.

3. Exult, you just, in the Lord, for praise is the song of the righteous! How happy the people of God, the ones whom God has chosen.

4. Our soul is waiting for God, for God is our help and our shield. May your kindness, O God, be upon us who place our hope in you.


Ps. 33 – "authentic" recordings

It is such a good idea to be providing "authentic" recordings of these Psalms as opposed to studio recordings produced by publishers. Gives the weekend liturgical musician an honest example of how these pieces can be successfully performed with small resources. 

Small ensemble modeling

Yes, that's exactly why I do this. We have minimal resources at St. Mary's and St. Matthew's where I cantor/play guitar. Sometimes I am asked to lead worship music solo without piano. So I need to keep improving my guitar playing. Thanks, Paul, for affirming the need. Many of the GIA practice recordings were recorded in a "big" way with multiple instruments and often with descant or SATB voices. 

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