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Yes, I will provide sheet music soon. I will start with a lead sheet with chord names.
Author: asiansa09
Would you also provide sheet music for the song "Enchristment."  Someone is request me to provide sheet music so that they can play the song for him/herself.
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Well done guys on producing a beautiful piece.
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Below I've attached another track that I thought (when you have time) you could record. It's one in particular I felt gave a strong message. Anyway thank you for agreeing to the collaboration and I too hope it draws some folks in. GOD Bless. Alex. What's Left Is Beauty  1st Verse: So we go on in this quest for answers And hopefully do what's best by removing our spiritual cancer... I don't know how love can't be the way As I flow I hope you get to know me as I pray... GOD's perfect design...
Yes, Alex. I'd be interested. I have limited time (due to trouble making money) but this is important work, God's work. I, too, felt that this is a fresh, non-Nashville, non-GIA approach. Might draw some folks it. Kinda related, in a way, to cool poetry readings from decades ago. Kinda theatrical, too. A soliloquy like the one in Carousel.  Check out the Spirit-driven meditation song I just finished with Asiansa09. Gives you an idea of the extra voices in my head! Plus I play guitar "...
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                    Would you be intrested in putting out a small project together using my lyrics and your voice (in the same spoken word form you did previously)? I played the track for some of my friends and they think it's a fresh approach to a way of using lyrics and reading to glorify GOD. I was think an EP or something similar. Hope you are well and GOD Bless. - Alex.
Thank you for mentioning that. I just changed a couple more words to make it even easier for children.
Author: asiansa09
I really like the way you write the song lyric, I get the feeling that the song lyric is easy for young people to relate.  Words is not hard to remember, which is good things.
Prosody is the process of melding words and music together to form a song that flows easily and naturally. With good prosody, the words will be as effortless to sing as if they were spoken. And with good prosody, the music will support and reflect the mood and meaning of the lyrics. In talking about the message that you want to convey, we should call that the storyline or theme or subject. I hope I am staying faithful to your intended message. I try to imagine myself in a church or a...
Hi. Just looking at your lyrics now. Not sure what you mean by asking if they are stable or unstable. One approach to songwriting is to first decide what meter and pace you want for the song. You can set up a 3/4 or 4/4 beat with a drum track or metronome. Then speak the words and see if they flow naturally. Pay attention to stressed and unstressed syllable. Important words should be stressed or accented. Unimportant words like "the" or "on" should be unstressed. Multi-syllable words should be...
Author: asiansa09
I think the prosody for the song lyric is that I try to convey a message involve myself and Mother Mary church.
Pat Pattison was our presenter at an MAS songwriting workshop here in St. Paul a few years ago. He gave very good tips about prosody and how a song should "gain weight" as it progresses. I am so glad you are taking Pat's course. I will start to explain more about my songwriting process as I collaborate with you and other people here at TCS. I am on the board of MAS – the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. I am the organization's tech coordinator and I do post-production for our...
Thanks for posting this church version. Sounds great. It helps to increase faith in us through the faithfulness of Mary.
I will definitely help you with this pro-life song! I am working on Enchristment right now. It is coming along nicely.
Author: asiansa09
VERSE From mother wombs I heard the voices Echo in the water and blood of her womb For a child about to enter the world. VERSE From the moment you conceive in me Made by my blood and water in her womb Your bone is from the man at heart. VERSE The Father in heaven knows your name He calls you the moment you conceive He knows you by your name.
I had tried a ceramic drum underlayment but it didn't sound so good. I'll think of something else. Glad you like my "reading."
Author: asiansa09
I am now taking the Songwriting courses at Berklee Music teacher Pat Pattison. But I still have so much challenges in writing as you know.  
Thank you, Christine, for posting the song lyrics by Fr. Smithbower. I also received your email. Peace and joy. 
Author: Christine McCabe (not verified)
MARY, MY MOTHER - by Fr. Warren Smithbower (refrain) Mary, my Mother, my queen, my love Mary, my Mother, the mother of God. Keep me close to Your Son above, Mary, my Mother, my queen, my love. Jesus told me, you were a queen, When at the wedding in Cana, Galilee. He took your word from His Father above And changed the water to the wine of love. (refrain) In Nazareth town, He when young Called you mother in Aramaic tongue On Calvary's height, He saw you there And gave us all into your care. (...
Author: asiansa09
Pro-life:  I believe that child is beginning at the moment of conceive. I hope that I am able to express myself in the song lyric above the message that a child is beginning life the moment he and she conceived.  God bless!
Author: asiansa09
Song Lyric:  HOLY SPIRIT CHORUS Oh, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world Oh, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world Oh, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world Oh, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world. VERSE Day and night, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world To walk in the light of Christ. VERSE Listen to inner voices, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world To walk in the truth of Christ. VERSE Follow the call, Holy Spirit calls on children of the world To...
Author: Alex (not verified)
I'm humbled, Thankyou for bringing life to my words. Your voice is very good. Let's see what we can do with an instrumental. Alex.
Alex, I spoke your lyrics, more like a poem than a hip-hop song. I added the MP3 file to your original post. Just wanted to lay it down to explore the feelings you penned. Maybe someone would like to take my vox track and lay it over a beat. Let's see what happens.
Author: Holy Chorus
Thank you so much Richard for your encouraging comments.
Author: asiansa09
Will you sing this song for me and write music sheet for it too? I am hoping that once it done, I will share it with others to pray the prayer after communion at mass.
Of course, language is a bit of a barrier. I probably misinterpret some of the words you write. Sorry about that. I do the best I can. I try to make the lyrics tell a story. I try to make the words flow naturally. I try to give the words deep meaning, based on my own experience and understanding of faith and God. Thank you for allowing me some freedom in interpreting your lyrics and adding my own insights.  Our song "God's Gift to All the World" has just been added to CME radio! ...
Author: asiansa09
It is very interesting that when I first write the song lyric, I had the song lyric in my mind with different meaning, but when you receive it and write it in your own words, the meaning of the song also change accordingly.  I find that very interesting, and that makes the song more interesting in collaboration with one another.
Yes, I will post the sheet music here. Good idea.
Author: asiansa09
When you record the song, can you also write the music sheet and post on here. That way, if anyone like to play guitar or piano, they can have the music sheet to follow.  
Here are your lyrics adjusted for spelling and grammar, but not for prosody. 5/22/2017: My first mix of the song. It is a lot faster than I had originally envisioned, but I felt a need to give the song a drive and a lift.  Enchristment by Richard Schletty Enchristment CHORUS On my knees, I humbly pray. I love to feel your radiance. My heart is one with you, O Lord, in this moment of Enchristment. VERSE 1 My God, my Christ, you are in my heart. I praise you, I worship you. Your...