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Author: EVELYN ONWUEGBUSI (not verified)
Author: asiansa09
Wish you luck, Richard, that someday you and others can sing the song at concert.
Author: asiansa09
I know that you get really emotion when come to the issues as you think about every child is God's gift.  Pray with Sorrowful Mother Mary and they will go to purgatory and that we will be save.
So true. I am sure that I will sing the Folk-Gospel song "God's Gift" when I sing at Pro-Life prayer services in front of Planned Parenthood where they kill babies. 
I like the Folk-Gospel song, too, and you inspired me to do it. Thank you for expressing your faith and thank you for sharing the song. I am very pleased with it and I hope it will lead people to Christ. God bless. 
Author: asiansa09
I really like the song you sing "God's love for all the world."  I also let my friends and family members to hear it.  They love it too.
Author: asiansa09
Well, if you can sing in the church or at a Divine Mercy liturgy.  I think they prefer the last chant version that you post.  But it is all up to you, because every situation is different.
You say you like the first time I sang the song – that my voice is more confident in it. Do you mean the first chant version which I posted yesterday, or the Folk-Gospel version I did last week? I want the chant version to be more peaceful and contemplative – something that could be sung in church at a Vespers service or at a Divine Mercy liturgy.
Author: asiansa09
I think I like the first time you sing the song too, because I can hear the confident in your voices better than this one.
asiansa09: Here are some suggestions for your original lyrics. I tried to have less repetition of words. I did not try to rhyme. I read about Sr. Faustina and added a couple more things she said. I am using a chanting style that is much different than the Folk-Gospel version I did! My choir director at St. Mary's likes it and thinks I might be able to sing it at a Divine Mercy liturgy. Here are two versions. The first one was sung a cappella (without an instrument). In the second version I play...
Author: asiansa09
Of course it is alright to put my name on the song.  That is my honor.  
Indeed, you are the inspiration for the song! If it is a success, you get half the credit. Is it OK that I put your name on the song? It is at but a person can download it for free. If they want, they can make a donation. I don't expect it to earn any money. I'd rather give it away free. In a few days, I will have the sheet music ready with a piano part and guitar chords. Thank you, Dan!
Author: asiansa09
If you ever get royalty for the song, please contribute to the Catholic church.
Author: asiansa09
I hope I am your inspiration for you to write a successful song "God's Gift to All The World."
Dan, I did do an a cappella exploration with your original lyrics. I mentioned before your lyrics may work nicely as a chanted meditation. Here is my extemporaneous (ad libbed) recording: For the Love of Humanity-a cappella exploration
I appreciate your sharing of the song.
Author: Dell Evensen (not verified)
Thank you, I enjoyed it and did share on facebook beautifully done. god grace you so much, Praise God now and forever Dell
You are welcome, Dan. I very much enjoyed collaborating on this song with you. Your original lyrics could be done chant style – due to the long lines and uneven meter. I might give that a try, just for fun. I may still get a piano arrangement from my colleague André. Note that I made a mistake in singing line 4 of verses 2 and 3. I was supposed to sing higher up the scale like I did on line 4 of verse 1. I'm thinking of changing the chorus to this. It has rhyming for lines 1 and 3. The song...
Author: asiansa09
Thanks for all your work on the song, I really enjoy the music.
Here is my first version of chords and melody. Suggestions welcome. Note: My song adaptation of Dan's song lyrics is now posted in a separate story here: <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">His Gift to All the World by Richard Schletty</a...
Good. Glad you like it. I can hear the song in my head. Time to record it!
Author: asiansa09
I really like the chorus that you revised.
Ok. I will keep that in mind about including Christ. Thanks. 
Yes, I will sing the song. Thank you for asking. I might have a composer friend help me with a piano arrangement. 
Author: asiansa09
Will you sing the whole song?  
Author: asiansa09
I see, I just realize that there should be somewhere you should mention "Christ" so that instead of "he" all the time.
No problem. I can put in "Christ" instead of "Our Lord." The reason I have "Lord" is because it is a near-rhyme with "world" in the last line. My rhyming scheme is this: ABAB This change to the 2nd and 4th lines would restore the rhyming: I see blood, I see water from the heart of Jesus. He brings light, divine mercy. His love heals us. or I see blood and water flowing from the heart of Christ, our Lord. His divine mercy and love are a gift to all the world I still can't get the 1st and...
Author: asiansa09
That is so wonderful song lyric that you wrote.  I agree with you totally that you make the song so up high.  The message comes through in the song. I should say "Christ" first in the chorus instead of "Our Lord."
I like "Sing of Mary" – easy to sing. I have sung this in church since the early 1960s! It was composed in 1938 by Roland Palmer. I also like "I Sing a Maid" but it's a little more challenging. Composed by M. D. Ridge in 1987.
I would like to suggest modifying your lyrics to create an even meter and flow. This will help as I try to create a nice melody that people will remember and find easy to sing. I have tried to include most of your words about the messages to Saint Faustina from Jesus Christ. I am not sure it is necessary to say "Messages from Christ to sister Faustina" in the verses. It also think the title of the song should appear in the refrain rather than in the verses. I suggest keeping each verse only 4...
Author: Guest (not verified)
I am looking for a Marian song that is upbeat, and simple enough for children to learn and sing. Any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
Author: asiansa09
No, I don't have music for this song yet.  Will you sing for me or write music for the song?
Hello! Do you have music yet for your lyrics? A good reflection for today – Divine Mercy Sunday. Thank you for sharing.  [Edited: Note that my song adaptation of Dan's song lyrics is finished. Listen to it here:]
Author: Elizabeth (not verified)
 Im' a catholic and very interested in singing church hymns.  I'm chosen in my community to sing this psalm 131 on meditation in my community celebrating the Uganda Martyrs of 2017.  Ilike praising and singjng God's hymns.
Very nice. Beautifully sung words that express the central belief of Christianity – that Jesus Christ, victorious over suffering and death, gives us new life. That painted image of Christ on the cross is powerful. Well done. I would like to hear the voice rise above the instrumentation a bit more. 
Author: Guest (not verified)
Very nice!
Author: Benjamin Tanewan (not verified)
I am a Catholic and I love meditation music that keeps my Catholic faith alive and strong.
Joan, I'll take a look through my old Catholic hymnals. Any idea what hymnal you were using? Or were you singing from an octavo?
Author: Guest Joan (not verified)
Looking for different melody with alto we used to sing in the 1960's in our choir: Jesus, Jesus come to me Oh how much I long for thee Come, thou of all friends the best Take possession of my breast. Comfort my poor soul distressed Come and dwell within my breast, Oh, how oft I sigh for thee Jesus, Jesus come to me                     
Thanks for the update, MTR. I hope your album gets a lot of earplay and sales. All for Jesus. 
Author: MTR
     This is just an Update to the original PDF of the Info & Lyrics to "A Cup of Cold Water".  I have made some minor Editorial changes to the Info, and changed some of the Capitalizations to the words in the Lyrics for Aesthetic reasons.  MTR
Yes, that's exactly why I do this. We have minimal resources at St. Mary's and St. Matthew's where I cantor/play guitar. Sometimes I am asked to lead worship music solo without piano. So I need to keep improving my guitar playing. Thanks, Paul, for affirming the need. Many of the GIA practice recordings were recorded in a "big" way with multiple instruments and often with descant or SATB voices. 
This is a good prayer for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit to be given to youth of the world. I might have some suggestions for improving the English phrases. Thank you for sharing.
Author: Paul (not verified)
It is such a good idea to be providing "authentic" recordings of these Psalms as opposed to studio recordings produced by publishers. Gives the weekend liturgical musician an honest example of how these pieces can be successfully performed with small resources. 
Others should do this, too! TCS is just a grand central station for Catholic-Christian music and song artists.
That is an interesting visualization of your music. Looks like a colored water fountain. Nice.
Good to know you are getting your excellent album published at iTunes. Thanks for letting us know. 
Author: asiansa09
It takes a lot of effort to raise a generation in believe in higher education and pursue it.  Therefore, I hope to recite the rosary for our generation to come to realization of higher education is helping the society.
Ken, very nice rendition of O Sacred Head Surrounded. I wish I could play like that. Maybe in heaven... Here is your SoundCloud post embedded. I hope that's OK. I want you to know that this is possible. You grab the embed code, switch to "Source" or "Plain Text Editor" and paste in the embed code. 
Author: Ken Whisler
I put this arrangement together last Lent and am very much looking forward to playing it this Lenten season:
That is a very good prayer. Simple and earnest. We all need to pray in order to help us have a clear vision of God's kingdom and help us to avoid evil. I like to pray the Our Father. In our home, we say "Bless us, O Lord" before meals and personalize our meal prayer at the end by thanking God for particular good things that we have seen or experienced this day. 
Thank you for your prayers. I will join you in prayer. 
Followup: Have people ever asked for your songs as lead sheets or as a complete scores with guitar chord names and piano arrangement? The reason I ask is because I have resources to help you prepare either. It sometimes helps to have sheet music to supplement and enhance distribution/sales. 
Author: MTR
Short answer, No. MTR
Author: Guest (not verified)
Bernadette Farrell writes some very upbeat, socially-conscious songs. Thanks for laying down a bead on this one. Where can I get the chords for the song?
Well written and well performed. I recommend that you post here the lyrics you posted in the Forum at
I recommend you add your lyrics above to the story which has the audio file and YouTube video: Good song! Who is the singer? Who plays guitar?
MTR, do you have lead sheets with guitar chords for any of the songs from this album? I'd like to try out some with my no-name guitar.
Author: Paul F. Page (not verified)
Such a gentle, personal performance.  Posting these to the web provides many others with solid performances to enjoy and to use for study/practice. Much enjoyed.
It is good to have the links to your renditions of the Song of Our Lady of Guadalupe in French, Arabic and English. Thank you for your efforts to spread this song and for your vision of peace and joy in the world.
Author: Jeannette of Nazareth (not verified)
Greeting to all, First time I heard this soft beautiful song, it was during a PRO_LIFE Holy Mass in the region of the Capital of Canada. Right away, I simply fell in love with this song. Consequently, three years later, I decided to translate it and sing it in three languages Eng. Fr., & Arabic. Yes I dared in spite of my modest voice. My translation is to be modified and improved in time. Please find the links of this song uploaded a few days on youtube. It is available now in three...
Author: Guest (not verified)
Little Bella was a bit of a distraction but you finished the psalm!
Author: Sister Julie Ann Sheahan OSF (not verified)
St. Francis felt this pull. The tension allowed God to live within him in the now in real ways.  May our lives of prayer inspire us to action with great joy and peace! Thanks, Father Joseph! Bravo!
Author: CMM (not verified)
Paul, you really cover the gamut of music genres and stylings – from sacred traditional to contemporary worship to Pop. Very cool. Very generous of you to offer so much of your work for free.
Author: Lardo (not verified)
This is very well written music. Such beautiful harmonies and orchestral arrangements. The recorded performances are sublime. You are so right to encourage listening to Fr. Marco's works. This elevates the soul.
MTR, I sent you an email regarding my modus operandi with FSCC. I sent them links to your Twitter account two days before sending them MP3 files. The MP3s are for their convenience if they wish to post 1 or 2 songs in a feature article. They will need properly "tagged" MP3 files with artist, song title and album title.
Author: MTR
Rather than sending mp3 files, why don't you give them the Bitlink to this Story: . Then they can listen all they want for free at the same quality as the mp3s you sent and if they like a Track or the Whole Album, they can either Download the Tracks or Album for Free, or Donate something to help me on my Mission. MTR P.S. - If you insert the Bitlink in a Tweet, or insert it in an Email with HTML capabilities, you can take it easy on yourself by not troubling to send files.
Author: Cantor Cecil
So glad you have related your story about your connection with Marco Frisini's music. I have shared this article with others.
I like your "care-free" mug shot. And knowing that you added those two songs to the original 11, I will send them to Mark K. and Sister J.A. at I had sent the original 11 to them yesterday.
Author: MTR
I decided to add the two Tracks from Ambient Seashore to A Cup of Cold Water. Then I added a Photo of me taken outside of the Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering in the Fall of 1977. I was a First Year Graduate Student in the PhD Program then. Not a Care in the World, working 70 hours a week to keep up with my Studies and my Research, funded by the National Science Foundation. MTR
Well, no problem. In trying to sleuth out your problem, I actually discovered a problem with the home page not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer – more than 31 style sheets cannot be loaded in older. versions of IE. I told Drupal to optimize CSS and JavaScript. Now all is well.
Author: MTR
I just downloaded a new Audio CODEC for my Windows Pro (64 bit) build 1607. It has separate volume controls for Mozilla Firefox and for the system as a whole. I had the volume gain set to zero for Mozilla Firefox. That's why I couldn't hear anything. The 256 kbps mp3 I put in there earlier was just fine. I just wasn't familiar with my new CODEC's capabilities. MTR P.S. - Thanks for trying to diagnose my "Problem"
MTR: Your song plays fine on my Mac in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Please tell me your platform and browser. The player is HTML 5 so relies on Flash only as a fallback method of playing. Is the volume on the player up? Click on the right speaker icon. I just checked the MP3 player in Windows 7. The song played in Windows Chrome. It did not play in Windows Explorer 8 until I updated to latest version of Flash. I will look into this further. I thought this was an MP3 player with wide...
A quick method to make a hyperlink is to include www at the beginning of your URL. E.g. If the URL does not have www, then use the http:// prefix. E.g. http://MichaelResch.Bandcamp.comNow on to the second method which gives you more control over hyperlink creation:It looks like my site maintenance a few days ago resulted in change of "Input Format" from "Full HTML" to "Filtered HTML". The screenshot below shows you the toolbar that you should be seeing. You can click...
Author: MTR
     I added a Song to my Blog Post in mp3 format and no sound is coming out of the Music Player.  What did I do wrong?  MTR
Author: MTR
Richard,I would like to create hyperlinks of my own using the hyperlink tool in Rich Text mode.  Unfortunately, I don't have a clue about where the Tool Bar is.  Could you explain to me where the Tool Bar is?  Thanks.  MTR
Author: Cantor Cecil
I'd like to hear it with flute and ceramic drum.
Author: Cantor Cecil
You guys made this awesome without following the same old song formula.
Author: Cantor Cecil
I can hear lots of layers of voices and instruments building up this song...until...there isn'tany more shallow flow!
Came from learning the old spiritual "Deep River." 
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, MTR, for making them available. I am sending them to Mark Kolter. He may be interested in featuring 2 or 3 songs on the website.
Well, I am not doing custom coding myself. I'm not that geek-smart. I use off-the-Drupal-shelf modules to hodge together the services I want. I did those hyperlinks for you manually using the hyperlink tool in Rich Text mode (it's in the tool bar). I did have a module acitivated for a couple hours which is supposed to automatically create hyperlinks from URLs but it messed up some Forum posts made last year by André van Haren. He did an extensive series of tutorials for Sibelius notation...
Author: MTR
I didn't know that rich-text format allowed the creation of Hyperlinks from typed in Bitlinks.  That;s new to me and a very useful feature.  Thanks Richard for designing that into the System here at TCS.  MTR
Folksy sounding arrangement. Nice to hear this styling. You and Bill sound great together. I need a guitar with a timbre and presence like yours! Where can we find the words and chords to this song?
Thanks, MTR, for sharing this promo technique. I didn't know you could embed a tweet here! 
Glad you got the message that I posted my stab at lyrics. Spread the word about TCS. Peace.
Author: Simone.Mehl
Thank you so much Richard, Im so happy! :-) Much appreciated and God bless
Author: MTR
This is an example of what I call a Triple Play Tweet.It Promotes TCS on Twitter to my FollowersIt gives a Link to MTR's Blog to Visitors to TCSIt gives a Link to MTR's Album to Visitors to TCSIt also serves the purpose of giving links to my Blog and Album to my Followers and to general Twitter Accounts who look at the Main Timeline, not just their Home Timeline.  The use of the three Hashtags; #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter gives my Followers a chance to find this Tweet by searching...
Hello, Simone. The first two verses and the refrain of Mark Mallet's lyrics were posted here (song #8): I tried to finish the lyrics for you by listening to the full song (purchased from iTunes). But the first line of the third verse is not easy to understand – same trouble you had! I urge you to write to Mark to ask him for the correct lyrics: Ode to Mary © Mark Mallett When I was born...
MTR, were you able to edit your post? Holler if you are not seeing the EDIT link above the blog area. – Admin Richard
Thank you, MTR, for mentioning in your tweet. I hope this spurs interaction among the registered members of TCS, and brings in new visitors and new music contributions.
Author: MTR
MTS: That's a good point. I will check to see if I can change something on the back end so PDF attachments will open in a new window, as the default behavior. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt music. – Admin Richard Schletty
Author: MTR
I edited the Instructions on displaying the PDF to include Right-clicking the PDF and choosing "open in a new tab" to display the Info and Lyrics in a new tab on the browser so that displaying the PDF would not interfere with the playing of the music on the Embedded Player.  MTR
Author: MTR
I just wanted to edit my blog post. not comment on anything.  MTR
I have already listened to some of your tracks. They are well written and performed with passion. You do well at communicating things of the spirit with grace and emotion. Looking forward to your remastered tracks. I encourage others to listen to your songs. Glad to have you here at – Richard Schletty
Thank you so much for sharing your engraving skills with us for free. God bless you always, my friend.
I like the song. Good job. Can you point me to a guide for learning to read sol-fa? That notation above the lyrics is very cryptic to me.
I listened to "Rejoice" on Abigail's preview page and headed right on over to iTunes to add it to my collection of stress-reducing Christian music. Exquisite instrumental arrangements provide a flowing mesh for Abigail's angelic voice. I love the "world sound" of these songs – including Irish instruments and Middle Eastern duduk (flute). 
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard. Thank you for the feedback! I don't know about ambitious though :-) . I Praise God for it all.I hesitantly called it 'Small Mass' because I wanted to make it part of a 'set' for a straight-to-the-point Mass - well, straight-to-the-point when compared with the length of some Masses. Not sure how it'll all go but this is the Kyrie for it. It definitely does not seem to be going in the "Small = Absolutely Simple" route! Hmm.I have just uploaded the Sanctus for this Mass on this site...
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