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This reminds of Monty Python's Flying Circus when they'd say, "And now for something completely different." Your song is entertaining and didactic. I've been reading "Patrology" by Johannes Quasten so your short history of ecumenical councils, heresies and guidance by the Holy Spirit, all as part of Catholic Bible development, resonates with me. Thank you for sharing! 
Author: Nothingless
Thank you Richard, my friend it's a joy to receive your encouraging words blessings and prayers from Israel  
A rockin' reflection on all the goodness of our Creator that surrounds us throughout life's journey. Excellent mix and nice imagery. Happy Easter to you, my friend.
This is beautifully done.  Guitar and voice are simple and sublime. A heartfelt prayer. Thank you for sharing. I embedded your YouTube video for you. The instructions are in the blue box at the top of the home page.
You have been an inspiration me, Dan Vi. I sang two of the songs we crafted together on Divine Mercy Sunday at the Church of Saint Mary in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Author: Steve Byrne
What a beautiful piece!  Very well done, Jane.  
Author: asiansa09
It is such a treasure to tap into the sainthood direction. I guess I feel better just to be simple minded when I first know about Saint Faustina through the Divine Mercy of Christ.  But when I get to know more about the direction of sainthood in Catholic, I realize it is a tremendous resources that we haven't explore it throughly.
You are welcome. This is our original post from September 28, 2017. I sang this song on Good Friday at the prayer vigil sponsored by in front of Planned Parenthood's abortuary in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I also sang God's Gift to All the World.
Author: asiansa09
Thank you for mention me on your post.
Thank you, Filippo. I am glad you like this. The woman who inspired me to do this is Dan Vi. Her devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus runs deep. 
Author: Nothingless
This is beautiful!! I love the st Faustina writings, are really worthy to be sung, you created an intimate and appropriate acompaniement of her message
Thank you, Alex, for listening and commenting. Grace and peace.
Dear "zorahope", I'm glad you can help shed some light on the way this song should be sung. I was working blind, never having heard it before I attempted to sing it from the sheet music arrangement in Hymnal for Young Christians. I was confused by the cut time assigned to the piece. The verses seemed to go way too slowly, so that's why I sang them the way I did. I subsequently purchased Blue's original vinyl album. I might post the origonal recording – perhaps the...
Author: zorahope
I know I'm seriously late to this conversation (about 6 years late!), but I stumbled upon it looking for something else and these posts caught my eye because I, too, grew up singing and playing this song in our little Catholic church in North St. Louis, MO.  Richard, on your YouTube version, you are playing the verses twice as fast as your refrain. When I played it back in the day, I kept the same time signature throughout. We actually did it more as a 4 than as cut time, but that...
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                      Thanks for you kind feedback. If you don't mind putting up the YouTube links it would be very much appreciated because I have no idea how. So glad you enjoyed the songs and Thankyou for taking the time to listen to them. God Bless, Alex.
You can embed YouTube videos here. Instructions are at the top of the home page. If you can't figure it out, I would be happy to do it for you. 
Alex, I am very happy to hear your published God Hop tracks. You and your father did a great job on making your good words distinct and well-paced – with a nice underlayment of beats and instrumental sounds. These narratives speak well of your journey with Jesus Christ. I hope that lots of people listen. God bless.
Not bad for an iPad! It is beautiful. Have you created sheet music for this setting of Psalm 23? How do you intend to share/market your psalm settings? I am very much interested in your other psalm settings. 
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                      I upgraded my microphone to a Rode and I am liking it a lot more. We are almost half way through recording the ebook of lyrics I sent you a link for quite a while ago. There were 17 tracks written there and we are doing them one by one. We will pick our favourite 12 or 13 to put on the album and I will put a link on this site to it. Thanks for the feedback and hope you are well. All the best, Alex.
Definite improvement in the voice level and pacing. Good reflections on your journey with Christ. Congrats to you and your dad. Looking forward to the entire album. 
Excellent! I like the inspiration behind this song. Let's all endeavor to walk on water today, despite our self doubts!  FYI, you need to click on Source (top left of formatting toolbar) to enter the YouTube embed code into the source code editor. Please make the width 480 and height 270 (to accomodate small screens). I fixed it for you.  Also note that hitting Return gives you a line feed or break <br>. Hitting Shift + Return gives you a  new paragraph <p>....
You really went the extra mile for my little post! May God reward you... I'm using all digital recording equipment (much of the software is able to replicate that classic sound - compressors, amp simulators, etc.), but the vintage vibe comes primarily from the fact that I'm recording actual instruments (real drums, guitars, etc. and featuring others on real instruments like saxophone, harmonica, flute, etc.) and another reason is that I stopped listening to rock music (Christian or secular)...
I see you added the YouTube link. Normally, simply pasting in the YouTube video URL (address) will result in the video showing up on this web page. Optionally, you can grab the embed code and paste it into the "source code" view – but that is more geekish. Let's see if pasting in the YouTube video works here...
Author: Living Waters
Thank you so much! I am not sure what that means, but I more than willing to do anything to promote this video.
You can paste in the YouTube URL in your original post and it will show up as an inline video. Would you like to do that? It might draw more people to your post to have the embedded video. Looks good!
Author: Living Waters
Mark Lajoie here speaking for Living Waters! The video for this is now over 6000 plays on YouTube. For any who venture here we would be beholden to you if you go take a look at that and subscribe to our site! LET IT REIGN on LivingWatersUtube!
This is awesome, Michael. The lyrics overflow with emotion. What a testimony to the transformative power of the Body of Christ. Well produced, well sung! I can see this being perfromed on stage. Thanks for sharing.
Fr. Maximilian, these songs sound very good. Sung with passion and artistry. Did you use some classic analog equipment to record? SiteGround recently switched this website to a different web hosting space – from Apache to NGINX. It has caused some problems with serving up certain files with spaces and caps. I noticed that A Battle Cry Goes Out.mp3 wasn't playing in the MP3 player so I re-uploaded it as A-Battle-Cry-Goes-Out.mp3. I hope to have a fix soon. I also just...
Author: Andrzej
Thank you, Richard, for taking the time to listen/watch and for your kind comment - I appreciate it very much!