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Author: asiansa09 Thanks Richard for sharing this websites.  It is open up the door of opportunity for me and others for our next generation to dream and pursue the hope to get publishing our work.  Be courage!
Yes, I will adjust words as necessary to make good sense and to make the singing flow. That is what I did with our other collaborations.
Author: asiansa09
It might be helpful for you to lookup the vocabulary of the words in the song for clarification before you write up the song for it.  I just write it from my own understand and I use "big words" that it might need to clarify in the song context.
I will try to create a song with your lyric ideas. Thanks. Paul Inwood wrote a very nice song in 1985 called "Center of My Life." I sing this a few times every year at church. Chris Brunelle sings it very nicely in the YouTube video below. Click on the YouTube Description to see the lyrics. Dan, I think I can create a very nice song for you which incorporates many of the Christocentric points you have noted in your beginning lyrics. 
Author: asiansa09
Hi Richard, Lately, I took the class Cathechesis 101, and I feel so inspire of the concept in Christ that I try to pull out some important concept to write the song lyric.  Let see if you can gather your thought to write up a song for it.  
Here's another shout-out to site members and visitors. I welcome comments here about your experiences and hopes concerning promotion of new Catholic music. Are there some brilliant initiatives you've seen? Have you encountered roadblocks similar to what Benjamin Brekke describes in his lead post above? Does your heart gravitate more toward contemporary Christian music, hard rock, acoustic folk styling, multi-voice hymnody or simple traditional chant? What apps or devices do you use...
This is the video Dan vi Nguyen posted at
I used Cubase for a short while but then settled back in with Apple Logic Pro X. Let me know if you are interested in some quick Logic Pro tutorials on how I mix and master various songs I have posted here at TCS.
Unfortunately, this song was not accepted by OCP (Oregon Catholic Press). I hope they reconsider. Dan vi Nguyen and I also submitted two other songs we co-wrote and they were also rejected. She and I had great expectations.
Author: Guest (not verified)
Interesting song. I never heard the word Enchristment but I sure understand it in the context of this song. Well done.
Dear Holy Chorus, I just noticed that your YouTube video of Holy Flame is gone. Have you re-recorded and re-posted it? Best, Richard.
Steve, I appreciate your comment. I tried to do a balanced presentation here of original "unsigned" music by independent Catholic music composers alongside established music published in major Catholic hymnals. Let's just say that licensing is COMPLICATED! Composers do deserve to get royalties. I do want to make my just contribution to those composers whose music I have sung at church for so many years. It's just that I have not figured out how to monetize this site. I really don't want to do...
Author: Steve Byrne
Your may not have received any funds through creating this support network, Richard, but your ministry here through this website is highly valued!  God bless,  Steve
Alex, may you likewise be blessed in this season of hope and good will.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                    Just wanted to wish your family and yourself a Merry Christmas. Hope you also have a happy and safe new year too. God bless. Alex. 
Author: asiansa09
It is very interesting to write song lyrics about sainthood and his/her work. It is a big topic.
Author: asiansa09
Song Lyric:  TABLE OF THE KING 12/02/2018 By:  Dan Vi Nguyen CHORUS Come, come to the table of the king Come, come to the table of the king   VERSE Come to the table of the king We all share the food and water we have In thankful for God provides us with breads   CHORUS Come, come to the table of the king Come, come to the table of the king   VERSE Come to the table of the king We offer thankful for his meals To nourish our body mind and spiritual life...
Author: asiansa09 There is a history behind the song lyric "Table of the King" from Blessed Gamilin Emilie that you can read about it on wiki linked above.
Thanks for the co-writing invitation. I'll try to get to this soon. God bless.
Author: asiansa09
Hi Richard: Will you co-write the song with me and write lead sheet for the song. I really like this song to have a lead sheet for the song lyric, so that we can sing it at the associate members meeting.  
Well, really great vocals and a very able audio tech/mixer.  This Top Catholic Songs site was run by others from 2007 to late 2013. The early emphasis was promoting songs written by a select group of performing artists – all members of the Catholic Association of Music (founded by John Michael Talbot). I took over TCS in January of 2014, cleaned up the spam and outdated Drupal modules, and expanded the mission of the site to embrace the entire range of Catholic music old to new – simple...
Author: Steve Byrne
Thanks again, Richard, for your encouragement. They are my vocals (albeit a good few years back) in an audio-savvy friends bedroom! How have I only discovered this site recently? What a great idea to share music and experience of faith! Hope you’re well and singing on!  God bless, Steve (Surrey, UK).
Author: Alexander John
The whole video was really really great Richard. When I find some time I would like to do some more writing. At my local library there is a ton of books on how to write songs. I would like to step outside the hip hop structure and teach myself other ways to write different genres which I may have mentioned to you a while ago. Hope you are doing well. All the best. Alex. 
Alex: And all the best to you and your wife. Thanks for telling me about your listening session after mass. You inspired me – we are both smiling. Drop back in when you get some time and inclination. I'll leave the pot of coffee on.
Steve, this is absolutely stunning as far as being "in and with Christ" and top drawer as far as production. Is that  you singing? I am in awe of your group's ability to create beautiful, inspiring music.
Author: Steve Byrne
What a great idea to have a songwriters forum such as the MAS.  Haven’t seen any similar opportunities here in the UK.  You sing with a lot of passion and conviction, Richard, and I went to listen for a couple of minutes before realising I was watching the YouTube clips for over half an hour!  Very well done indeed.  ‘Every blessing. 
Great, Steve. Thanks for linking us up with your sheet music. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry  Christmas to you and your group. 
Author: Steve Byrne
Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words of encouragement.  Very much appreciated! Very happy to supply the sheet music for the song - different versions available here for anyone to use. Thanks again,  My prayers go with you. Steve  
Aurora, thank you for shedding more light on this song. If you can find all the lyrics, would you be so kind as to post them here?
Author: Aurora
Hello!  I graduated from Poveda Learning Centre (class of 1980), originally called Institucion Teresiana in Manila Philippines. We had annual Marian song competitions and I am told this version, which Povedans call "As the Rain Rushes Down" was composed by an earlier class.  I think it has one verse as Maria sings it.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     Yesterday when my wife and I got back from church I checked in on this site for the first time in quite a while and saw the link you posted. We watched it together and it was a great line up of tracks and it was pretty cool to see our two at the end. Well done and thanks for using a couple of ours. Hope you have been well and I plan to come back to this site a bit more often, just life has been messy lately....
Hi, Alex. Good to hear from you. Did you see the YouTube of my half-hour show which includes two of our song collaborations?
Author: asiansa09
This song is also an inspiration from being an associate member of Sisters of Providence with the mission of Blessed Gamelin Emilly "Table of the King." Pictures of Blessed Gamelin Emilly at Portland Providence Health & Services, Portland, OR, USA.
Author: asiansa09
Lately, I have to take my daddy to the Providence hospital for medical reasons.  They always take pulse of his heart beat for each visit.  I realize that it is very important that we all start with heart beat.
Author: asiansa09
I don't have melogy for this song yet. I try to write the song lyric with 8 counts and 4 beats. And also the chorus repeats 2 times or 4 times. It is difficult to write 8 words per line for 8 counts, because English is my second languages.   Maybe Richard can co-write the song for better lyric of the song.
I am glad you saw this post with our song "Our World So Beautiful." I was hoping you would. You have inspired several good songs and I thank you for that. Let's keep collaborating!
Dan, thanks for sharing your song about the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. We must all respeact human heart beats – even the tiniest ones!
Dan, thanks for sharing this song inspired by God's providence. Do you have a melody yet?
Author: asiansa09
Big dinner with Turkey for thanksgiving!
Author: asiansa09
I am thinking of writing a song lyric with 8 counts and 4 beats. Chorus repeats 2 or 4 times. This is just trial for song lyrics that I come up with, feel free to collaborate and edit.
Author: asiansa09
I am glad to see my song lyrics that I collaborate with you on here.  
Steve, welcome to our TCS community. I only have to listen to this song video to know that you and your group have much to bring to the table! Very fine songwriting, recording and imagery. A full spectrum of sound and very earnest song-praying. I sure am looking forward to additional songs – both for the Mass and for the masses (as inspirational faith songs). Bravo. Good to see that this one has the bishop's approval. Is sheet music available for Table of the Lord?
Author: stevdrak
Absolutely! Thanks again. Audra
Yes, I embedded the player. I saw that your permissions at SoundCloud allowed me to do that. I think it helps to give site visitors immediate access to the music – otherwise they might move on to the next article! They can always click your links for more info. I hope that's OK with you. - Richard
Author: stevdrak
Thank you for the positive feedback Richard, I will certainly pass it on to the rest of the group.  Was it you who also went ahead and embedded the player?  If so, Thank You!  God Bless.  Please keep up your good work in music. Audra ​COLOR
"The Joyful Mysteries, sung in entirety to contemporary Caribbean style music." Nicely done. Very easy to listen to and easy to understand. I like the alternating between female soloists, male soloists and the choral voices. Thank you for sharing this. I hope it will bless many. Looking forward to the other Mysteries of the Rosary. You can embed the SoundCloud player here. Contact me if you would like help doing that. 
Author: jbeyrooti
Thank you for the compliments.  I appreciate it.
Very nicely written, played and sung. Thanks for sharing.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, I think I'm starting to recover and thank you for having me in your prayers. I'm about to check out the new project you have done with Anthony Moran. I think this website is really cool the way people can network and collaborate for the glory of GOD. Great job running it! All the best. Alex.
Alex, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope and pray for your full recovery. Glad to hear about the couples group you are joining at church. May you be blessed by others and by God. I apologize for my long silence. I'm trying to stay afloat with graphic design jobs, family activities and church singing. Check out my new project with Anthony Moran:
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, sorry I haven't been in touch lately, I've been quite ill but just wanted to check in and say hi and hope your doing well. My wife and I are looking at joining s couples church group so that's pretty exciting for us. Anyway hope you and everyone here is well. Blessings. Alex.
Author: Holy Chorus
Thanks so much Richard for taking time to do what you did. I listened and have no complains whatsoever. Agree that everyone's ears are different but thanks to today's digital technology one is able to easily tailor preferences. Blessings!
To Brin, Mich, Sola, Denzil, Shey, Shen and Hiru, Thanks for your appreciation and encouragement. I do what I can with limited time and resources, and welcome those who can provide or suggest good content for TCS. Keep up the good resonance for Christ. – Richard
Listen closely to the MP3 file I uploaded (the one in the rectangular MP3 player). I reduced the top end. I think the high frequencies in your original upload were way too "bright." I applied equalization to the MP3 to balance it out and bring out the mids and lows. I'd be most interested in what you think. Of course, everyone's ears are different!
Author: Holy Chorus
Thank you Richard. It sounded OK when checked soon after upload, but you know best. Also, thanks so much for the appreciation. The upload was virtually hot off the press, so TCS had it almost before anyone. As always, it feels good to have a positive comment from someone such as you. Blessings Brin and the rest of the Holy Chorus.
Author: Holy Chorus
Thanks so much Richard. Although primarily done for the greater glory of God, it feels so good to have a comment - and its special when from you. Hopefully we will be able to share a more live video of this soon. Thanks for your great work with this site and prayers and blessings for achieving greater heights, with all you do. Brin, Mich, Sola, Denzil, Shey, Shen and Hiru 
A very devout song. Nicely written and sung. The visuals support the song very well. Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for sharing this song. Sounds good. Sorry about the flaky MP3 player. It doesn't always start. Sometimes have to refresh the page. I uploaded your song to our alternate MP3 player. A SoundCloud embed works much better. – TCS editor Richard Schletty
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, Thankyou for helping me with so much info. Basically I was thinking of getting a half decent usb microphone as I have a pretty fast laptop running Windows 7. Also thankyou for all your suggestions. I think I will look into buying Cubase Elements for $99. Also I do have a smartphone (iphone 6) so I could try doing what you recomended. I am not a student or teacher so I won't be eligable for those discounts but what I'm thinking is a $200 usb mic and spend $99 on Cubase. I really...
OK. Then I think we're set on this number. I'll try to get it "hiphoperated" (recorded) this week. Peace.
Author: Alexander John
Thanks for the suggestions Richard. I really like this line you suggested: Let's be the people who bring love and light.      
Instead of this for the last line... We are people that with love comes light. about one of these? When we love each other, we bring the light. or  Let's be the people who bring love and light.  
Alex, I recommend starting with this free DAW (digital audio workstation): T6 DAW (by Tracktion) There are newer versions of Tracktion that cost money (Waveform or T7) but you should start with T6 to see if you like it. Get it installed and then drop me a line. Next question: Do you have a good smartphone? I get very good voice recordings on my iPhone 6s Plus. I email myself a voice or guitar recording and then bring it into Apple Logic X for...
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, I have a laptop with Windows 7 but my budget is very small (about $500) and I'm not sure if that will cover the cost of a basic setup. I was thinking of going to a cheap studio to record it but I'm not sure how to go about it. I recorded non-catholic songs when I was much younger on friends setups but I don't speak with them anymore. Any tips or advice would mean a great deal as I'm also not that tech savvy. Cheers Richard.
Hi, Alex. I can try to help you decide what to get for basic recording hardware and software but a lot depends on your budget as well as whether you have a Mac or Windows computer. So, let's start with your computer. Let me know what it is. I have had a busy year. Sorry that I've been offline so much. I promised I'd voice a couple more of your hip hop narratives.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                    Hope you have been well. I am looking at recording my mixtape soon as I have just finished all 14 tracks in written form. I don't own any equiptment and was just wondering if you have any recomendations for a cheap basic setup? Hope your well and it's pretty cold here down under but hey that's Melbourne for you. Hope to talk soon. GOD Bless. Alex.
I found two recordings of this song. Hail Mary, Queen of flowers by Magpalacir Choir with lyrics HAIL MARY QUEEN OF FLOWERS at Calape, Bohol Hail Mary, Queen of Flowers, to you we offer our love song filled with colors with so much splendor. Your beauty, it lingers. God's blessings please shower unto us. Hail Mary, Queen of Flowers, you're sweet as roses, red roses, pink and yellow, white and scented....
Glad you took a second pass at this. Now I will voice it. Talk soon. 
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I just edited this track. I didn't realise how rushed this one felt until going back over it. Thankyou for your suggestions, definatly needed a bit of tweeking. I hope this version reads easier. Thanks for taking the time to help me with editing suggestions. God Bless. Alex.  1st Verse:    I try not to judge    But still cry when I love...
Hi, Alex. I tried recording your hip-hop poem but got stuck at the last two lines: Let's phase out evil cos it's dynamite  To the people I hope in your lives there's light. I am not sure what that means and how to speak it. Evil is dynamite? Evil is dynamite to the people? To say something is "dynamite" can mean explosive or destructive. In other contexts "dynamite" can mean good or attractive. "Your speech was dynamite." "Your dress looks dynamite." Thanks for looking at this...
Hi, Linda. You can order a piano sheet music arrangement for Gary Ault's "All That We Have" from OCP: Downloadable version: OCP sample PDF here: "All That We Have" also appears in these GIA hymnals (which have piano book editions): Gather 2nd Edition Gather Comprehensive Gather Comprehensive 2nd Edition Catholic Community Hymnal If interested in a full...
Author: Linda Villegas (not verified)
Good day, I am a member of the Open in Spirit to God Prayer Group based in the Holy Spirit Parish located in Barrie, Ontario, CAnada. I would deeply appreciate if you can advise how I can order on line a copy of the piano music sheet for Gary Ault's "All That We Have" music. Thank you and God bless. Linda Villegas Bradford West Gwillimbury Ontario, Canada
Alex, I'll take a look at it. Good to hear from you again. Blessings on your and yours.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I meant the church as a crutch in a way that it can help you walk through life even if you feel wounded. However in case it is misinterpreted by the listener I can change it. 
Hope is what we all need. You express it well – the gifts that God gives us all. "Let GOD be the bandage and the church your crutch..." I prefer to think of the church as a strong support for a person. I hope you meant it that way. "Crutch" can have a negative connotation. RCS
I'll lay it down soon. Keep that love pen flowing!
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I have just added lyrics for a track I wrote called "Stronger Together" which I think your voicing would do the words great justice. Good to hear from you again. Alex.  
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     Thank you for taking the time to download and read my lyrics. I'm really glad you liked them and thank you for your kind words. I added a new link to where it's the same content just structured a bit better as the link I originally posted is the unedited version. I would love for you to do more voicings but I realise your a very busy man. So great to hear from you and GOD Bless to you and your family....
Alex, I downloaded your free anthology of hip-hop poems. Nice to see them all in one place. You pour your heart out in these, giving strong testimony to the power of Christ in your life. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Let me know if you want more voicings. Sorry that I faded away for awhile. I've got too much on my three spinning plates. 
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                     I was thinking of recording a album with my own voice and beats. Once it's done I would like to share it online (here especially). I guess I just slightly doubt my ability to do good catholic hip hop by myself completely as my past experience with hip hop has only been the mainstream stuff before I was baptized last year and started changing things in my life including what I protitized. Thanks for everything...
Alex, it's been real busy here but I'll try to find some time to voice a few more tracks for you. I hope my recordings provide not so much a "template" for styling as they do an inspiration. I hope you or your friends will give it a go soon with your own hip-hop voicings. I'm excited to hear what you come up with. Be yourself!
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                    I have some more written rough tracks that I was wondering if you wanted to voice once I have gone over them and fixed them up? Hope you have been well. Kind Regards. Alex.
Happy New Year to you, too, Alex. I also hope to see more sharing and engagement here at TCS. I've been real busy with work, family and Christmas season music. But I want to get back to our Hip-Hop project. Expect word from me soon.
Author: Mike Sotiroff (not verified)
Ken; ​The songs on your Adoration CD are beautiful.  I play classical guitar solos as meditation pieces during our Catholic Masses here in Decatur,  Illinois.  I'm always looking for new arrangements to play especially ones that speak to me as yours did.  Do you have the sheet music for your arrangements available for sale? Your parish is fortunate to have you in their music ministry.   ​Thanks for your help and may 2018 bring you many blessings. ​Thanks,  Mike
Lumen Hilare sings with voices of angels. A nice, balanced blend that calms the soul. I went to the internet to read more about St. Louis de Montfort and Maria Boguslawska. Hardly anything in English can be found about Maria. I found this at Wikepedia about St. Louis de Montfort: "While the saint is best known for his spiritual writings, he was also a poet and during his missions managed to compose more than 20,000 verses of hymns....
Jack, thanks for your kind comments, my good friend-in-music. Too bad we can't get this joint hopping the way used to hop. Best to you. 
Author: Guest (not verified)
Gotta say, the country (soft rock?) version grabs me. That said, both hit the right note. Wonderful lyrics. Sung and spoken spot on by Richard. Really nice guitar work on V2, Richard... Jack
Yes, it is a song sent from on high. Both the organist and the vocalist on this recording are very good. Have you recorded pieces before?  If you don't mind, I'd like to post the credits and lyrics here (which you have in the YouTube video): Love is Patient Composed by: Margaret Hoar Vocals by: Andrea Leluika Lyrics from Corinthians 13 4:8 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no...
Author: fitz
Song was written by our late Mother who died this year which was very divinely inspired! and being a musician recently recorded it for all to enjoy for free! 
Yes, I did see that in your description. I just wasn't sure if you had paraphrased anything. I should have listened carefully with my New Testament open to Corinthians. What is your goal with the piece? Is the sheet music for sale anywhere?
Author: fitz
Lyrics are from Corinthians 13 4:8
Author: Bob Young (not verified)
I agree...  Lovely and interesting words.  Bob Young
I'd like to redo some of the tracks I posted based on the things I learned along the way trying to do "God Hop" or "Hip Chant." Call it what you will, I think there are some particularly good moments. I'd like to replicate that groove consistently to create for you a resonant album of 10-12 poem-songs.  
Alex, let me get back to you soon. I'll give you my ideas and recommendations. Thanks.
Thank you for sharing this song. Voice and organ are nicely composed and performed. It would be nice to see the lyrics. Is sheet music available?
Congratulations, Mark! That s good news, indeed. Your band lives on. 
Author: Living Waters
Update! This song just won an award! Read about that here on our blog: "An Award for Living Waters!"
Hi, Jim. Send me a note via the Contact form and I'll try to connect you. Thanks for the photo!
Author: Jim Lee (not verified)
In the 1960s  we lived in Shrewsbury MO.  Bob was a family friend and frequent guest in our home.   I have been trying to track Bob down.   When he lived in Shrewsbury his roommate was "Rod"...I don't remember his last name.  I was about 15.   I have a grainy photograph of Bob playing a piano for my brothers and sisters.   any help would be appreciated.
Author: Alexander John
Hey Richard, sounds good. Very old school hip hop feel. For somebody fairly new to the delivery of hip hop I'm very impressed. Hope you are well. GOD Bless. 
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