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I know there's a huge need for Spanish language music materials.  Thank you to Richard and all that are doing these.  
Enjoyable.  I would love to have this to participate in if I were in a Mass, but also for a relaxing and Spirit-tuned afternoon!
I want to echo what Richard said about the clipping (but I don't know anything about what he said regarding it) but absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sharing! 
Is this new Captcha verification part of the migration?  If so, very nice.  I mean, I don't like doing them (who does?) but it makes me feel the site is secure.   Thanks for the update from late March.  I will refrain from MP3 and simply plaster frame links at everyone :-) Thank you, Richard! 
Nice rendition. Straight into Quick Time Player! Wow, that is basic. Curious if you also use GarageBand, Logic Pro X or Cubase. Watch the clipping! I have mentioned this before. With a sequencer, you can have a hard limiter.
Update 3/30/2022: I have finally migrated this huge Drupal website from SiteGround (which is shutting down support for older PHP versions) to InMotion Hosting. See last paragraph in main story above. This does not rule out the possibiity of doing a total switchover from Drupal CMS to WordPress CMS in the proximal or distal future.
I am gratified that you took the time to listen to the attached sound file. I sang at St. Mary's for about ten years but quit when they banished piano and guitar from the liturgy. Two new pastors who have a different take on liturgical music. They only want organ and plainchant. Oh well, it has given me more time to devote to as well as! They can't take away my air (internet) guitar! LOL
You have such a gentle and prayerful approach to your psalm arrangements. Nice guitar playing and singing. This invites not only vocal participation but indwelling. God is great!
Hi Richard, Very nice recording.  Your vocals is truly pure and exquisite. I love your basement recording set-up. The recording in St Mary's on 2017 is also a grerat recording, I love the sound you guys produce. Thanks for sharing Richard!!! Rene  
Rene, you had the YouTube inserted into source code correctly for a minute, then lost it. I saw the YouTube video iframe at about 4:25 pm. Keep trying. I recommend you tick the box "Do not send notifications for this update". Otherwise your subscribers end up getting an email every time you tweak the post.
Rene, you did do the embed correctly one time so far, but just in one of the windows. You have to get used to toggling between visual view and source code view in the two editing windows – Body and Teaser. I usually start with the Body content. Then I copy source code from Body content to the source view of the Teaser. I fully understand how "source code" can trip you up. Quite similar to the way learning scales on my guitar trips me up something fierce!
Hi Richard, You are a very patient man, and I really appreciate you. For some reason, I am not able to get the embed thing done correctly. I will try again next time. Again, thanks for the wonderful comments, and for being so patient with me. Respectfully, 'Rene
Rene, Thanks for your continuing contributions to "the TCS scene". You rock the faith! Please click on the Source button (top left of formatting toolbar) to enter your YouTube embed code into the Source Code editor. Click on Source button again to return to Visual editor. Pasting the embed code into the visual editor will not display the YouTube player. Sorry that it is so nerdy. We are working with ultra-old technology on this website (Drupal 6). One of these days I will...
Beautiful! You sure do create a wonderful blanket of faith, hope and love. Give my best to your choir!
John, these songs are absolutely beautiful. Your voice is expressive and gentle at the same time. The instrumental arrangements are superb. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing you are to the Lehigh Valley area and beyond.
Thank you, Richard. Your encouragement is wonderful. Choir of Our Lady of the Rosary
Thank you for looking out for me Richard. I will get this embed thing correctly. I am working on a new original, titled "You and Me", and it is about Hope and Love, like you defined my songs. Great match!!! You are always a great inspiration and support. Thank you Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Your psalm presentation is a balm with its gentle flow of words, guitar arpeggio and violin in an ambient space. Well done. One of my favorites from your collection of psalms.
Rene, you have to paste the YouTube embed code into source code. Just toggle the "Source" button in the upper left of the Body editor and Teaser editor. I did the deed for you. After pasting into source code view, you can toggle the Source button to get back to visual view. When you see a frame with the word Iframe inside it, you have success! Be sure to check the guide I emailed to you. Keep on groovin' with songs of love and hope. Best, Richard
Well, I browse around this site because I own it! Gotta tend to the customers!
Hi Richard, I am a beginner finger style guitarist, and just trying to be flawless, even with a simple note to note guitar arrangement. I can teach you, if you are so engaged. Let me know what you are interested in. Time is something that we both are not rich, at this moment. I can record a tutorial for you, as well. Rene
Hi Richard, I am glad that you are liking this arrangement. This is a song that is being played in Medjugorje., I simply love this song, the first moment I heard it, very contemplative and so prayerful. Thanks again!!! Rene
Hi Richard, You are simply awesome. With your busy schedule, you have the time to browse around. Thank you so much for your support! Respectfully, Rene
Hi Richard, Thanks for the feedback. I will check my system. I am also waiting for a delivery of my UAD audio interface with compressor. Really appreciate your support! Respectfully, Rene
Man, you are prolific. The muse is flowing from your lips and fingers.  I am hearing some clipping/distortion in this YouTube track and Winnie the Pooh. Throw a hard limiter on your master track. Check the loudness (aim for -12 to -14 LUFS).
Excellent, René. This guitar arrangement is resonant and flowing. It begs for an overlay of melodic voices but plays well on its own as a peace prayer. Thank you for helping us all to center our thoughts on unity and kindness. 
Your daughter has a beautiful voice that is just the right touch for this song. If I have any critique at all, I would say that she should open her mouth a bit more to help better shape her tone and expression.  It really sounds good at 1:08 where she sings "hive". I will go to your channel and listen to more videos! I am hooked. Nice guitar playing, too. 
You have laid down a splendid rendition of this beloved traditional hymn honoring Mother Mary. Teach me to play guitar like that! Wow.
Greetings Richard. Yes, I am recording guitar and voice in one pass, like a "live performance". I am using the "Edwina" for vocals and Shure SM 58 for guitar, but both mics still pick up guitar and voice.  Thanks for your kind words, especially on pitch!  
Your musical setting of this psalm is calm and assuring. Good blend of instruments and voices. Thanks for sharing your beautiful artistry which stirs heart, mind and soul.  
People will look at that subject line and think there is a picture of a model in the comments here. LOL. I never heard of Ear Trumpet Labs. I will have to go to their website and look about. I use a $200 Audio-Technica AT3035 cardioid mic (w/phantom power) for both voice and guitar. Too lazy to switch to my instrument pencil mic when doing guitar tracks. It appears you are recording voice and guitar in one pass. You have very good pitch, phrasing and guitar synchrony. You are "in the...
Hi Richard, Thanks for the wonderful comments. This mic is a condenser mic, made by Ear Trumpet Labs based in Portland, Oregon. The model is "Edwina".  I love this mic. Again, thanks Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Basil Valdez wrote a good song and you deliver it with heart and soul. Good ups. Great sounding guitar. What vocal mic do you have there? It really captures the full dynamics of your voice.
Thanks so much Richard!
You are welcome, Rene. I pasted in the YouTube embed code on your three videos. Good songs.
Hi Richard, Thanks for the great comment on this "upbeat love song". Can you please help me in getting my youtube video to appear in my story? I really do not know how to do it, yet. No need to send new e-mail notifications to TCS subscriberas at this time. Thanks agfain Richard!!! Respectfully, Rene
Rene: You have laid down another good one. An upbeat love song. Well played. Would you like the YouTube video to appear in your story? If so, I can drop in the iframe embed code. Or you can do it yourself by following this guide: Switch from the visual editor to the source code editor by clicking on the "Source" button (top left of formatting toolbar). Enter the YouTube embed code into the source code editor. Click on "Source" button again to return to visual editor. Save...
Hi Richard, Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and the wonderful feedback. Heartfelt indeed on my part, and artistic delivery, thanks for that comment! Blessings to you and your family! Rene
Rene: Very heartfelt lyrics and an artistic delivery. May God keep inspiring you!
Hi! Please drop me a comment and /or feedback. I love to hear from you! Thanks for your time and effort. Blessings, Rene
Another fine teaching moment from the Porch. Who is the high voice? Good job on the polyphony! You sure found a lot of words to rhyme with priest.  Thanks for sharing.
Dan, I am so happy that you have a new dwelling and that you have asked God to watch over it. May you, your family and your visitors be blessed.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful setting of Psalm 17/18: I love You, Lord, my strength. We need God's mighty hand to help us through the hazards and uncertainties of life. 
Author: balynch88
Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.  I actually have your tunes up on spotify right now, my toddler has been dancing to the  Praise to the New Eve Guadalupe mix. 
All done with love from my Hermitage. And with the modern tech I can get awesome musicians (like Artem and Karin) from anywhere in the world with a few clicks and never have to leave my solitude.
Now I know for sure you are a multi instrumentalist and vocalist. I am seeing it with my own eyes in the YouTube video. Great job of songwriting and performance. I hope this touches many. Forgiveness is key to spiritual healing and awakening in Christ.
I enjoyed this a lot. I've listened to enough stuff of yours that now I'm familiar with your "sound" and this is definitely quintessential BAL. You complained about the production etc but I found it decent. I assumed it was newer than it is (although I did recall you mentioning this was coming) and was thinking "wow he's getting his craft down". I did first get this from Spotify (was top of my release radar playlist today) and saw this post after so I lacked that context - perhaps perception is...
Author: Andrzej
What a thoughtful and generous comment, Benjamin. Thank you so much. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the album. It is my second public release, a follow-up to my album called #4, which was released in 2021. Thank you again! ap
Author: Andrzej
Thank you so much, Richard. I appreciate you having taken the time to listen and to comment. THank you. ap
I enjoyed reading Nick's story of finding the church. Indeed, it was encouraging. Thank you to Nick for sharing and to Richard for posting this! 
Thank you, Richard, keep us all posted!
I found you on Spotify and will listen to the full works later, but I wanted to comment while I'm here.  I love these because they are modern without being completely atonal (and yet appropriately uses dissonance).  Good stuff, sir! ~Benjamin
Thanks for sharing your compositions, Andrzej. They are emotive, introspective and engaging. Very artful. 
You are rockin' Mother Mary! Good ups. I must admit that I never heard of Slap House. I found this interesting article: Do you know that we have had some contributions of Catholic Metal here at TCS?
Thanks for your offer of uploading assistance. Not quite sure how that would work. I will let you know when and if SiteGround disallows this website which requires ancient PHP 5.6. What if cars and cash machines using old software were suddenly made to stop working? Where there's a will, there's a way, as my mother used to say.
I'm with Brian in that if you give me a couple pages to download to save something I can help.  I'm also no good as far as tech stuff goes.  What I do have experience in doing is YouTube uploading and the like, so if part of your migration is uploading to an off-site service, I can pull things off here, stick art on it if there is any art that went with it, and post it to a YouTube channel.  Just an idea - I'm not clear on whether things would be hosted directly on WordPress or...
Thanks so much for your input. Yes, I could rework this website along the lines of your suggestions. In fact, I built a website for performing songwriters using WordPress. The Artist Profiles section of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters website has all the features you suggest – plus more.  MAS Artist Profiles landing page: My profile: MAS Members music gallery:
Author: balynch88
Wonder if you could add an archive page where all the old songs that won't transfer over can be uploaded again. I know that is probably a lot of work as there are a bunch of songs. Might be nice to be able to listen to everything off of one page anyhow. I'm not very tech savy so I don't know what all this would entail.  One thing that may be neat to do with an upgrade is have a playlist page (youtube or spotify or something), for artists who share their songs on here. Could make up...
Author: Dhaivid3
Hello Richard. Long time! Things are okay. Thank you! How are you doing? No problem at all. Thank you very much for the feedback on this song. I still compose but I've not sang for a long time. Hope things are going well with you. Stay well. May God Bless you too. Many regards, E
Edewede: I hope you are well. We haven't conversed for quite a while. I like this Christmas song. Sorry that I did not take notice of it when you first posted it. Are you still composing and singing? God bless.
Thanks for sharing that. I didn't grow up Catholic so have no notion of how it would have been. I think I'll probably do more mixes like this. It works better for contemporary Catholic music circles (Lee O'Day at KSWZ had a strong reaction to it - hi Lee if you're reading this!) and it's inexpensive to have done (I don't do things much myself). Plus it evergreens the project longer. Only one more communist parody single left! Thanks for the continuing encouragement. 
Author: balynch88
When I was a teen, our band played at our church's lock ins and retreats. Those probably aren't going on now due to COVID restrictions, and DJs have long replaced bands for the most part anyhow. So if I was a kid at a retreat now, I would be requesting this jam from the DJ.  You could probably do a an entire album in this style and push it out to youth ministers, I think that would work. 
You awhile back sent me a video and some information about Prosody.  I've found it useful and incorporated (some) of the principles I learned into my writing!  Just wanted to state this helpfulness of yours publicly.  
Ooh fun a CONTEST.  Glad to see we have resolution.  (For now) 
Thank you for sharing this little devotional.  I was encouraged!
Author: JB (not verified)
My dear songwriters who contributed to this Christmas song that I’ve tried to perfect for 33 years. Several of you have responded with lyrics and I thank you. I have been agonizing for days on making this song better with your lovely words, but as I said before it’s all about the song. I chose the words that fit best with the melody, the theme of the song and that were more singable and believe me I tried singing them all. So with that in mind, here is the newest version. [maybe not the...
Author: balynch88
I like it, if I were going to change anything with the last line in the song it would be: But the Father above has blessed us with love, with the gift of His Son Christmas day
Author: John Bennett
Thanks,  I'll get back to you.  JOHN
Author: Daniel Shaughnessy (not verified)
But through the Gift of God's Son, new life has been won, without it(Him), WHERE WOULD WE BE. TITLE: WHERE WOULD WE BE? Maybe repeat with  Oh tell me where would we be? Could also say The work has been done instead of new life has been won.  God's leading for you John.
John, thanks very much for your line-by-line analysis. Helps to give us a fuller appreciation of this wonderful traditional Christmas hymn. I had to reformat your layout because it did not look good on a smartphone screen – way too many spacebars. Merry Christmas!
Through the rising of the Son or Through the gifting of His Son or Through the giving of His Son or The gift of His Son to us all or His Son lights the way I like the song. Needs a bit of tweaking as far as prosody.  Here are my suggestions: Oh, where would we be had not a savior been born On that wonderful Christmas morning? No prophecies fulfilled, no hope of redemption, No Christmas hymns to sing. Chorus: But the guiding star has filled the night! The shepherds knelt down at the...
I like it.  And especially so when compared to Drupal or WordPress.  Haha! 
My middle name is Cecil, not Drupal. I am actually much more adept with WordPress.
I like it. Your voice has more presence in this recording. "Leading all the travelers to the door." Amen! Let's all mix and mingle at the manger this Christmas. 
Great song, check this out everyone! I've been on a three month trial of Spotify so this was a nice surprise this morning.  Solid song and effort - I like it!
Is Drupal your middle name? Hahaha - thanks for your help! 
Author: balynch88
I thought the music in it was the best one so far, I was just afraid to mention it in case it was a parody. It didnt' sound like anything I had heard before, but I didn't grow up listening to communist propaganda anthems either.   It does have a soundtrack feel to it, which is cool. Thanks for the back story, that is a great title. 
I placed the correct YouTube URL for "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" Now you can see the two videos side by side. – Richard
Nope you're not missing anything -- apparently I can only embed one track at a time via YouTube. I'll post a direct link at a later point. Glad you pointed this out! 
I still can't find the B side. Both YouTubes are of the same 2:04 song "Look to the Chair of Peter". Am I missing something? Regards, Richard
Much appreciated.  "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" is original, but I recorded another form of it a long time ago.  I was inspired by watching PBS and there was some program that mentioned a child's artwork and the title of the artwork was the same as the song.  I just loved the phrase.  I used it with some music I had written even before that in my high school days in the piano practice rooms - this part is the instrumental breaks you're hearing.  If it...
Thank you, Richard!  I think my intention with the second YouTube was to give a link to the full single which includes a B-side.  The B-side, the second song, is "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?" but I might have messed up.  There will probably be a lyric video for that in the next couple weeks which I'll post separately.  Thank you again!
Author: balynch88
I like the song, thank you for sharing it with us.  I'll be checking out your other songs too!  
Author: balynch88
I enjoyed the two new ones, can't wait for the full album to be released.  The "Stars" song has good instrumental breaks in it, is this one a paradody of another song too? Keep up the good work!
Thanks for your Advent music suggestions, Stephen.
Author: Stephen Pishner (not verified)
You might want to review and consider these pieces of music for Advent: PSALM AND GOSPEL ACCLAMATION FOR ADVENT PREPARE! PREPARE!
Author: Richard (not verified)
Good parodies that can help lead the faithful as well as converts to Paradise. The second YouTube is not "Stars, How Do You Feel About Being Small?". It is "Look to the Chair".
Thank you for your feedback!
These are lovely, beautiful, and echo softly in the soul after the music ends. Thanks for the share. I'm heading over to hear the whole Mass now. :-) 
Thanks for posting this really fun music to listen to!
Author: John Bennett
We'd love to have you come play your original songs on stage at our local Christian songwriters showcase.  We welcome Catholic songwriters and have promoted Catholics on our past compilation CD releases.. If you'd like to sample one of our shows please come to our September show: SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24TH,  2 - 4 PM Dunn Brothers Coffee 1160 County Road E West Arden Hills, MN 55112 Worshipping and spreading God's LOVE through our songs,  ,...
Author: asiansa09
Still feel inspire and true for this song lyrics as I wrote a while ago.
Author: Alexander John
Hi Steve,                 I just listened to your track on topcatholicsongs. You bought such grace and emotion to it. It was really a joy to listen to. It is good that in the UK you have come so far like in America and I hope we get there soon. It looks like we are on track though! All the best mate and God Bless, Alex.
I regard it now as "the common covid" – same as "the common cold". Practice good hygiene, exercise daily and get plenty of sunshine and we'll all survive. 
Author: Steve Byrne
Such an interesting discussion. Here in the UK we have lifted restrictions but still have masks on in Church. We can sing behind the masks - but no wind instruments allowed as yet. Cases are nationally high but we all seem to be ignoring it!  I've been listening to your music, gents. You're both very blessed.  hope you stay well.  Steve
Nice. I like your take on these songs of faith. Sounds like a live gig full of passion. You rock!
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard,                      Sorry to hear you won't be able to perform at your church anymore. I hope you enjoy semi retirement and have extra time for the things that are important to you. It's looking like lockdown here will be lifted early in about a week, rather than two! I doubt I'll be back to work for at least a month though. Stay safe and hope you and your loved ones and safe and well. All the best, Alex
Give this a listen. Instrumentals of classics plus originals with vocals! If you don't use Spotify see the previous post in there is a link to YouTube also.
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