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Another rousing call to battle for Christians against the wickedness and snares of the devil. I like your word rhymes and cadence.  "A billion strong together in a thrum." Thrum is a new word for me! How could I have not known this all my life? Now imagine "a billion strong together in a scrum!"
Oops! Mr Schletty can you kindly remove my triple post? I seem to have hit the button three times thinking my comment didn't upload. :-) 
What a wonderful piece.  I loved the video also as it scrolled and I could follow and attempt to sing along.  Hopefully you get a lot of parishes interested in this and your other selections. 
I hear ya. Melodyne is a necessity for those of us who can't quite sing on pitch all the time. I've tried to improve for many years and sometimes come close. I am 68 years old now and thank God that my range and timbre have been preserved over the decades. I've always had an intermittent problem with glottis spasm when singing sustained notes above high D (w/o going into falsetto mode). That happens sometimes when singing something like "Lift High the Cross" at Mass...
Good information. You fooled me with one voice doing all the tracks! Excellent. And about you using Melodyne on *some* of the tracks...I have the folks that help me Melodyne ALL my tracks - it would be unlistenable otherwise. So don't feel bad in the slightest. These technologies help us do more. 
Thanks for your in-depth comments. Truly appreciated. The original compositions are similar to the Michel Guimont arrangements of English psalms as found in the Revised Grail Psalms from Conception Abbey/The Grail. We sing the Guimont psalm tones most weekends at the Church of St. Mary in St. Paul. Minnesota. However, the Spanish salmo arrangements Tony and I create are a bit simpler than the Guimont arrangements. We try to avoid complex chords, like inversions and difficult "...
First off, I hit the play mp3 button and then when it "didn't work" I played the video. So I started out thinking this was some sort of round as both began playing but not in synch! Haha. As a non-Spanish speaker and relatively unfamiliar with liturgical music (take what I say for what it's worth)  I think this sounds good. It sticks in the mind which is wonderful as it writes the text onto hearts and souls and is carried by the hearer during their days. As guitar is probably the normal...
Thank you for your comment! I created lyrics for Dave's track and recorded my voice for this song 15 years ago! Where has the time gone?
Author: Steve Byrne
I love how this song flows.  Great priduction and lyrcs.  Very prayerful.  My prayers go with you.
"Peaceful and meditative" – just as you said in your description. Reminiscent of some of John Michael Talbot's prayer-songs. Well done. Good guitar work. Sweet vocals.  Keep the songs coming! Do you have your songs available as guitar lead sheets?
This song is a gentle reminder of how the Most Holy Trinity can infuse our being through self-abandonment and welcoming prayer. I like the interplay of voices (polyphony). Thank you for sharing this wonderful composition. 
This sounds good. Reminscent of circle singing and Sacred Harp singing, with harmonic layering and improvised solos led by the Spirit. Well done.
Well spoken. Well sung. Thank you, Fr. Maximilian, for your teaching on the beauty of creation. We must re-instill awe and wonder in our youth.
Author: stevdrak
Captain, thanks for your lovely feedback and for taking the time to comment.   I'm happy that the music could transport you to happy days growing up.  God bless. audra from Color  
I grew up in an evangelical denomination that used only a cappella music and this song, especially the first and last parts with the call-and-response styling, reminds me of this same type of music we sometimes sang.  Enjoyed.  Thank you for sharing!
Father has a gift for weaving a great piece together. Catchy without being gimmicky. Excellent track. 
Author: stevdrak
Thank you Richard, I always appreciate whatever feedback you have to share.  Thank you as well for providing this platform for Catholic artists to minister.  May God continue to bless you 
Captain, you found what I found at St. James Music Press a few years back. A lot of very good music. I posted other stories in the past here at TCS highlighting their seasonal offerings. Just do a search here for St. James Music Press. James Music Press
I'm not involved in my parish's music ministry but what a great resource for those who are (and for Catholic music fans like myself).  Just wanted to point out you can see everything and hear many of the songs before you have to pay for the license.  The only risk to look around is the time it takes you to sign up.  Check this out!
Author: asiansa09
How do we get our songs to be in the litergy song book of Catholic church?
The last two songs here are my collaborations with Alex John. I adapted his poetry to create my own takes on his good sentiments re God and love. 22:39​ – Love 101 – by Richard Schletty and Alex John (home studio recording) 26:14​ – God Is On The Scene – by Richard Schletty and Alex John (home studio recording)
Author: Alexander John
Thanks for taking time to listen to my music and I hope you enjoy the EP. 
Author: balynch88
Liked your music, had to listen to a couple of the songs, will plan on sitting down and listening to the entire EP soon. Keep up the good work. 
Here are two Divine Mercy songs that Dan vi Nguyen and Richard Schletty composed: God's Gift to All the World (Nguyen, Schletty, van Haren) For the Love of Humanity: a Divine Mercy chant based on messages from Christ to St. Faustina
Author: balynch88
Thank you for listening, I also enjoyed the song you posted, great orchestration. Will keep an eye out for more of your work in the future. 
Author: Alexander John
That is very kind of you to say and I appreciate the lovely feedback. Im glad you enjoyed them! Stay safe and God Bless. I will also let my dad know that you dig his production. All the best, Alex.
Alex,  I've haunted this site for maybe a month and have enjoyed your tracks.  At one point I went back and found stuff from last year.  I enjoy hearing spoken word performance with your cool accent and of course I love the subject matter.  Oh, and your dad did a great job with the BGM.  
Enjoyed this approach to music.  It's familiar and yet different.  I like the "throwback" feel and your deliberate marketing using similar language to differentiate your music.  A couple weeks ago I had this on repeat for like 2 hours as I cleaned house.  When I clean house, I need to feel like I'm already walking on water as it's not my favorite task.  
Listened to this whole record last night and went kind of nuts over the "Don't Be Afraid to Shine that Light" track.  Also enjoyed the natural approach to vocals, I think it fits the style of your music.  For our vocals we had to comp like crazy and Melodyne the heck out of the General Secretary's Nephew's voice to get his privileged tail to sing in tune.   
Why can't more of you be like your Webmaster here?  Unsolicited positive comments to the General Secretary's Nephew's band.  We normally have to extract these types of comments after our forced education sessions.