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Hi Richard,

Happy Sunday!

Very rich singing voice... we'd love to have you up here in Vermont for one of our Handel's Messiah Sings! :-)

Happy Sunday!

Thank you, Sherri. I have never sung in a Handel's Messiah concert. That would be awesome.

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Remember When: Hallelujah!: When the Messiah came to Vermont

It's popular here! A Vermont Christmas tradition, right up there with the maple syrup and autumn leaf tourists.

Good advice from the distant past

I like this quotation from the Remember When article:

A flyer circulated in Woodstock in 1794 argued the importance of regulating “harmony in the religious societies… and to... gain knowledge in the pleasing Art of Psalm singing.” In 1797, it was impressed upon the residents of Dorset that it was their “indispensable duty” to “support the public worship of God” through “singing the praises... with musical harmony and decency,” as “enforced by divine authority.”

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Handel's Messiah

A regular thing here in the Twn Cities, too. Performed at the Basilca of St. Mary in downtown Minneapols by SPCO.

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Wow - an amazing richness of music here. Sincere congratulations on these compositions, recordings and performances. As a very quick initial point of appreciation: I really admire the setting of the response on Psalm 8: there is certain unresolved, open quality to it that nourishes the imagination. THe eventual resolution provides a gentle, shimering renewal and lift into the verse. Well done, congratulations on this work!

Thank you, Andrzej.

I appreciate your touring of my songs.

André van Haren ( ) and Paul F. Page ( ) will appreciate knowing that you like their arrangement of Psalm 8: O Lord, Our God, How Wonderful Your Name. I wrote the basic melodies for refrain and verses and contributed my voice. But those two gentlemen made the psalm shine with the piano underlayment. The sheet music is available here:

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