I invite you to listen to some of my new songs - I hope you will enjoy them

Hello, everyone: I am happy to share four songs from my new album of music with you. It’s my third album, the title is #6. I invite you to listen to it and I hope you will enjoy it. All of the songs on this album and on my previous albums are available to hear at no cost on my youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwylItG94zq5f8v6ham2J9g/

There are eleven songs on this new album: three are instrumentals, eight have singing. The text is from the books of Isaiah, Baruch, Psalms, Revelation and 1 Corinthians. The text is in French.  

Arrangements involve combinations of piano 1 and piano 2, harp, vibraphone, flute, clarinet, percussion and two singers (in unison).

Thank you so much for listening, i hope you will enjoy the music!


a. This song is called "We are like those who dream (A song of Ascents)". The text is from (Psalm 126):

Quelles merveilles le Seigneur fit pour nous: Nous étions en grande fête! 
Quand l'Eternel a ramené les déportés de Sion, nous étions pareils à ceux qui font un rêve. Alors notre bouche était remplie de rires, et notre langue poussait des cris de joie. 
Alors on disait parmi les nations: 
"L'Eternel a fait de grandes choses pour eux!" Oui, l'Eternel a fait de grandes choses pour nous, 
et nous sommes dans la joie. 
Eternel, ramène nos déportés 
comme tu ramènes les ruisseaux dans le Néguev! 
Ceux qui sèment avec larmes moissonneront dans la joie, 
celui qui marche en pleurant avec un sac de semence reviendra avec joie en portant ses gerbes. 

b. This song is called "You will be called "Sought Out", "A City Not Forsaken". The text is from Isaiah 62:11-12:

Dites à la fille de Sion: 'Ton salut arrive. 
Il a son salaire avec lui 
et sa récompense est devant lui.' 
On les appellera "peuple saint", "rachetés de l'Eternel", 
et toi, on t'appellera "recherché", "ville non abandonee". 


c. This song is called "The New Jerusalem". The text is from Revelation 21:1-2, 11

Puis je vis un nouveau ciel et une nouvelle terre, 
car le premier ciel et la première terre avaient disparu 
et la mer n'existait plus. 
Et je vis descendre du ciel, d'auprès de Dieu, 
la ville sainte, la nouvelle Jérusalem, 
préparée comme une épouse qui s'est parée pour son époux. 
Elle rayonnait de la gloire de Dieu. 
Son éclat ressemblait à celui d'une pierre très précieuse, 
d'une pierre de jaspe transparente comme du cristal. 


d. This song is called "The greatest: the way of love (exit, sending forth)" - it is an instrumental:




New songs by Andrzej

Thanks for sharing your new set of songs. Mellow, meditative and organic. I like "The New Jerusalem" and "We are like those who dream." Your singers are excellent. Great instrumentation set into an immersive, ambient soundspace.

How did you create the colored lights effects?

I'm glad you figured out how to insert the YouTube iFrame code.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Thank you, Richard

Thank you, Richard - I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and I am grateful your kind comments. Thank you also for providing a forum to share and for your help with the code. As for the visuals, I have a fellow that does them for me. Those sort of effects could be well approximated by using a visualizer app - there are probably a bunch of good free or very affordable ones out there. He also sorts out the editing of the visuals.
Thank you again for your support and for the opportunity!
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