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Benjamin, I really appreciate your positive comments about TCS and am glad to hear about your association with Lee O'Day who programs a Catholic radio station. Good to hear that some TCS artists are getting airplay there! I encourage both you and Lee to contact Rob Ayoub who programs CME Radio:  (make a comment in the Comments section) Or send an email to
Thank you :-)
Eucharistic catechesis in an East Asian vessel. Take that, Kim Jong-un!  A worthy project. Bravo. One more way to bring the Good News to the world.
Another good one. Father's instinct for melody continues to shine. Good retro vibe to the tune. For those who don't Spotify I used YT here's the link:
Thank you. There are 3 more of this type. One you haven't heard yet but will soon and two that get recorded tomorrow. The Chinese propaganda songs seems to require tight and punchy lyrics. It's not the case with fully original stuff which will start to trickle out after that, at least a few songs to make enough to have a CD to hand to the old ladies who sit near me after Mass!
Your memory is fine, I believe I just communicated that I was going to write him but I don't know if I told you that I had actually written him ha ha. Yes, he does have verve. :-)
Captain H: So far, I haven't commented much about your lyrics. They are good. They teach the truths and aims of the Catholic Church in catchy rhyming phrases. I hope that people of all ages will benefit from these lessons. I like this short stanza: Food needs salt Eyes need light Well said!
See how dim my memory is? Oh well. Maybe Nick will resurface soon. He has verve.
Yes sir. I checked out and enjoyed his music. I also emailed him back in April at his email associated with his web site. 
Yes, I remember you did it correctly on prior posts. You are welcome. Keep those songs coming. By the way, Nick Alexander was one of the founders of this website. Drop him a line and tell him that you appreciate what he and a few other members of CAM (Catholic Association of Music) started back in 2007.
Thank you for fixing that. I had done it correctly with the last one and apparently forgot how. Thank you also for the feedback! 
Captain H: I fixed your YouTube embed. You should click on Source and paste it in. Then click on Source button again to switch back to visual editor. The instructions are at the top of the home page. You have some nice vocal polyphony going toward the end. I would be careful of rushing certain phrases. Some are hard to understand unless one is watching the YouTube subtitles. Don't try to pack too much into a line.  These songs styled as miltary marches and national anthems are similar...
Thank you, sir! No issues with copyright so far.  These aren't copywritten in China but some are in the USA weirdly enough.  I'm confident my use is "fair use" as parody.  This is partially why the silly communist band name, etc, to reinforce that it's lawful parody.  Only issue I've had is the rightsholder wanted to retain rights for my use of the melody for "Without the Catholic Church, We'd Have No Holy Bible" by running potential ads for their benefit on YouTube. ...
Upbeat. In lockstep with our Marian tradition. Have the Kremlin or the CCP contacted you yet about usurping their tunes? LOL.  Keep going! What a unique project!
Thanks, Captain, for taking a listen and citing your favorite arrangement of that old tune. Of course, it may not be the tune from Yolanda's childhood, but I tried!
Thanks for answering Yolanda. I was curious. Everybody thinks their opinion matters and I'm no exception so I want to state I liked the Fr. J. Roel Lungay version better - at least for listening. 
Excellent musical setting of an ages-old maxim. The best return comes from investing in the work of the Lord with one's whole heart, mind and soul. Trent Williamson's harmonica is a beautiful overlay. Well sung. Well played. 
Wow! Thank you so much, Alex. Glad you found encouragement from it. :-) 
Thank you so much for your kind words. The creative process is interesting in that it can feel like output comes from nowhere and other times the creative can push himself to make output. If you want more output but it's not coming, force yourself and see what happens! (This free advice is worth what you paid for it) Yes, we have others, all in the same vein, and more coming. At present this continuously updated YouTube playlist is the most concise place to hear them though all are available...
Author: Alexander John
There is something about the way you deliver your music that puts me in an upbeat and good mood whenever I hear it. It's extremely unique and catchy. I really enjoy the originality and it keeps my head bopping and thinking at the same time. Keep up the great work! - Alex.
Author: Alexander John
At the moment I'm almost out of lyrics but I hope to do another project. I was thinking of doing a full length album that is a concept piece, but I'm not sure which direction I should go. Maybe incorporate some of my life story and my journey with Christ. Anyway I hope to write and record more soon. I also wanted to let you know that the track you did about the Catholic Church and Holy Bible is extremely catchy, unique and just straight up awesome. All the best, Alex.
Hey Alex~ Having peroused your work here and on a music service a time or two, when I read these words the voice I heard in my head was yours. More tracks in the works? 
Glad that it's working again!  That IT pixie dust did it haha.  And yes, I enjoy this site and the dialogues that can happen.  It provides a home for us and I get to hear what others are up to as well as share. 
Thrum is a good word – glad I learned it today. I learned scrum at CSB-SJU (Collegeville, MN) in the early 70s when I first saw our rugby team practice. Huddling and heaving in a tight circle is sure a curious thing. I myself threw discus, javelin and shot put.  Your "ill-fated time in IT" – sounds like a bad dream. Thanks for helping to get some dialogs going here as folks share their music artistry and faith.  Such a joy to have the page refresh now...
Fingers crossed and a prayer wafted cloudward. I think I fixed the problem of the "page not refreshing" after publishing a post or comment. Too geeky to explain. I will keep an eye on things. Thanks, everyone, for your patience.  Any Drupal or WordPress developers here among the ranks who would like to help out with content management, troubleshooting, and a possible migration to Drupal 8 or pro version of WordPress? Richard Schletty Top Catholic Songs
My ill-fated time in IT we had something called Scrum and folks who were Scrum Masters. Not sure if you're familiar outside it's original use which I suspect is sports related. Thrum, a word I did know, got used in the song because of a rhyming dictionary haha. Thank you for your kind comments.
WordPress - something I've heard of before discussing the site with you! :-) 
Thank you!
I tried doing some Drupal 6 updates and troubleshooting. The website was offline for about 40 minutes with various errors. The Drupal 6 CMS (content management system) is getting way too old and crusty. I may have to migrate to WordPress to keep everything fresh and shiny for the future. 
I am having the same trouble. Posts and comments actually do get published but the browser fails to refresh. I am submitting a ticket to web hosting to have them troubleshoot this issue.