Reason of Heart

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We must use our, God-given intelligence. to develop HIs creation for the common good in all areas 
of science and technology, The Church( through the Second Vatican Council and in the Catholic Catholic Catechism cautions us about the dangers of utopianism. thinking that we can create a heaven on Earth
without God.
Only from a Catholic (Universal revealed Trut perspective) can we properly handle the evils that confront us, be they ecological, sanitary, social, physical, or moral. Believers recognize that evil, like the weeds that grow up along with the wheat, will always shadow the good in this life. Even when evil’s shadow seems to envelop the good completely, as in the horrors of war and school shootings, rays of good still break through to provide us hope that God, though seemingly absent, reigns – right here, right now.
Having discarded faith, the utopian cannot process evil in this way. He tries fruitlessly to cut it off, only to grow frustrated and paranoid as it grows back, like the Greek hydra, doubly strong. He appeals to technological advances and governmental actions as his Hercules, but this labor is too much for mortally-generated power. The utopian thus fails mightily as he tries to make heaven a place on earth. Blaise Pascal talked about the Reason Of heart His often famous quote "The heart has it reason the mind knows
nothing of" tells us, of the subtle dangers of human intelligence that has rejected the true meaning and purpose of life attested to by reason and revealed to us by God Himself, can lead us to earthly disasters as well as endangering our eternal salvation.  



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