Give Us Your Peace

An offering for Peace in Ukraine.
For the safety of all Ukrainian people.
We need peace more than ever in our world!
Pray for Ukraine!

I would like to hear your feedback and comments.
Thank you for your time and expertise.


An instrument of God's peace

Excellent, René. This guitar arrangement is resonant and flowing. It begs for an overlay of melodic voices but plays well on its own as a peace prayer. Thank you for helping us all to center our thoughts on unity and kindness. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Hi Richard, I am glad that

Hi Richard,
I am glad that you are liking this arrangement.
This is a song that is being played in Medjugorje.,
I simply love this song, the first moment I heard it, very contemplative and so prayerful.
Thanks again!!!
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