Come With Me

A new original composition, words and music by Rene A.
We need as much love, and hope, and peace in our troubled world today!!!!!
Hope you like this song!


The importance of family

A very fine song, René. Your guitar and voice are resonant, as usual. The merits of family-building must be sung throughout the world, especially in the wake of forces that endeavor to destroy family life.

One question: How do you decide which guitar to use at any given moment? :-)

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Hi Richard, Thanks so much

Hi Richard,
Thanks so much for your great comment!
Family, especially during this time of Easter, is a time to treasure.  Thanks for pointing that family-building is of utmost importance in this troubled world today, most specially.
And by the way, my Taylor is my designated guitar for music that is a bove my vocal reach, as I tuned it down to D, instead of E - D,G,C,F,A,D.
I just exposed one of my secrets, hahahaha!
Thanks Richard, as always, it is a pleasure to hear from you!

Drop DGCFAD tuning!

DGCFAD tuning: I tried that a few years ago with my 12-string. Baritones need relief from those high-flying tenors!

The nice thing about most guitar editions of hymnals sold by liturgical publishers is that they have alternate capo chords in parentheses above the original chords. I sometimes capo down a half step or three from those alternate chords, effectively transposing the song. Not something you can do with a keyboardist who is unable to to transpose on the fly. But works great when I am doing solo songleading or providing music for meditation at a faith formation service or a pro-life prayer vigil.

So it looks like you are a music shop owner. Do you ever get a guitarrón in for sale? I use a virtual guitarrón instrument in many of my salmos – sold by Bolder Sounds.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Hi Richard, Thanks for

Hi Richard,
Thanks for upgrading my music room into a music store.
I have not owned a guitarron, but I would probably buy one, myself.
Capo'ing down from the written chords in books, are very good idea, and I will keep them in mind.
For my purpose, I tried this lower tuning on my Taylor BTO GO, and I love the sound, so I will keep it at this lower tuning, and use this guitar for any song that I might need the assistance.
Always a pleasure conversing with you Richard!!!

Taylor made solution

I have never played a Taylor guitar. Maybe one day I will own one, along with a deep, woody guitarrón! 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

When you come visit, we can

When you come visit, we can both play Taylor Guitars, and make good music.
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