Plan for Father's Day

I am planning for a family gathering at my house to celebrate Father’s Day on 06/19/2022 for our family members and relatives in the spirit of Saint Joseph, the worker.
I want to emphasize the importance of the father in the family upon the Holy Family.
Remember, among our family members, there are widows and single moms or single dads raising our children.  So be hopeful to plant the seed of fatherhood in the house upon the Holy Family.
The role of fatherhood in the family must be very important as the daddy defend the family upon Christ and the Holy Family.  In the house, mommy is driving the wave as she cares and leads everyone on the way.  But the role of the father must be recognized and appreciated by the Holy Family.
Daddy is the father of his own children as well as the foster-father of his own family members and relatives as he leads his life upon the Holy Family.  So take a moment to honor fatherhood in the house.
So help me to prepare to celebrate Father's Day this year 2022.


Fatherhood reflections

Thanks, Dan-Vi, for your reflections on fatherhood. I pray for a restoration and strengthening of the nuclear family as one way to restore love of God and love of neighbor in our troubled world.

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