Song Lyric: HEART BEAT

Song Lyric:  HEART BEAT

Precious treasure start from each heart beat
The life is treasure from each heart beat.

Precious treasure from the heart beat
Is the light of life on earth begin.

Every heart beat count for life
Precious treasure God gifts for man
For the beauty of God creation
For each breaths we take for granted.

For moment man woman conceive
A life potentially will spring up
In mother womb that being protected
For the light of life begin.

My heart beat with frequeny of life
For the life count base on heart beat
For every breath we take is a gift of life
From God is our appreciation.


Heart Beat

I am thinking of writing a song lyric with 8 counts and 4 beats.
Chorus repeats 2 or 4 times.

This is just trial for song lyrics that I come up with, feel free to collaborate and edit.

Your Heart Beat song

Dan, thanks for sharing your song about the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. We must all respeact human heart beats – even the tiniest ones!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Heart Beat

Lately, I have to take my daddy to the Providence hospital for medical reasons.  They always take pulse of his heart beat for each visit.  I realize that it is very important that we all start with heart beat.


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there upon Sorrowful Mother Virgin Mary and Christ. 
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