Gathered As One

It's funny how inspiration comes. I was listening to a Tears for Fears song and picked up my guitar to learn the main riff. Then my tinkering took a turn, and I started playing a waltz tempo with entirely different chords! :) Earlier in the day I had asked God for some inspiration for a new Communion song because I didn't like the ones suggested in the Lifeteen Liturgy Planning Guide, and saw that I had a limited set of "standards." 

In any case, God provided, so I wanted to share the song here. It's called "Gathered As One" and it's inspired by God's call to all of us to the Body of Christ. As usual, I've provided the ChordPro notation, so if you'd like to use this, all you need to do is copy/paste the text below into a text or .pro file and/or load it into a ChordPro compatible app like Songsheet Generator.

{t:Gathered As One}
{st:Brendan Delumpa}

In 6
[D] [Dadd9] [D] [G]2 times

{c:Verse 1}
[Dadd9]Come to the [D]table who[Dadd9/G]ever you [D]are
[Dadd9]Come all you [D]people from near and from [Dadd9/G]far.
[Em7]Come to the feast of our [A]God's sacri[Gsus2]fice
[Em7]Come and partake of His [A]eternal [Dadd9]life.[D]

{c:Verse 2}
[Dadd9]Come and trans[D]form like the [Dadd9/G]bread and the [D]wine
To the [Dadd9]body and [D]blood to a love uncon[Dadd9/G]fined
That [Em7]brings us together that [A]brings us to [Gsus2]light
That [Em7]binds as one in the [A]Body of [Dadd9]Christ[D]

Here we [G]stand at Your Holy [D]Table
Hand in [A]hand we've come to [Bm7]You
[D/F#]From all [G]lands we're gathered to[D]gether
For Your [Em7]love in Your [G/A]love [A](tacit)

(first time, intro riff)
(second time, stay on D, go to Bridge)
Gathered as [D]one...

(third time, repeat chorus, then end)
Gathered as [D]one...

{c:Verse 3}
Wher[Dadd9]ever we [D]are Lord You [Dadd9/G]bring us to [D]You
Who[Dadd9]ever we [D]are You share Your holy [Dadd9/G]food
That [Em7]breaks through the walls
That have [A]made us div[Gsus2]ide
For [Em7]we are the same in Your [A]love so div[Dadd9]ine[D]

To[Csus2]gether we stand here
For [Bm7]Your sacrifice
[Am7]Witnessing [C]Your gift of [D]love
A [Am7]love that promises
[D]Eternal life
In Your [Csus2]Son...
In Your [G/A]Son... [A](tacit)


Very nice

A gathering of grace. Thanks for sharing!

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