Compose tips

input formats:
  • Plain text:
  • Filtered HTML:
    • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
    • You may embed media from the following providers youtube. Just add the URL of the media to your textarea in the place where you would like the media to appear, i.e. You can optionally modify the display of the media by adding comma-separated attributes in brackets with no space following the URL, such as[width=640,height=320].
    • Lines and paragraphs are automatically recognized. The <br /> line break, <p> paragraph and </p> close paragraph tags are inserted automatically. If paragraphs are not recognized simply add a couple blank lines.
    • [[[<url> width=<w> height=<h> scrolling=<yes|no|auto> className=<class> ID=<id> offset=<offset>]]] - insert a frame with url as source.
      width ==> Size as css declaration (%,px,em)
      height ==> Height as css declaration (%,px,em)
      if height=100% and url is in the same domain as web site, the height will be ajusted to the real height of the source
      scrolling ==> Scrollbar settings. Values from IFRAME tag.
      className ==> Name of a CSS class
      ID ==> Id and name of the frame offset ==> A number to add to correct (if needed) auto calculated height