MAS SongCasters episode 13 featuring Richard Schletty

Episode 13 features Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS) member Richard Schletty performing his own original songs as well as a few original songs that were the result of internet-based virtual collaborations. Here's the playlist:

00:51 – Child of Eternal Love – by Richard Schletty
04:00 – Sleep, Baby, Sleep – by Christopher Schletty and Richard Schletty
06:32 – Wondrous Clay – by Richard Schletty
08:50 – Lovestruck Man – by Richard Schletty
11:41 – You Are – by Steiner, Anselm and Schletty
14:20 – Nature Walk – by Richard Schletty
16:52 – My Home Long Ago – by Jack Miller and Richard Schletty
19:56 – Our World So Beautiful – by Dan vi Nguyen and Richard Schletty
22:39 – Love 101 – by Richard Schletty and Alex John
26:14 – God Is On The Scene – by Richard Schletty and Alex John

SongCasters is a member service of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. Our TV showcases, featuring our members performing their original music, are broadcast on community TV stations across the Midwest and beyond. More info at and


Our World So Beautiful

I am glad to see my song lyrics that I collaborate with you on here.

Our collaboration

I am glad you saw this post with our song "Our World So Beautiful." I was hoping you would. You have inspired several good songs and I thank you for that. Let's keep collaborating!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Simply Beautiful!

What a great idea to have a songwriters forum such as the MAS.  Haven’t seen any similar opportunities here in the UK.  You sing with a lot of passion and conviction, Richard, and I went to listen for a couple of minutes before realising I was watching the YouTube clips for over half an hour!  Very well done indeed. 
‘Every blessing.