Love 2.0 (new lyrics Oct. 2019)

1st Verse:

I see you everywhere my lord but especially my heart

I want to be without a sword just a pen for my art...

That is only about worshiping you to the extent

I have my heart on my sleeve and I never pretend...

To not know who you are

You flow through me and remove my scars...

Thank you for the love you never stop

I remember the first time I got it it made me cry-a-lot

All my life I think I've had a thirst for the divine and if I think it might-stop...

I look through the eyes of my soul and see you as clear-as-day

As I write this there are tears-on-this-page

And I feel like I'm getting near-to-the-stage...

Of your great glory

Nothing or no one can break Christ's story

We don't need to fight to be worthy

Just shed light to stop hurting.


I see Angels when it used to be demons

Because life can get tangled but as long as we are reaching...

Towards love

And the lord above.

2nd Verse:

It's too easy to be distracted

And I feel greedy when it happens

Defeated by my own actions...

But when I look up to you lord

With one hand on the good book and my other towards...

My heart as it beats for you

This art needed to be true...

And there is only one God and Satan can leave

As I'm seeing through the fog to me his nameless and none of us need...

Him in our lives at all

All he does is divide and try to watch us fall...

I need to keep the love

And if I fall in a heap just look above...

I know he loves-us

It's been shown and above-is

The home of the loveliest .


Keep the love to the beat!

Alex, good to see you working those words of affirmation. It will be interesting to see how you deliver these words over a Hip Hop beat. I know your conviction and passion will flow. God bless. – Richard

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