SONG LYRIC:  Christocentric
by:  Dan Vi Nguyen

In communion of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
We receive a divine mercy of Christ to be the center of our life.
Christocentric of the suffering, death, resurrection and accession.
To hold the church in Body of Christ that brought to life in Holy Spirit.

Center our life with the direction of Christocentric
Experience the life of Christ in his suffering, death, resurrection and accession.
In human flesh that he know humanity in weakness and sinful.
Forth, seek his forgiveness in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
To be purify as in Christ's image and likeness of God.

Live out our faith in the Holy Spirit
Listen to the inner peace of our heart and mind
Speak of our heart and mind to prayer with Holy Spirit
Our voices will be heard in heaven upon the Kingdom of God
Forth the day we feel the joy of Holy Spirt upon us.

The kingdom of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
In union of Christ in communion of Ecclesial
That together we are in deposit of faith for all life
Forth we are joinful in Christocentric of our life.
We all in One Body of Christ.



Hi Richard,

Lately, I took the class Cathechesis 101, and I feel so inspire of the concept in Christ that I try to pull out some important concept to write the song lyric.  Let see if you can gather your thought to write up a song for it.



It might be helpful for you to lookup the vocabulary of the words in the song for clarification before you write up the song for it.  I just write it from my own understand and I use "big words" that it might need to clarify in the song context.

Editing lyrics

Yes, I will adjust words as necessary to make good sense and to make the singing flow. That is what I did with our other collaborations.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

I like the idea of a song centering on Christ.

I will try to create a song with your lyric ideas. Thanks.

Paul Inwood wrote a very nice song in 1985 called "Center of My Life." I sing this a few times every year at church. Chris Brunelle sings it very nicely in the YouTube video below. Click on the YouTube Description to see the lyrics. Dan, I think I can create a very nice song for you which incorporates many of the Christocentric points you have noted in your beginning lyrics. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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