Jesus Is King

Hi everyone, I haven't been active on top Catholic songs in a long time. I have been working here and there on a catholic hip hop album over the past 6 months however it's far from finished but when it is I will put a link for it here. But the main reason I wanted to touch base here is that if you don't know yet Kanye West just realised an amazing gospel album called "Jesus Is King". The reason I'm so excited about this is that hip hop is one of the most popular genres in the world, especially with the youth and Kanye is one of the most popular and idolised artists in the genre. With the release of this project he can reach so many people that might be on the fence with religion and I believe this album will do great things with the positive messages his sharing especially for the youth. If you haven't heard it its on Spotify. God Bless. Alex.


Off the fence

Alex, I had heard about Kanye West's embrace of Christianity but have not yet heard his album. Sounds like a good thing! Looking forward to your own Hip Hop album. Best always. – Richard

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