Never Miss A Beat (new lyrics 2019)

1st Verse:

To follow in his footsteps may seem like a challenge

But we are not hollow inside so he knows we can manage...

We try our best not to fail

And feel from what's high up above when we hail...

The almighty and what he provides

Life doesn't have to be frightening with him by our side...

The presence has always been there

Lighting up dark hallways to show us he cares...

Unique to the very end and beyond

Even if we feel spent he can keep us strong...

Understanding may seem complicated

But when I dream I see him as only-sacred...

Sometimes I feel unworthy

That's just being real and I still hurt-but-see...

I know he looks out for us

And like snow he shows us more than dust.


When into the church I walk

It's like the earth begins to talk

I know we all sin but have worth

It's not about the win but how we conquer the hurt.

2nd Verse:

I want to embrace the light

It took a while to face what is right

It started with grace so nice...

It's a hard path to follow

Because the scars mark my sorrows...

But turning over a new-leaf

Comes from yearning and belief...

I've lived a life I mostly regret

But I want to give to my wife and always protect...

With God in the centre of our hearts

It feels like a real pleasure so I'm proud of this art...

Because it's for the lord

I hope if you listen in you can absorb...

His unconditional love

Nothing is subliminal it's all up above 

He keeps it minimal but with everything like a hug.


One More

Hi Richard, I uploaded one more which is more like spoken word than hip hop.

First Track Up

Hi Richard, after a few years I have finally shared one of my few Catholic Hip Hop recordings. I used to rap prior to being catholic about more negative things so I wasn't sure how to approach putting God worship words to a beat but it's here now and would love your feedback. The instrumental and hook/chorus came from somewhere else but I'm allowed to use it as long as it's not for profit or download. Hope you like it and I might upload another one soon. God Bless and trust you are doing well! Alex.


Hi Richard, what I might do is re-record the two I have left that I kept as I'm still not very happy with them. Give me a week or so as I'm sick at the moment then I will re-record over maybe different instrumentals. I would appreciate the pointers too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. God Bless.

Thanks Richard

Thanks Richard, have a blessed Christmas also with your loved ones too! Unfortunately I'm not too happy with how my recordings are sounding so I'm hesitant to post them. I don't know what it is, I used to get great pleasure in recoding with a passion but now as I just like writing them and I have lost the drive and enthusiasm to lay down a good track. Anyway I did put up a link for an ebook I put out with an albums worth of material. Have a safe Christmas and New Years Richard and God Bless. Alex.

I'd like to hear a recording or two.

Alex, if you like you can send me a sample or two of your recording attempts. Maybe I can give you some pointers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Holy Spirit be with us and guide us.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Never Miss A Beat

Thanks, Alex, for sharing your lyrics. Looking forward to your recordings! Have a blessed Christmas with your dear ones.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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