"Trusting In Your Mercy" by Margo B. Smith

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Greetings Friends,

Tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday so I thought it was appropriate to share a song I wrote about trusting in Jesus's mercy. The lyrics are below.

By: Margo B Smith

Jesus, let me cradle Your hands in mine
Let me kiss Your wounds, You’re my Lord divine
Jesus, let me hold You, let me wipe away Your tears
I will always love You, all my life long years

I’m trusting in Your mercy,
I am trusting in Your mercy, Lord 
I’m trusting in Your mercy,
I am trusting in Your mercy, Lord

Jesus, I know I bring You misery
All my thoughtless words cause You injury
My sins have crucified You, they have torn You apart
All my hurtful actions have broken Your heart


Jesus, I want to make it up to You
All the sorrow and pain that I put You through
I want to make a confession, I’m so sorry for my transgressions
You’re the one who loves me, claim me as Your possession


Let me give You consolation
I want to make reparation
I’m trusting in Your mercy 
For a reconciliation



Trusting In Your Mercy – a song that is gentle on my soul

Margo, this is a very well written, recorded and produced song. Very meaningful words about the mercy of God. You weave together several vocal and instrumental elements with clarity and balance. Bravo.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Thank you, Richard. God is

Thank you, Richard. God is good! He is very generous with His grace, especially on this Divine Mercy Sunday.

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