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Glad you like it. I made some adjustments to the song this afternoon and uploaded the new version. I did pitch correction to my voice, corrected a few notes, and added a little bit more reverb. The song is in the key of D. Now I have to figure out the chord progressions. The next thing I will upload will have a gentle guitar added to my voice.
Author: asiansa09
I feel so peaceful when I listen to the song.
Yes! I plan to make this a very beautiful song, complete with piano, guitar and flute. Who knows, maybe viola, too!
Author: asiansa09
Will you prepare the piano sheet arrangement for this song too. I plan to share with others at Providence meeting during Christmas season.
Thank you for your lyrics and your reflections. Yes, we must be attentive to the divine mysteries that miraculously touch our lives each day. 
Author: asiansa09
That is why I ask people to pray for me and others whom I know throughout my life upon Christ and Sorrowful Mother Mary. 
Author: asiansa09
When I go out to explore the world, the only thing I realize the different between me and others is that I baptism vs. others.  God bless me!
Author: asiansa09
I visited China and Thailand 10 years ago in 2007.  Hope that my quiet prayer upon Sorrowful Mother Mary and Christ on the land is the seed that I sowed.
Author: asiansa09
I really like your voice for the song lyric.  Keep it that way is good enough.
I am attaching to Dan's original post a rough exploration of a melody for this song. 
Please note that I may have to upload a new version of the piano sheet music again (it will be v9). There needs to be a key signature change from Bb to Gmaj in the chorus.
Author: asiansa09
Please let me know when you submit songs to OCP so that I can follow up with you to see what is going on.
 Note that I just uploaded version 8 of piano-voice score. Now we can submit to OCP.
Author: asiansa09
Thanks for posting the lead-sheet and piano arrangement sheet.  That is really help to share with others to sing the song. Also, I hope that you submit to Oregon Catholic Press soon to see if they accept our work.
I'd like to do more with the soundbeds on your poems. The one where I used orchestral brass was pretty cool. Something to think about. 
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hi Richard,                     I just read the interview with you friend and not only does he seem like a fantastic musician but what a prolific one at that. Also he seems very nice. I will listen to some more of his work throughout the week. An extremely inspirational man indeed. I hope to get some more writing done soon to post here and I think the EP is pretty good. Regards, Alex.
maddenmargie: Here are some songs to get started. By "upbeat" do you mean uptempo or a positive message? Will the songs be led by piano, organ, guitar, or sung a cappella? I will keep adding to the list. God Has Chosen Me (Farrell) God's Gift to All the World (Nguyen, Schletty, van Haren) Enchristment by Nguyen-Schletty
Alex, glad you think that Hip Hop project might be a good connection. Not sure if the project has a faith component to it. Let me know what you find out. By the way, you might think about doing a post that has a compilation of all our tracks to date – an EP (extended play playlist). I just sent links to all our tracks to Tobin Mueller, a friend and a great post-bop/jazz artist. See this article that just came out about his life with music:
Author: Alex John (not verified)
Hey Richard,                        I will check out the link soon and get back to you. They might be intrested in our little projects. - Alex.
Alex, check out this Instagram user and let me know what you think:  I just ran across them today. 
Alex, I am just being your mouthpiece. I have no idea what you would sound like telling your story, so I just use my own "voice" and attitude and whimsy and gravitas to lay it down. No formulas, no constraints. Mostly, just letting it flow. I do redo a few phrases here and there until it sounds "right." Nashville or LA won't be able to judge these tracks! Thanks for putting your heart and soul on the line. We both hope it causes at least one person out there to think and feel and love a little...
Author: Alex John (not verified)
What you have done with both these tracks is amazing and what's best about our collaborations is it's GOD's work and I feel by doing this in a small yet positive way we are praising the lord aswell of giving believers and people in general something to ponder over and hopefully be touched by in some way. Blessings to you Richard and Thankyou for bringing life to my words better than I ever could.
Alex, my soundtrack is attached to your original post. It is a spoken voice and ceramic drum rendition. Enjoy.
Alex, I uploaded my vox track to your original post. Check it out. It is half-spoken, half sung.
Author: Guest (not verified)
Thanks Richard,                              Look forward to it. Blessings to you.
Good words here. I'll try to speak your soul. Talk soon, Alex. – Richard
Yep, I can lay a bead on this. Soon.
Very good. I see your lyrics are back up. Onward. 
Author: Alexander John
Hi Richard, I just took the tracks down for a little while as I needed to edit and change them a little. Look forward to hearing you bring the words to life. GOD Bless. 
Author: Maria7Steps
Wow 7 children - indeed they are blessings from above! True inspirations for song writing.  Thank you for sharing!