What's Left Is Beauty

A new track from Alexander John (lyrics) and Richard Schletty (performer). Hip Hop Remix is also included in post. Please take a few minutes to listen and comment.

What's Left Is Beauty 

1st Verse:

So we go on in this quest for answers

And hopefully do what's best by removing our spiritual cancer...

I don't know how love can't be the way

As I flow I hope you get to know me as I pray...

GOD's perfect design

Was worth the wait and time...

To be one of his children is more than one can ask for

As we build buildings and have fun that's doing a task and being more...

The way to the light may take time and patience 

And we may be in for a fight against the night but it all makes-sense...

These words touch the paper with heart

But the saviour is the real creator of the true art...

The freedom to be who we want to be

From preaching to teaching to basking in his glory

May seem like a task if you don't know the story

But when I asked him about the light I realised darkness was boring


GOD knows us better than anyone else

This track is more like a letter and I'm using my heart felt 

2nd Verse:

As the road gets more and more of a bumpy-ride

I know the core of it all is nothing-but-nice

So as I must-sing on this mic

It's like I'm hustling for the light...

But truth is I'm aware and I bet you are too

If you feel blue just stare at the world and you may see something new...

I only want to be

What GOD intended from me

I'm not pretending when I say all I want to see is peace...

So as I put the mic down after a track 

I look around for a good bite in town, praise GOD, he's got our backs...

The best thing about love is it's free

To rest and know a King is looking over us when we might see a dove it was all meant to be...

So paradise isn't too far away

Beyond the cameras-and-mics is where I wanna lay

And everyday until that day I will continue to pray

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I remixed the Remix version

On my laptop, the percusssion in Remix was sounding a little too loud and sharp, making the voice hard to understand. I remixed it in Logic Pro X to tamp down the high rat-a-tat sounds. I have added Remix version 2 to the player.

I also decided to post the narrated version I did the other day with gentle 12-string guitar strumming.

Both Alex and I would like to know what other listeners think.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Nice Remix.

The acoustic remix is also very nice.