Blessings - Lyrics

1st Verse:
Before I felt anywhere near being a good man.
I was in an inner hell filled with fear, and like I couldn't
do anything positive,
thinking it's ok to be sinning as long as my wallet's thick...
But truth is, to be winning, it's more like give to the poor and sick.
I heard the call and I was quick
to embrace the Lord. But to adjust from my past
took time, but with grace I started discuss what is ours...
And that's the love of Jesus Christ
Who's above and gives us the light.
So my mission is on the mic:
To give my writings, to get you through the night...
Cos' life is hard – no doubt about it.
But with GOD in your heart, happiness – yeah, you found it...
So as I pen this verse the ink comes from my heart
I hope to send love, and if it sinks in that's more than enough reason to do this art.

I don't know exactly how I'll be judged 
But I know that through time I've tried my best to lift myself outta the mud...
And questions have never gone unnoticed 
And blessings have never come without hope.

2nd Verse:
GOD is there around us all the time.
Through the fog, if we stare, we will be fine...
I lived a lifetime with many lifelines.
I was night-blind, committing night-crimes...
An angry teenager and a confused youth.
I was full of rage and abused the truth...
Cos' when I dismissed GOD and leant towards earthly pleasures
I was burning the real treasures...
But I got older and had to face facts.
An angel on my shoulder who always had my back.
Then my world got colder but I prayed and my life became slowly intact...
Now, there are blessings that happen for us every day.
Along the way, we question – which I guess is one of the reasons we pray.
But I feel good and am no longer bleeding on paper...
So GOD, as you are always above,
I feel the need to look up. And you never know, I might see a dove!
Blessings by Alexander John (read by Schletty) - with music4.69 MB
Blessings by Alexander John (read by Schletty) - voice only4.44 MB


First run of Blessings (Alexander John lyrics)

Alex, I have attached my recording to your original post. Let me know how you like it. - Richard

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Really well done.

Hi Richard,
                    I really enjoyed both versions of "Blessings". So far I think we are doing really well. You mix it up a bit which is great and each recording is unique. I almost have another song written too. Once again great stuff! Were you think an EP or Album we could put together?

Kind Regards,


I'm enjoying it.

I'm carving a bit of new territory here and that's all good. Thanks for the latitude to experiment. I like Blessings (with the music bed) best so far. Sure, an EP.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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