Living Again

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1st Verse:
The misunderstood man of redemption
I wish-I-could have had this plan back when I was getting detention

But now I have stopped letting the mess in
Still like hip-hop at the same time learning some lessons
Pulled up to a spiritual pit-stop said some rhymes and out came blessings...
The moment I found GOD
Was like the omen was potent to the point I would almost nod off...
For good
Still with raw skills but more bills than I could...
Something took my life off the mantle
Pounded it to the ground and I burnt my own candle...
With nothing left but a bit of wit in my wick
So decided to rhyme some catholic rhymes and was quick

To resurrected my gift
And became optimistic again cos my pen made that pessimistic in me quit.
This is a story of a guy you may know
The lord is who I give my glory to - it's not my show...
So before you judge a stranger
Learn to protect yourself and them from danger.
2nd Verse:
God is the only artist I look up to
I remember when I lost the harness I was numb-to...
The life I knew before I found truth
So with a mic I could restore myself and speak-to-the-youth
I felt like a new man again but I wasn't reaching-for-fruits...
Because for a while there I lost the mission 
Things piled up I thought it was unfair and it cost me a position
And for years I got lost in the system...
Then one day I opened up a bible
Picked up a pen and prayed the lyrics came out and the words seemed reliable...
I didn't grow up a church guy
I didn't really know truth until I prayed on the dirt and a part of me died
But little did I know a part of me flied 
The heart inside me sighed...
Because it was letting in love and I knew it was good
And something from above flew into my life and I knew that I could.
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I'll voice it

Yep, I can lay a bead on this. Soon.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Edited tracks

Hi Richard,
I just took the tracks down for a little while as I needed to edit and change them a little. Look forward to hearing you bring the words to life. GOD Bless. 

Back up

Very good. I see your lyrics are back up. Onward. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Half-sung rendition is uploaded

Alex, I uploaded my vox track to your original post. Check it out. It is half-spoken, half sung.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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