See finished song here:

I am on my knees
My eyes focus on you in your tabonacle
My heart close to you my Lord, Jesus Christ
In the moment of encharistment.

My God, my Christ, whom present in my heart
I praise you, oh Lord, I worship you
In your present at the tabonacle
For me to be with you forever more.

My God, my Christ, whom present in my mind
I pray with Mother Mary for virginity
And for others to receive your graces
For me to have faith in you throughout my life.

My God, my Christ, whom present in the church
I pray for mom and dad to live a faithful life
Upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, in heaven with the Father
And loves brothers and sisters as self.


Inspiration for the song lyric

This song lyric based on my childhood prayer taught by sisters/nuns at church to pray after receive communion.  I tried my best to translate it in from my language into English, and my goal for the song is to see if it can turn into a wonderful song.


Sounds like a good prayer that stuck in your memory from childhood. In English it is spelled Enchristment. When I get time, I'll take a look at it. I also hope other members here at TCS will take on the songwriting challenges that are suddenly popping up. I think it's an excellent way to learn all about prosody. If you (a site visitor or site member) are reading this and don't know what prosody is, look it up! You will thank me for making you aware of that word. It has everything to do with songwriting!

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Lyrics adjusted for spelling and grammar

Here are your lyrics adjusted for spelling and grammar, but not for prosody.

5/22/2017: My first mix of the song. It is a lot faster than I had originally envisioned, but I felt a need to give the song a drive and a lift. 


On my knees, I humbly pray.
I love to feel your radiance.
My heart is one with you, O Lord,
in this moment of Enchristment.

My God, my Christ, you are in my heart.
I praise you, I worship you.
Your presence in this holy place
makes me want to be with you

My God, my Christ, you are in my mind.
I pray, with Mary, for chastity.
I pray for us to receive your grace
as we place our trust in you

My God, my Christ, you are in the Church.
Help our parents live a faithful life.
Help us love each other
as we love ourselves.

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I really like the way you write the song lyric, I get the feeling that the song lyric is easy for young people to relate.  Words is not hard to remember, which is good things.

For the kids

Thank you for mentioning that. I just changed a couple more words to make it even easier for children.

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Will you sing this song for me

Will you sing this song for me and write music sheet for it too?
I am hoping that once it done, I will share it with others to pray the prayer after communion at mass.


I think the prosody for the song lyric is that I try to convey a message involve myself and Mother Mary church.

Prosody vs. storyline

Prosody is the process of melding words and music together to form a song that flows easily and naturally. With good prosody, the words will be as effortless to sing as if they were spoken. And with good prosody, the music will support and reflect the mood and meaning of the lyrics.

In talking about the message that you want to convey, we should call that the storyline or theme or subject. I hope I am staying faithful to your intended message. I try to imagine myself in a church or a quiet room, asking Christ to help make us holy – myself, my family and the whole world – and longing for a timeless connection with the Spirit of God. Please let me know if I have strayed. 

I was having a hard time singing the word tabernacle. It's hard to make it sound smooth and lyrical. Plus, I do not think we should place too much focus on a receptacle for the Eucharist. We should dwell on the radiance of Christ inside and surrounding that tabernacle. The same would go for a monstrance. It would be difficult to include that word in song lyrics. I prefer to use poetic words that convey the mystery and attributes of Christ, not the gilded enclosures we have crafted for the "display" of the Body of Christ. I hope you understand.

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Sheet music

Would you also provide sheet music for the song "Enchristment." 
Someone is request me to provide sheet music so that they can play the song for him/herself.

Sheet music

Yes, I will provide sheet music soon. I will start with a lead sheet with chord names.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Lead sheet posted

I posted the lead sheet (lyrics and guitar chords) here:

I also reposted the MP3 file. I pitch-corrected my solo voice at the very end. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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