Song Lyric: Thanksgiving


Come to the table of the king
Together let make the sign of the cross
Before we eat and join together for the meal
In thankful for heavenly Father
On earth mother provides
For a meal we appreciation.

The meal we have on the table
Is our work and effort on earthly life
To sustain our body mind and spirit
We offer our work with men women and children effort
But heavenly Father provides us with in life Christ.

In thanksgiving spirit for life
Let first give thank to God
Our heavenly Father Son and Holy Spirt
For the food and water sustain us in life
For each breath we take for granted
In union with God in heaven.


I love Big Turkey for thanksgiving

Big dinner with Turkey for thanksgiving!

This song is also an inspiration from Providence of God

This song is also an inspiration from being an associate member of Sisters of Providence with the mission of Blessed Gamelin Emilly "Table of the King."

Pictures of Blessed Gamelin Emilly at Portland Providence Health & Services, Portland, OR, USA.

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Your Thanksgiving song

Dan, thanks for sharing this song inspired by God's providence. Do you have a melody yet?

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Not yet

I don't have melogy for this song yet.

I try to write the song lyric with 8 counts and 4 beats.
And also the chorus repeats 2 times or 4 times.

It is difficult to write 8 words per line for 8 counts, because English is my second languages.  
Maybe Richard can co-write the song for better lyric of the song.
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