Cantos de Navidad: Christmas Songs in Spanish (Anthony Moran and Grupo Hermanos de Fé)

Cantos de Navidad is a new album of original Christmas Songs written in Spanish and performed mariachi style. Composed by Anthony Moran and recorded by Grupo Hermanos de Fé (a band in Mexico), these songs are easy to sing and play.

New songs are being added to this album each day – from Christmas Day through the Epiphany. Keep checking back. There will be a total of 19 songs in this album – all easy for you to enjoy and learn.

Free downloads of guitar lead sheets and audio files are available at Catholic Liturgy in Song. Please visit:

As a sample, here is the guitar lead sheet for track 3:

Cantemos todos

From the album "Cantos de Navidad"
Composed by Anthony Moran
Performed by Grupo Hermanos de Fé

(capo 2)
B(A)  F#(E)          B(A)
Noche buena noche de amor
B(A)    F#(E)            B(A)
Nace el niño Cristo redentor
   E(D)      F#(E) B(A)        E(D)
Se oye en el cielo cantos de honor
E(D)      B(A)   F#7(E7)    B(A)
Cantos de gloria Gloria a Dios.

B(A)          F#(E)      B(A)
Vienen los pastores a adorar
B(A)      F#(E)            B(A)
también nosotros con felicidad
E(D)     F#(E) B(A)         E(D)
hoy ha nacido  nuestro Salvador
E(D)     B(A)  F#7(E7)  B(A)
Cantemos todos Gloria a Dios

B(A)         F#(E)       B(A)
Venga mis hermanos a celebrar
B(A)         F#(E)             B(A)
con José y María esta noche de paz.
E(D)      F#(E)   B(A)         E(D)
Paz en el mundo y calma en corazón.
E(D)    B(A)   F#7(E7)  B(A)
Cantan alegres este Navidad.

© 2018, Anthony Moran,


Merry Christmas

Hi Richard,
                   Just wanted to wish your family and yourself a Merry Christmas. Hope you also have a happy and safe new year too. God bless. Alex. 

Happy holy days and holidays, to you, too

Alex, may you likewise be blessed in this season of hope and good will.

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