"You Walk on Water" - New Album released by Fr. Maximilian Mary Dean

Official Music Video for the title track of "You Walk on Water"

This song is based on the scene of St. Peter walking on water, but was inspired specifically by a dialogue between Jesus and one of my spiritual daughters before she died. "Lord, when will I have the faith to walk on water?" she asked. And He replied, "Kate, what do you think you are doing now?"

Video, album, streaming options can be found here: https://fathermaxmusic.com/you-walk-on-water

Peace and God's blessings...


You Walk on Water

Excellent! I like the inspiration behind this song. Let's all endeavor to walk on water today, despite our self doubts! 

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This song walks on water

Enjoyed this approach to music.  It's familiar and yet different.  I like the "throwback" feel and your deliberate marketing using similar language to differentiate your music.  A couple weeks ago I had this on repeat for like 2 hours as I cleaned house.  When I clean house, I need to feel like I'm already walking on water as it's not my favorite task.  
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