First Single

First Single from an album I will be releasing in the next couple of months that my dad has been producing.

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My Song

Definite improvement in the voice level and pacing. Good reflections on your journey with Christ. Congrats to you and your dad. Looking forward to the entire album. 

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

New Mic

Hi Richard,
                     I upgraded my microphone to a Rode and I am liking it a lot more. We are almost half way through recording the ebook of lyrics I sent you a link for quite a while ago. There were 17 tracks written there and we are doing them one by one. We will pick our favourite 12 or 13 to put on the album and I will put a link on this site to it. Thanks for the feedback and hope you are well. All the best, Alex.

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