Table of the King

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G     Am      C        G

G                         Am
Come to the table, come to the table
C                      G
the table of the King
G                      Am
All are welcome, come to the table
C                     G
the table of the King

1st verse
Em      D                     C
We all share with each other
Em          D           C
in thanksgiving to God
Em      D                     C
He provides us with the Bread of Life
           C                D
you’re welcome anytime


2nd verse
Em            D                     C
come and rest here at this table
Em             D                   C
renew your body mind and soul
Em          D              C
His Holy Spirit is among us
      C                                     D
His Spirit of Life will make you whole

C                                   G/B
You’ll find happiness and joy right here
                         Am                             C
cause where His Spirit is, you won’t find fear no



Table of the King

Dan, this is very nice. Your songs are being very nicely produced by John Johnson from TuneDesigner. I like the theme of a banquet where we find rest and renewal with the Spirit of the Lord.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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