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Let the Heavens Rejoice

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O My Father

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WIthout You

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A song recognizing our complete dependence on the Good Lord and asking Him to do whatever He ( wills) needs to do to breakthrough our false sense of independence.

Good Shepherd

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Create a clean heart

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Create a clean heart, a clean in me O God
A clean heart create in me,O God,
And a steadfast spirit renew within me.
 Cast me away from Your presence
And Your Holy Spirit take not from me.
Give me back the joy of Your salvation
And a willing spirit sustain in me.
 I will teach transgressors Your ways,
And sinners shall return to You.
Create a clean heart - a clean heart in me O GOD
For You are not pleased with sacrifices, 
Should I offer you a holocaust
You would not accept it
My sacrifice O God is a contrite spirit;
a heart contrite and humble, O God, You will not spurn
Create a clean heart - A clean heart in me O God


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St. Paul in his letter to the Colossians urges us to set our minds on things above. That we should become heavenly-minded.  We were created to be - to live in ecstasy with our Triune God and all the angels and saints forever -sharing in a human way in divine life in a heavenly atmosphere. Pope Benedict in his trilogy on Jesus of Nazareth calls this reality the definitive "evolutionary" step in human existence that is hard for us to grasp. In his Letters, St Paul's vivid description of this difficulty says  - what eye has not seen, nor ear has not heard nor the human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. Throughout scripture The Good Lord does give is glimpses of the Heavenly reality for us to reflect on and yearn for. This song is a reflection on the scriptural glimpses that He has given us.

Enfolds You

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                                             Enfolds you
The Nights coming on and you want to be deep in silence

Eternally Now

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Eternally Now

In The Culture of Life

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When I was engaged in sidewalk counseling at two abortion "clinics in R.I. I wrote this song. about twenty five years ago.

You Satisfy

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recently written and rcorded
You Satisfy
Lord, You satisfy our deepest desire for divine love. You know our sorrows 
and our joys and how we seek to do your will in all we say and all we do.

Holy God Holy mighty One Holy immortal One. You hear our cries and our
sighs, and how we try in spirit and truth to love you and our neighbor. In
our distress, you help us to persevere in hopeful joy!
 You tell us to take up our cross and follow you wherever you lead to the end

With all our will

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                                                       WITH ALL OUR WILL
In your divine will and love, You created us
n your image and likeness  For Us to know You and Love you And delight in your P r a i s e
Holy and blessed three O divine Trinity 
To Father Son and Spirtit be
 all Praise and G l o r y
 For all eternity our joy will be
 With all our God-given skill
With all our God-given will
With all the angels we’ll fill

Our Pilgrimage

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On  our pilgrimage to our Lord in the fullness of time


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I wrote this song three weeks ago and recorded it on Google 5A cellphone then uploaded it to YouTube

Caug               C       Caug                 C         Caug                          G
You are divine love - Father Son and Spirit - One God in Persons three

SONG with Songs

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                                            SONG with songs
As you lead us on to sing along in your sacred song, the mystery of 
Who we are and Who You are unfolds You’ve composed a song the 
Perfect song for each of us to know. Song with songs the perfect song
Eternal song contemplating the mystery the wonder of - of your Love 

O Everywhere

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This song is in the spirit/tradition of the Psalms of lament and complaint. There are more psalms of lament and complaint than of any other psalm type.  The life-setting or our human condition is betrayed by the complaint itself. The psalm/prayer acknowledges what the Johannine verse declares outright:  “Lord, to whom shall we go; you have the words of eternal life” (6:67).  Some psalms are community laments while others are deeply personal laments.  We( I) appeal to God for help, to win God’s sympathy by describing the nature of the complaint—sickness, danger of death, sin, old age, and God's seeming absence.


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Sheer imagination pure Joy - sultry summer sun pounds the ground 
as a drum and an all-night rain relieves the earth of thirst - Pure imagination sheer Joy - bubbling summer brook lush green grass everywhere you look -  gentle cool breeze the world’s at ease at peace
Sheer imagination pure Joy dancing campfire light paints aglow the night The stars silence lures you to sleep and you fall - a vision appears Bright simple and clear of life as will be in light that we’ll see of Him 
Whose is God and man in eternity - eternally

True Friend

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Dying and not even knowing empty and sick of it  What he treasured 
Gone by all his pleasures run dry cruising online trying to find anything to fill his insatiable mind - hours and not filling it tired of 
Cruising it Thoughts flashed in his head as he crawled into bed
Wrestles and wired and oh so tired of his life and work and not knowing why tossing and turning he heard the phone ringing  an old friend calling from twenty years passing talking online to a friend
So fine filled his eyes with tears the first time in twenty years.

Honeysuckle Sweet

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After a somewhat difficult day at work( I worked 33 yeas as a special needs teacher) my wife greeted me with her usual smile and hence this song.
The air laced with honeysuckle sweet - cool clear freshwater ah what a treat. Wildflower fields waiving in the southern afternoon breeze. Just resting my pilgrim feet on the road today they took some heat. I’m not complainin I’m just sayin thanks for the relief.


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LYRICS: In the light of the dawn there’s mystery that we can see. The silence 
Speaks of the majesty of the rising Sun. All creation waits for the  
Glorious rays to break in resplendent Joy. Heaven and earth kiss in 
Golden mist that shimmers in the air. You can sense the world spin as
Dawn colors in the heavens with light. There wisdom gives her sweet 
Delight for those who seek her. All her gifts she spreads as a glorious 
Feast for you, food of divine life. In the Song of the dawn there’s a 
Melody of the kingdom’s coming fullness The distant sound of the 
Angel’s horn of the approaching King. All creation yearns for His 
Glorious day to break unto exultant praise.


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