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Song Lyric: HEART BEAT

Song Lyric:  HEART BEAT

Precious treasure start from each heart beat
The life is treasure from each heart beat.

Precious treasure from the heart beat
Is the light of life on earth begin.

Every heart beat count for life
Precious treasure God gifts for man
For the beauty of God creation
For each breaths we take for granted.

For moment man woman conceive
A life potentially will spring up
In mother womb that being protected
For the light of life begin.

My heart beat with frequeny of life
For the life count base on heart beat
For every breath we take is a gift of life
From God is our appreciation.

Table of the Lord

Original Offertory song.

Salmo 15 - Ensename, Señor, el camino a la vida (Moran)

Learn to play this Spanish salmo responsorial (responsorial psalm) by following the scrolling guitar lead sheet. This simple setting by composer Anthony Moran is similar to Latin chants, traditional psalm tones as well as Lectionary psalms by composers such as Michel Guimont. 


Catholic Liturgy in Song has faith songs for all ages in English & Spanish. We are currently offering free downloads of sheet music and audio demos for various liturgies, devotions and children's faith formation. Short links: |

This salmo is available for free download here:

Domingo 33 Tiempo Ordinario (Ciclo B)

Salmo Responsorial

Salmo 15, 5 y 8, 9-10, 11

Key: D, Tono: Re


     D(Re)               A7(La7)   D(Re)

R. Enséname, Señor, el camino a la vida. (2)


D(Re)                          Bm(Simin)

El Señor es el parte que me ha tocado en herencia;

D(Re)                 A7(La7)

y mi vida está en sus manos.


Tengo presente siempre al Señor

A7(La7)                         D(Re)

y con él a mi lado jamás tropezaré...

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A Caribbean Rosary

The group COLOR, located in Barbados, has recently recorded a fully sung Rosary.  The mysteries are being released each week in October.  It is hoped that the music will support devotion to the Rosary and assist persons in improving their prayer life. Each mystery is approximately 1 hour long and is available free of charge.  Listen here  or via SoundCloud.

Read project update here:

Find out more about COLOR from their website

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Note our growing collection of Salmos Responsoriales – written specifically for guitar-centric Spanish-speaking congregations with official texts from We will eventually cover the entire three-year liturgical calendar (ciclos A, B y C).

Anthony Moran (composer)
Richard Schletty (media manager)
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Catholic Wedding Songs (Anthony Moran)

Anthony Moran has composed 7 wedding songs that work beautifully in the context of a full Catholic wedding Mass or simple ceremony. They have lyrical melodies and uncomplicated chord progressions. 

The audio demos are sung by Anthony's daughter, Tara Moran. Piano arrangements are by André van Haren,

Fully notated voice-piano-guitar arrangements and audio demos are available for free download. Here is the product page at Catholic Liturgy in Song where you can freely download all 7 songs from the album. 

Catholic Wedding Songs – by Anthony Moran

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Richard Schletty 
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The Path That Leads to You

The following is a jazz-influenced Catholic/Gospel song.
It is available on all streaming services.  Hope you like it!

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