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How Wonderful the Three in One (Wren)

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Presented at the Church of St. Mary by Jack Heitzinger (piano) and Richard Schletty (guitar and voice) on June 10, 2017, 4:30 Mass. C'mon down. 

Tune: PROSPECT by Graham. Text: Brian A. Wren. Copyright 1989, Hope Publishing. 

1 How wonderful the Three-in-One,
Whose energies of dancing light
Are undivided, pure and good,
Communing love in shared delight.

2 Before the flow of dawn and dark,
Creation's Lover dreamed of earth,
And with a caring deep and wise,
All things conceived and brought to birth.

3 The Lover's own Belov'd, in time,
Between a cradle and a cross,
At home in flesh, gave love and life
To heal our brokenness and...  Read Full Story >>>

Glory and Praise Forevermore (Daniel 3) – for Most Holy Trinity

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Glory and Praise Forevermore (Daniel 3) – responsorial psalm for Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, cycle A. Presented at the Church of St. Mary by Richard Schletty and Jack Heitzinger (piano). Music by Michel Guimont. 

Responsorial Psalm DN 3:52, 53, 54, 55, 56

R. (52b) Glory and praise forevermore!
Blessed are you, O Lord, the God of our fathers,
praiseworthy and exalted above all forever;
And blessed is your holy and glorious name,
praiseworthy and exalted above all for all ages.
R. Glory and praise forevermore!
Blessed are you in the temple of your holy glory,
praiseworthy and glorious above all forever...

In Christ There Is No East or West

Text: John Oxenham (1908). Based on Galatians 3:23.
Tune: MC KEE. Originally an Irish tune taken to the United States, it was adapted by African American slaves. Arranger: H. T. Burleigh.

1 In Christ there is no east or west,
in him no south or north,
but one great fam'ly bound by love
throughout the whole wide earth.

2 In him shall true hearts everywhere
their high communion find;
his service is the golden cord...  Read Full Story >>>

Raw Faith - Lyrics

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So as I write this verse confessing my imperfection 
I keep the light so it won't hurt anyone as I'm addressing my direction
Peep this even at night when you may need some suggestions and a message...
But I'm only a man
And you'll never be lonely with a plan...

Blessings - Lyrics

1st Verse:
Before I felt anywhere near being a good man.
I was in an inner hell filled with fear, and like I couldn't
do anything positive,
thinking it's ok to be sinning as long as my wallet's thick...
But truth is, to be winning, it's more like give to the poor and sick.
I heard the call and I was quick
to embrace the Lord. But to adjust from my past
took time, but with grace I started discuss what is ours...
And that's the love of Jesus Christ
Who's above and gives us the light...

What's Left Is Beauty

A new track from Alexander John (lyrics) and Richard Schletty (performer). Hip Hop Remix is also included in post. Please take a few minutes to listen and comment.

What's Left Is Beauty 

1st Verse:
So we go on in this quest for answers
And hopefully do what's best by removing our spiritual cancer...
I don't know how love can't be the way
As I flow I hope you get to know me as I pray...
GOD's perfect design
Was worth the wait and time...
To be one of his children is more than one can ask for
As we build buildings and have fun that's doing a task and being more...
The way to the light may take time and patience 
And we may be in for a fight against the night but it all makes-sense...
These words touch the paper with heart
But the saviour is the real creator of the true art...
The freedom to be who we want to be
From preaching to teaching to basking in his glory
May seem like a task if you don't know the story
But when I asked him about the light I realised darkness was boring

GOD knows us better than anyone else
This track is more like a letter and I'm using my heart felt 

2nd Verse:
As the road gets more and more of a bumpy-ride
I know the core of it all is nothing-but-nice
So as I must-sing on this mic
It's like I'm hustling for the light...
But truth is I'm aware and I bet you are too
If you feel blue just stare at the world and you may see something new...
I only want to be
What GOD intended from me
I'm not pretending when I say all I want to see is peace...
So as I put the mic down after a track 
I look around for a good bite in town, praise GOD, he's got our backs...
The best thing about love is it's free
To rest and know a King is looking over us when we might see a dove it was all meant to be...
So paradise isn't too far away
Beyond the cameras-and-mics is where I wanna lay
And everyday until that day I will continue to pray

Psalm 47 - God Mounts His Throne (Haugen)

MP3 Music Playlist: 

I do not like the Em key of this song. Too high for my baritone voice. My voice seized up on the high E notes on the third verse this past weekend when singing at St. Mary's and St. Matthew's. GIA should republish this in Dm or Cm instead of Em. I may re-record my demo in a transposed key – just to demonstrate how the song could be more pleasing to the ear. I will also slow it down! This rendition is too hurried. I need to do ritards at the ends of the verses.

Music by Marty Haugen. Copyright © 1983, GIA Publications. 

God mounts His throne to shouts of joy
Oh, sing your praises to the Lord

Verse 1:
All you peoples, clap your hands,
Shout to God in gladness.
The Lord we must fear,
King of all the earth.


Verse 2:
God goes up to shouts of joy.
Sound the trumpet blast... 

   Read Full Story >>>

The Everlasting - Steiner, Anselm, Schletty

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The Everlasting

God is shrouded in history, in mystery.
Prior knowledge infuses me, confuses me.

The Everlasting ever casting
mystic shapes on humanscapes.
Love poured down on every frown.
Take me to a place of wonder,
free of all disgrace and blunder,
where the truth is in the here and now.

Sundogs dancing, blinding youth, refracting truth.
Search for pathways to heaven's door, to evermore... 

Dedication to our Blessed Mother

Hail Holy Mary

You gave us Jesus, who lives with us today

Catholic Artist Scott Aitken

Scott Aitken

Spotlight on Scott Aitken (from Scott's profile posted here at Top Catholic Songs).

Scott Aitken: Producer / SingerSongwriter / Engineer / Former Frontman for Leap of Faith, Sacred Heart Production Studios.

From a 3.9 GPA at Full Sail University to a Full-fledged audio recording and production studio, Scott Aitken has run the gamut of the music industry. Whether running the sound board for Rock and Roll Hall of fame legend Dion or making on-stage appearances with world-famous Tony Melendez, Scott’s fluidity in audio-tronics has placed him at the cutting edge of sound engineering and composition. At the age of twelve, Scott’s Brother brought him a guitar, and with just a few strums on the battered instrument, Scott was hooked. At age 16 Scott had landed a recording contract, but at the age of 18 he decided his musical career would be better off in his own hands, due to the limitations of musical creativity that go along with being on a record label.

Scott then devoted himself to mastering his craft of both music and engineering. He formed the group Leap of Faith and his song... Read Full Story >>>

Free verse poem

I wish you are mine forever 
In my heart you are the only one
Look up to the cross when I feel lonely
You choose me from the moment I conceive 
Teach me the lesson of obedience
To the 10 laws of commandments 
Take me from places of poverty 
Raise me up in the house of the Father
Give me the treasure of chastity
To love brothers and sisters as ourselves.


Finding my tone, finding my voices
In the chaos world
Isolate all the noise around me
To listen to your words speak from heaven.

From mother wombs I heard the voices
Echo in the water and blood of her womb
So gentle and care of mother nature world
For a child about to enter the world.

Fear not my child, you being protected
From the moment you conceive in me
You are made by my blood and water from me
And your bone is from the man at heart.

The moment you enter this world
The Father in heaven knows your name
Knows your voices for the world
Father knows even a hair on your head.

Father knows his child conceive for the world.

Hail Holy Mary - Church version

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A shorter version of our dedication to Mother Mary, which we most often sing as a recessional hymn


Finding my ground with you, my Lord.
When my heart is heavy in life
Carry my cross with you, Christ
Light up my life with burden of the world.

Through suffering with you on the cross
You help me to carry my own cross
In my life so much trouble sins
Forgive me, my own sin upon the cross.

I am too fall on my knees
Just as you, Christ, felt on your knees
On the way you carried the cross to Calvary
On my way of my life on earth.

Rise me up upon the cross
As you are being rise on the cross
Forgive my sins as I am forgiving others
Together we seek for the cross.

I invite you to participate. Do you have ideas for improvement of this site?

I am trying to encourage participation by members of this site. Perhaps some significant structural changes are needed in the way posts and comments areas are presented. Perhaps it needs to be more like a Facebook interface. Not sure. I know that people experience Internet overload and "fatigue." My hope is that members here would make collaboration a priority. Maybe a live chat feed would engage people. 

Here is an example of songwriting collaboration: I helped Asiansa09 with his English translation of a prayer he learned as a child.

I like to post photos and 1-minute videos at Instagram. Instagram is a nice model of social networking. 

However, here at TCS, we need to dig deep into Catholic music making and spend some time reflecting, sharing and helping each other. We have a Forum area being neglected

Your suggestions for enlivening this site are most welcome!

In Christ,


See finished song here:

I am on my knees
My eyes focus on you in your tabonacle
My heart close to you my Lord, Jesus Christ
In the moment of encharistment.

My God, my Christ, whom present in my heart
I praise you, oh Lord, I worship you
In your present at the tabonacle
For me to be with you forever more.

My God, my Christ, whom present in my mind
I pray with Mother Mary for virginity
And for others to receive your graces
For me to have faith in you throughout my life.

My God, my Christ, whom present in the church
I pray for mom and dad to live a faithful life
Upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, in heaven with the Father
And loves brothers and sisters as self.

Time Watch - Lyrics

MP3 Music Playlist: 
What is going on all around us all the time
Oceans and mountains are just a part of the divine...
I'm no preacher
I'm no teacher 
But I have some words that go a lil deeper.

God's Gift to All the World (Nguyen, Schletty, van Haren)

MP3 Music Playlist: 

Here is the result of a collaboration done in two days between me, Dan vi Nguyen (user asiansa09) and André van HarenDan's original post is here – you can see how the song progressed.

4/29/2017: A piano-guitar-voice score (PDF file) has been added to the end of this story. It is free for you to download. I am grateful to my colleague, composer André van Haren, for doing an engraving (music score) of his piano arrangement using Sibelius.

5/1/2017: I changed "I see blood" to "I saw blood." It sounded too much like "icy blood." I also decided to sing "I saw blood and water flowing" as a connected phrase. There was previously too much space in the middle of the phrase. This works out well to offset the vocal harmonies which now now provide counterpoint (polyphony). I also worked hard to thin out the mix in Apple Logic Pro. I had built up a wall of sound when I first added the piano track.

5/2/2017: I have replaced the 5-page score with a compact 2-page version (a PDF file currently available for free download). 

5/2/2017: I have recorded a different version of the song more closely based on Dan's original lyrics. It is chant styled:

5/10/2017: If you earlier downloaded free the sheet music attached to this post, please note that a revised version was posted today. A word was missing from the lyrics. I also tweaked the timing of syllables on a few sung phrases.

5/14/2017: I recorded a video at St. Mary's last night and posted it below.

5/14/2017: One of the rules of songwriting is to write, rewrite, rewrite. This evening, I changed the first line of verse 4 from "Christ knows our grief, he knows our woes" to "For us he died. For us he rose." It seems to flow better and feel better in the context of that last verse. 

God's Gift to All the World

(based on the messages to St. Faustina from Jesus)



G      Em              G        Em

 I saw blood and water flowing

         Bm       C           G

from the heart of Christ, our Lord.

C       Am    Bm          Em

 Divine mercy: His love bestowing,

      C       D  D7   G       

God's gift to all the world.



 C              D            G

1. He draws the humble to Himself,

C          D                 Em

 illumines us with truth and grace.

Bm                         Em

 The wellspring of eternal health:

    Am                        D     D7            

The Father, Son and Spirit we embrace.



 C             D                 G

2. He gives Himself to those who gaze

C         D                Em

 upon His wounds made glorious.

Bm                                 Em

 Red blood, white water, brilliant rays:

Am                                 D  D7

See His love poured out for all of us.



 C           D               G

3. For us he died. For us he rose!

C            D                  Em

 From out of darkness comes new light!

Bm                              Em

Look to Jesus Christ, you weary souls.

Am                           D     D7

Let your lives be joyful and bright!



© 2017, Dan Vi Nguyen and Richard Schletty Read Full Story >>>

$10 anthems from St. James Music Press: Praetorius and Lee

Details here: St. James Music Press $10 Anthem Program

May 10, 2017  - Our $10 Anthem Program 

Here are this week's $10 anthems. Another "summer choir" hit, and an SAB anthem that is just lovely!

Don't forget, if you have a summer choir, we have a whole collection of one-rehearsal anthems. (Look under "Collections.")

You may download these two without becoming a subscriber. If you choose to use one or both, the cost is just $10 (per-anthem please...) You can send us a check. Then make whatever copies you need and put it in your library.

Yes, it's the honor system. We trust you. Ten bucks.

Here are this week's offerings.

Remember - you'll have to log-in to view, listen and download these.

Sing a New Song - Michael Praetorius, arr.
Three-part canon with keyboard accompaniment. Easy, one rehearsal anthem that sounds great. A joyful arrangement of the famous Praetorius canon. Perfect for summer singing! Text based on Psalm 96.

Beautiful Savior - Robert Lee
SAB and piano or organ. A lovely, new setting of the hymn text "Fairest Lord Jesus." Tender and contemporary and one of our all-time favorites.

As a subscriber to SJMP, of course you can...  Read Full Story >>>

Psalm 33: Let Your Mercy Be on Us (Marty Haugen)

I'm practicing here for 4:30 Mass on Saturday at St. Mary's Church in downtown St. Paul. Larry will be at the keyboard. Our responsorial after the first reading will be Psalm 33: Let Your Mercy Be on Us. It is found in GIA's RitualSong hymnal and GIA's Gather hymnal. Music by Marty Haugen. © 1987, 1994, GIA Publications, Inc.; Refrain I trans. © 1969, ICEL

Refrain: Let your mercy be on us, O God, as we place our trust in you.

1. Your words, O God, are truth indeed, and all your works are ever faithful; You love justice and right, your compassion fills all creation.

2. See how the eye of God is watching, ever guarding all who...  Read Full Story >>>

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