Stop The Hate

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1st Verse:
The light can still shine on the darkest of days
At night there may still be crimes but we continue to pray...
The love Jesus has for us
Is so open yet at times mysterious...
The hope continues
From writing this note with open windows
My coat is always yours and I'm sure it will fit-you...
Brothers and sisters
Cousins and teachers...
We all deserve love and it has always been free
With the lord it's hard to get lost in long hallways - we can see...
If we open our hearts
It's the potion for the dark
The answer has been there from the start...
We can fix anything
As soon as we take hate out of the mix and stop being menacing.
Sometimes things are a bit complicated
What life brings can make us feel dominated...
But my trust is in the lord
Not the thrust from a sharp sword.
2nd Verse:
Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to tell you how to live
I've spend too many nights up crying when all I had to do was give...
This life is a mystery
Until I learned about the right history
But there was still spite and fights that lead to misery...
We can learn 
The only thing that is ours that should burn...
Is that candle
But I realise life can seem too hot to handle...
The pain the pleasure
That name I will always treasure...
The heart of hearts
The Master of Arts...
Knows what we all go-through 
Life isn't a show more of hope-and-truth
So as I write know-it's-for-the-youth.


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I agree... 

Lovely and interesting words. 

Bob Young
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