Pieces of Peace

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10-4-2017: Richard added a reading of Alex's poem.

1st Verse:

I've seen good and bad

Now I question myself should I be mad?...

At a world where light wants to shine in our lives

No more fights this time I want to embrace what is right...

Even though pain cannot be avoided

I want to see the same light everywhere which I see in the lord-and...

I don't know why we fear-death

When my time comes I don't think there will be any tears-left

The peers-that-I've kept...

Since I was a youn ger man

Can't be replaced I hope to have kids one day and enjoy the fun-in-the-sand...

The future looks bright if we turn on the light

I have books and I write but the core of me yearns for spiritual heights

So even though I'm being lyrical on the mic...

It's all about what's biblical and what those men were feeling when they decided to write...

And add to that holy book that I will read tonight.



I knew a guy once who I decided to say goodbye to

It's was the old me but he tried to stick to me like glue 

But I knew what I had to do 

Solve then evolve into someone a bit more new.


2nd Verse:

We all have different parts of who we are

And we all leave our mark but I'm not talking about scars

If we decide to do our walking not too far...

Away from the lord

I want this life to stay so I pray and adore...

GOD - and what he has given us

The gift of living - so I feel it's a must...

That I keep my heart close to his presence

And as I do art remember it's because of him I can construct a sentence...

In fact all that we do is because of him

Be in-tact and true can solve a lot of things...

I feel as though we are forever learning

And as I learn each lesson I feel the weather turning...

Into inner light 

And as I rest it gets dimmer but not quite the night...

Almost time for dinner - come over tonight.

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