"They Think That I'm a Pastor"

Sean Clive writes: Something funny to share... So, I signed up with CCLI for a license to use copyrighted songs on lyric sheets, etc. They must have sold my name to some "respectable" companies - so I get some interesting mail - crusade invitations, etc... Also, I regularly get a package of no postage necessary postcards that I can send back for free samples and information for a variety of products and services. They must assume I am a "pastor" and therefore have a church for which I can buy... --- Great Big Signs with funny phrases to draw people in, --- Nice comfy chairs to seat people, --- Big Bucks Audio & Video Equipment with Big Savings, --- Church Software with which I can keep track of everyone's birthdays, anniversaries and financial giving, --- AND even a new text messaging service to text message all the cell phones of everyone in the choir that rehearsal will be cancelled or the all the kids in the church that the youth group meeting is tonight (must be tough to have 300 people to call to schedule something), Well, the best came this time with the Communion Package... I think I like being Catholic - we're messy and don't mind the unbelievable amount of cleanup time when it comes to Communion, we adapt to whatever setting and are willing to take our chances by receiving Our Lord from someone else (without sanitized gloves on - oh the horror). I think the best was the FAQ about the elderly, "Will the elderly have difficulty opening the cups? - The Celebration Cup has been designed with the cellophane lid extended beyond the foil lid to assist in opening the cup. Churches around the world have felt a new sense of "family" when asking their congregation to assist anyone having difficulty with taking Communion." Interesting family I guess ;-) I really like ours, don't you? Thank God for the Eucharist! Blessings and peace, Sean Sean Clive's website is www.seanclive.com


NPR covers the Communion

NPR covers the Communion Package... OK - so I just heard tonight (11/10/07 @ 6:30ish) on NPR's broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, a bit on the "Steri-host" or "Sani-host", I can't recall which it was as I was washing dishes, but it blew me away! The bit started off with the spread of flu so the "sign of peace" was being passed by in some churches (he speaks in regard to Lutheran or similar churches). And then the move was to go to a more sterile method of handing out communion so people don't have to drink from a common cup. How funny... it is rebroadcast in our area on Sundays also. They have the shows on Itunes for free and they are updated on Monday, so you can hear it yourself next week. Obviously, the whole thing isn't about this topic, but it is weird anyway. I guess it is all about.................. oh yeah, timing... Sean
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