Musically, what would you like to learn how to do better?

Several people have shared their reasons for signing up as a registered user at This is very helpful because it helps us (the Top Catholic Songs leaders group) to focus and shape what this site has to offer. Here are some of the reasons people have joined:

  • Would like to know what songs are to be sung on Sunday masses. So I can practice.
  • I would like to teach my daughter.
  • I am the music director for a parish in PA and I am always looking for great resources.
  • I am catholic and would like to find lyrics for songs about the Virgin Mary.
  • To know better the Catholic songs an also to get the latest songs which inspire me as I'm one of the Catholic members.
  • I am a member of Parish Choir.
  • I want to listen to Catholic Music and want to learn how to play guitar in church
  • I want to be able to download hymns that I can sing when I am not in church
  • I want to be able to include these hymns in our daily prayers and special occasions like the holy week
  • I'm a Catholic needing renewal and spiritual guidance and fortitude.
  • I love to listen catholic songs. It makes me inspired and happy. I want to access it easily.
  • I love catholic songs and hope I can get a great selection from you. Music fills my heart!
  • I want to listen to Songs of Mother Mary.
  • Music is my life and motivation to get out of bed.

How can we help you? Song selection? Singing? Leading as a cantor/songleader? Guitar skills? Sound system? An MP3 recording of a practice session? Would it be even better if the practice session was filmed and posted as a YouTube video? Would you like to have a careful, detailed explanation of how to play guitar chords?

Please tell us what hymnal or songbook you use at your church, along with publisher and edition. Catholic hymnals include RitualSong (GIA), Gather I, Gather II, Gather Comprehensive (GIA), We Celebrate (GIA), Spirit & Song, Glory and Praise (OCP), Journeysongs (OCP), Flor y Canto Cantor (OCP), Crossgeneration (GIA), and Worship (GIA). 

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