Loved into Being

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A reflection on the good Lord's divine creativity and plan for our being brought into being - our redemption, and his and our glorification. This was revealed to us by Christ and The Holy Spirit.
Down through salvation history 2)through prophets, saints & your Holy Church
3) revealing yourself ever more deeply 4) and your loving plan for your and our glory
1) O Holy Father, Son, and Spirit 2) you love each other eternally 3) And from that Love, you poured forth 4) your divine creativity
1) You loved into being all of creation 2) and gave it a touch of your glory 3) Especially angels and man 4) you made in Your image and likeness
1) for us to know and share in 2)your Love divine and creativity 3) Giving us an intellect and will 4) able to love like you freely
1) deceived by the fallen angel 2)that we were your equals
3) rejecting you as our loving creator 4) we tasted pride - self-idolatry
1. 1) in Your divine compassion 2) You promised us salvation 3) one who would come and restore 4) our love with You intimately
1) O divine Son sent by the Father 2) taking our nature You became our brother 3) in the care of Mary your mother 4) and St. Joseph your stepfather
1) You grew in age and wisdom 2) and at thirty started your ministry
3) revealing yourself & your Kindom 4healing many sick in soul and body
1) You cast out demons of the possessed 2 and preached forgiveness to give and to receive 3) in humble service & meekness 4) you taught us the way to live fully
1) The proud and demons conspired 2)to accuse you of blasphemy 3) and of being Rome’s enemy 4) they had you killed most brutally
1) From death, You arose victoriously 2) with a glorious new body 3) to live forever in glory 4) giving new hope and joy to all humanity
1) Now we who believe in you 2)and love to live in spirit and truth
3)and live each day as you would have us do 4) waiting in joyful hope for you to come
1) And bring us home to live forever 2)with you in divine ecstasy
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